2018 - Hawaii Volcano Eruption



awesome article. As beautiful as the area is, I can’t see living anywhere near a volcano. Say like in Yellowstone. Been there-it is again awesome-but it gives me the hebejebies. If that one blows we are all in deep trouble.


NOTE: one earthquake was 46 km from the Volcano

(There was also one on Tonga Islands…5.5 Mag)


Last night I spent some time on the USGS and the ARSTechnica websites reading, looking at photos and viewing the videos. Seems they had a couple of earthquakes. Some fissures had seemed to have subsided and a new one had opened up - 16 total when I last checked last night.
I clicked on your above link and after checking the site out, copied the homepage link to my multi-clipboard for future reference. Good website! Thanks.


I had hoped this was going to subside soon, but it looks like this will be the “long haul” and there will be major changes and cleanup when it stops. Devastating for those on that part of the island.


When we talked about the earthquakes that accompanied the eruption, I looked at the world map which showed all of the earthquakes within the past 24 hours that were 3.0 or higher. There was a total of 85 earthquakes as of about 3 hours ago. Wow!


I had no idea the number of earthquakes in one day! Media tends to report those that have catastrophic damage and injuries and we never hear of the others. Just since I posted that website 6 hours ago there has been 20 more earthquakes of +3 magnitude! That is just hard to comprehend…you wonder what is causing the shifts in the techtonic plates so often. And I can understand the complications of the volcano eruption in Hawaii with the quakes, fissures, etc.


On the USGS page quake.usgs.gov, I think you can choose all earthquakes 2.0 and above for the last 24 hours in the U.S only. That is even more amazing. You can see the quakes from injection wells in Oklahoma. They get so many tiny earthquakes there. The ironic thing is that I used to live in northern Oklahoma, for part of my childhood, where those earthquake swarms are occurring. Now I am in California and have felt only 3 quakes in 20 years (granted, I slept through some). One in Santa Barbara and two in the SF Bay Area (a 5.6 and a recent 4.2 ish).


Two laptops ago I had an app installed that would notify you of ANY earthquakes - no matter what their magnitude. If you set it to “Any” it would almost never stop sending pop-up notifications! :open_mouth: I started keeping it set to 2.5, but eventually changed it to 3.5+. Even then, at times that was too much too often. It is really amazing to see just where in the world these earthquakes are. One noticeable observation was when they first started fracking in the mid-western states (USA). There were so many if was unreal, especially when they were having earthquakes at regular frequencies where they never had them before. Finally, after denying there was any relation between fracking and earthquakes, the exploration companies listened to scientists and reduced the pressure (and volume?) of fracking liquids and the earthquakes subsided - for now. Still, they’ve turned bedrock into mush, so where there used to be something fairly solid providing a buffer between faults, now there is only a fractured (mushy) material upon which the faults can much more easily slide on. Eventually it will catch up with them and I fearfully think we’ll see an earthquake happen and a wide and long fissure open up. I hope they’ve made their money before this happens. :unamused:


Somewhere, in a parallel universe, you are a geologist :joy:


I only used the information the oil/gas companies provided as to what happens to the rock when they fracture it. It’s only common sense that if you take a rock foundation and turn it into mush, it will not support anything above it or to the sides. Also, anything it was keeping down will come up through it. So, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll see ground sinking above fracture sites. And as far as the pollution, don’t get me going. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Here are some famous photos, taken in the San Joaquin Valley, showing subsidence over time due to agricultural groundwater pumping. Yes these photos are real. The year markers are actually where the ground surface used to be in that year. The newer photo was taken recently as an update to the famous earlier photo.you have to click on the photo to see the whole thing




Earthquake list: past 24 hours (only M>=2.5) (146 quakes) 6 in Hawaii region


I soooo feel for these islanders…it is one thing for the volcano to blow and be done, another for all the fissures to appear, and now dealing with levels of sulphur dioxide. The 'hope" of returning to their homes is disappearing…:disappointed_relieved:


Two places in the states that I hope never blow are Yellowstone National Park which is essentially a giant caldera and the New Madrid Seismic Zone which includes eight states and basically follows the Mississippi River Valley. Massive damage if either goes-one a volcano and the either an earthquake fault.


It sounds like we would have years or decades of advance warning on Yellowstone

New Madrid, on the other hand, no.


I did not realize how large that area is…that would worry me :open_mouth:



The magma chamber for Yellowstone is 50 miles long and 12 miles wide. If it blew it has been estimated that it would cover 1/2 the US in lava and disrupt weather patterns across the planet. Twenty eight seismographs have been recently placed. Steamboat geyser has erupted 5 times this year which is atypical for this geyser and when I visited Yellowstone a few years back I was told that Old Faithful isn’t as faithful as it used to be though it still erupts with regular irregularity. Yellowstone covers parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Although nothing may be imminent what could be done if geologists felt an eruption might be imminent? Where would you evacuate 1/2 the US to? Not sure how this would affect Canada as Montana and Idaho share a common border with Canada.