2018 - Happy Easter Nodders and Staff


(Grumble… me in a bunny suit… )




Chag Pesach sameach!:six_pointed_star:


Shaul. Blessed Pesach!


image Blessed Pascha to Nodders near and far!


Well @cageycat, I did it :smile: For the children’s Easter Egg hunt I painstakingly pealed the wrappers off a bag of mini eggs and wrapped a load of grapes and bagged them back up again Angel_pullsplugOnHalo …felt a bit sickly going to bed last night :nauseated_face:

I got these to include in their hunt…they both tried the Mealworms before realising they were actual Mealworms…got the texture of rice cakes but the BBQ flavouring wasn’t much to write home about :smirk: When my son realised they were real, his scorpion chocolate went flying across the room…bet you didn’t know Scorpions could fly :rofl:

They’re gonna try them out on grandma and her sister later on :wink:


Sounds …delicious!

(Glad I’m a cat!)


:rofl: As my 4-year old granddaughter says when she doesn’t like (or will even try) something, “That’s disgusting!” :rofl: Good one to pull off on your kids though! I like that! :laughing:
Hey! Wait a minute! They don’t use meal worms as fillers in rice cakes, do they? I like rice cakes. I think I’m going to carefully read all of the ingredients before I buy my next package. :wink:


:nauseated_face: Eeewwww, didn’t realise they actually SOLD those over here! (Not for human consumption, anyway… maybe for the birdies!)

:scream: Jim, I sincerely hope not! I’d never eat another rice cake again, not even the Marmite flavoured ones… :upside_down_face:


They even sell live ones if you are so inclined :joy::rofl::grimacing::fearful::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here in the U.S. they sell live meal worms - for our feathered friends, but will not ship them later than Wednesdays. They don’t want them sitting in the Post Office over the weekend and dying. Still, I have seen clips from a game show of sorts where the contestants had to eat a bowl of meal worms, earthworms, cockroaches, etc. without vomiting - and that was a bowl of each! Not for me, thank you! :zipper_mouth_face::nauseated_face:


I agree…:nauseated_face:


I didn’t know either, only came across them accidentally when out shopping :smile:

Eewww I certainly hope they don’t :nauseated_face: I prefer my rice cakes cinnamon flavoured :yum:


Thanks, I think I’l pass! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::scream:


Now you’re talking! That sounds much better than meal-worm flavour :disappointed_relieved::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: