2018 - Hawaii Volcano Eruption



A series of explosions this morning has changed this situation once again…:worried:


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Not only the tremendous loss of homes and personal effects, history and as we discussed earlier, they now are at the point of not being able to recover in tourism, their main source of income.


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2018 Very good explanation of the Hawaii Volcano Eruption


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Thanks for asking. I’m off until Tuesday. Maybe @AKE235 will be around before I get back.


Just discussed this with my hubby and like me, he thought tourism would be up; we’d love to go just for the experience and to see a volcano erupting (if only we had the money) :smiley:


As they have done in the past, Hawaii has focused their Tourism on volcanic eruptions and what is left:
“Diamond Head is a volcanic tuff cone on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu”…
Volcanic cones are among the simplest volcanic landforms. They are built by ejecta from a volcanic vent, piling up around the vent in the shape of a cone with a central crater.

Given time, I’m sure they will recover. :smiley:


I’m with you on that one Em! I’d love to witness an eruption of a volcano, from a safe distance of course…
Nearest I’ve ever been was a few years back when I went to Sicily and visited the top of part of Mount Etna - two or three days later, that particular crater decided to erupt spectacularly. Shame I only saw it on TV…


Oh come on… spend some of those millions! :rofl:


It is not quite that much…but I do have a Lotto ticket just in case!!! :smiley: I always say when it gets this large (I know no comparison to Power Mega Ball)…they should just give out 150 one million dollar prizes…who needs 60 mill??? I could do a lot of charity work, but I don’t need that much. :thinking:



Total number of homes is 71…that affects many families…



I hope this isn’t the “calm before the storm.” :hushed:


Agree…it seems to be a rollercoaster of events…:persevere:


And now people stranded…Hard to leave but at the same time, not something you can fight on your own.



And now they’ve really got nowhere to go :astonished:
But they’re happy for others to come risk their lives to airlift them out now :angry:


I always say to my kids, leave the house, the possessions, it is just "stuff’ that can be replaced…you cannot be replaced. Save yourself first. You are so right @emeraldeyes our rescue people risk their lives everyday, and to have to go back into a disaster for someone that made the decision to stay risks their lives even more so. I don’t understand people who do not heed warnings of pending flash floods, lava, etc.


And it will be a shame should a helicopter crash trying to save them. But isn’t that how it always is in these situations?