2018 - Hawaii Volcano Eruption


If Yellowstone erupted, it would eventually affect the entire globe. It is one mean super volcano - and long overdue according to it “estimate” past history!


According to the research Western Canada would be affected by ashfall causing various issues of contamination etc…


As I understand it, in a flood-basalt type event geologists would know years in advance


Not good news;


on top of all the other affects of this disaster, something I did not think about right now: Given Hawaii is a big tourist zone, this could be very devastating over all the islands.


I am far from an expert on volcanic geology, but from what I can read, Yellowstone is a mantle plume type of volcano in that it arose from a crack in the earths mantle and not along a tectonic plate such as is found in the ring of fire of the Pacific.



Here is a good overview of Yellowstone by the USGS. It sounds like we should not be worried about a major eruption.



And yet another hazard for those that live near this volcano eruption: How devastating for these people.


Oh my…


I am starting to feel like Hawaii is under a very slow moving “Hurricane” devastating their island.


It does seem like the volcano is erupting more - from around the sides instead of from the center. Hopefully the release of energy and lava from the fissures will prevent a great build-up within the volcano itself and keep that from exploding. It’s getting closer to the water table which isn’t good. The “new” lava flows are hotter, more fluid and contain more gases than the first “old” thicker and slow-moving lava flows. This “new” lava is from deeper down inside the mantle. I just spent 2-1/2 hours reading news articles about the volcano “to give my eyes a rest” from nodding. :dizzy_face: :roll_eyes: :rofl: Now it’s time to get back to nodding H. Maria. :wink:


It already has reached the water hasn’t it


I listened to a volcanologist? yesterday. He said there have already been explosions because the lower lava and water table mixed and that is when it spewed very high in the air, the threw large boulders, etc. The fissures, the geothermal plant, the hydrochloric acid steam as it hits the ocean, …it seems there is permanent damage in this area that they may never be able to recover from.


From what I heard they are more concerned when it hits (and it has also) the water table “inside the volcano”…and it causes explosions when the magma hits water.


That’s what I was talking about - inside the mountain. The water could cause a very explosive eruption.


There is more on the lava spewing and the person that was hit by the lava bomb:


Blue flames of methane gas escape from a crack near a Kilauea volcano fissure in Leilani Estates, on Hawaii’s Big Island, on Wednesday. The volcano produces methane when hot lava buries and burns plants and trees. The gas flows through the ground and up through existing cracks.(Mario Tama/Getty Images)



Wow. The volcano is the reason for both the creation and destruction of the geothermal plant. Isn’t that ironic? (Actually, is it ironic? I have trouble with the meaning of that word after Alanis Morissette’s song :grin:)


They already capped the 11 wells. And the lava made a natural wall, so new lava is held back.