2018 - Harvest time


Many different crops being harvested in my area, spring wheat, durum, oats, barley, mustard, soybeans, flax, canola, lentils, canary seed, peas, chickpeas, etc. …

Are farmers harvesting in your area? If so, what kind of crops are they harvesting?

Weekly harvest report - August 14-20th…




Most of the crops in my area were harvested weeks ago! I think the farmers decided that it was too dry (it was in the long spell we had of no rain) so they harvested early as it wasn’t going to improve more by staying out in the fields. Just as well really, it’s forecast to rain again this weekend… :roll_eyes:


Here they are harvesting earlier because of the weather but also some crop quality has diminished due to the earlier extreme heat. If this will be our change in climate, a new type of seed will need to be introduced that is heat tolerant. I’m sure the university here is working on some of those, as their Plant Science centre and greenhouses are extensive, as well as their Agricultural College.


BC has a harvest time for the fruit orchards and vineyards, which is later than our crops. I would imagine the smoke has affected the sunlight and harvest may be later…just guessing.


In comparison, Alberta crop report:



Too wet for farmers to harvest for the next few days. Hopefully the sun/winds pick up when the weather changes on Tuesday to dry crops.


An awful predicament… farmers want/need sun/wind and firefighters want rain and calm.


Exactly…if only we could “put the rain” where needed and the “sun” where needed.



As all central and northern farmers in Saskatchewan are at a standstill, here’s another report on harvest:


PA, DE, MD -

Nothing posted yet for OH, IN, IL, KY
Supposedly, soybeans grown iin eastern to midwestern states wll be badly hit from tarriff wars.



Manitoba’s harvest report:


Farmers in the area back to harvest today after the rains earlier this week. You can tell the harvest dust is up, the grain haulers are on the roads, etc. Hope everyone gets safely through harvest this long weekend!




This long weekend many will have cleared out the above-ground produce in their gardens due to the frosty nights. By our Thanksgiving, October 8th, they will dig all the root vegetables up and that will be the end of gardening season for us for this year.



Detailed Harvest time article…