2018 - Harvest time



Alberta South harvest



Harvest has pretty much come to a standstill with the rains over the last 6 days and the forecast of rains for the next week. Farmers will require lots of heat and wind to start again.



Central and northern areas have been stopped by rain for the last week.


The rain has had an effect on the harvest in the central and northern areas and shows in the percentages of the weekly report - 49% and 27 % for central and northern - compared to 77% for the southern region. If we move into more rain/snow…they wait for a drying period or take it off and use grain dryers. Yield and quality will drop considerably.


Here are some of the fruits grown in my area: Haskap has become a new crop in the last years.




My morning nit pick… I believe that is Haskap. Now, my day made I’m off to get something done that is useful…

Thanks for mentioning that fruit, I had never heard of it before… like to learn something new every day.


:grinning: I’m going to check out that fruit as well. Never heard of it either.


You are right Doug! It even underlined it for me that it was spelled wrong and I must have ignored it!!!
Correction done!

Here are a few more articles on this fruit: alcohol…



A little more to add to the Haskap Health Benefits, recipes, etc.




So disheartening for farmers to be halted by weather after an early start to harvest:






In the North Central area of Saskatchewan we saw many many combines going. 10 in two fields adjoining. Semi grain haulers, trucks, etc. They will go 24/7 to get harvest done before the snow falls. Hopefully safely…this is when accidents can occur. By the time we drove down towards Saskatoon, the skies were hazy with harvest dust.