2018 - H. Maria - lagging issue


I kinda felt l was in a loop of the same area… last I could login in.
Edit: if I waited long enough for the tiles to fill in and then waited again the dots start to show up slowly.


This almost sounds like a RAM problem on the server end. :thinking:


This morning after 10 mins of trying to load H. Maria, I backed out and went through the Baseball Campaign. I did get on H. Maria last night, but it was so slow. I will keep trying…but may not be able to tag any further tiles until it speeds up.


I got on alright this morning - still on - and have done 20 or 30 tiles already (in between playing with the girls, keeping the littlest one entertained so she could feed her. Thank goodness for “Dave and Ava” on YouTube! Brianna loves the Patty Cake episode. She’ll clap her hands while grandma sneaks a spoonful into her mouth!.
It still takes several seconds between clicking on the arrow to change tiles to when the next tile actually loads, but other than that, it seems to be running smoothly for me. There’s still the same delay when trying to shift the tile, even if it’s just a little up, down or to either side. Just plugging along…


I’m worried it will boot me out again…so not logging out and maybe will try H. Maria if I’m up in the night, or early morning :sleeping:


Please do not end the campaign. We have put so much into it. At this point I would prefer we get a complete map than to have only partial coverage. It has already gone up 10% in the last couple weeks. It will get done.


Please hang in there! We Kate’s are putting so much into this campaign.


I believe if it wasn’t running so slow, we’d have been done with this by now. :neutral_face:


@kateg9 tried to agree, but her account was temporarily blocked pending a moderator approval. All she said was “Hear, Hear!” :thinking::rofl:


Unfortunately I no longer can load H.Maria. For those that can…GO TEAM H. MARIA!!!


I’ve been working on it since this morning. :grinning:


I cannot get it to load…couldn’t even get to a point of processing a tile! :slightly_frowning_face: Baseball for me now. As long as someone can still load it …all is well!!! (They are doing some new service on our internet service and I wonder how much that is hampering my efforts these last few day? :thinking:).


On Chrome, I have been starting with the Baseball, then after a few tiles, click on the Tomnod on top left, and switch to H Maria. This has at least bypassed the dreaded welcome carousel. I still have to wait about 3 minutes to load, but then if I click on priority area, it will load and move quite quickly. If I don’t do it this way, and go straight to H Maria, it takes forever to get past the carousel, if at all, and if it does, it drags and lags. Don’t know if this will help.


I also clear my cache every day.


There’s still a lag of about 23 to 33 seconds from the time I hit the arrow button to move on to the next tile, and after about 5 tiles the lag becomes almost a minute, then it’s back to about 23 seconds. Weird. Firefox keeps on telling me - every 10 seconds - that a website is slow and is slowing down my browser and asks me if I want to wait or stop it (from loading). I just click “Wait” 2 or 3 times and it loads.


Thanks for the tips…I will try that. I did clear my cache yesterday when we had the login issues.


I have very unreliable internet where I live, so I try everything I can while I have it. LOL


I cannot click on any buttons on the left menu or move the cursor after waiting and waiting for it to load…just freezes. I will try @Cheryl13 method and see if that helps.


Please don’t end it. This could be the most important campaign ever to these people in these islands. The devastation is unbelievable in places, the studies that can be accomplished to improve building codes, materials, etc., can be life saving miracles of the future. This data base can be the first seed for this.


I got in…I think you are right @cheryl13 it is the welcome carousel that was holding up the loading!!! Thanks you!!!