2018 - Hawaii Volcano Eruption


There is nothing worth staying there for when the experts have said to evacuate. Your life and the life of your rescuers are more important.


Some amazing photos on this site:



This will continue for a very long time…I’m not sure if “recovery” is still possible or if this will alter this area forever. …




This is affecting all forms of life whether on land or in the ocean


a new diamond…



Fascinating. This reminded me of the beautiful green gemstones found after the Mount St Helens eruption…


I remember Mount St. Helens eruption. I lived in southern Alberta at the time…


I vaguely remember hearing about it when it happened, I wasn’t really old enough to appreciate where in the world it was, or the devastation it caused at the time. It was only later when I began to see jewellery made with Helenite(?) that it jogged a few memories and I looked for more information.


It was the day after my wedding. And recently I watched a documentary about David A. Johnston and it connected his sister with the student he saved that day.


Two kids that I grew up with had their mother die on Mt. St. Helens. We were 2/3rds of the way across the continent, but we still got dust. The grass and weeds all were coated. Yellowstone scares the heck out of me. If that sucker ever blows, we’re all toast.


How sad. Even where I lived it was like it was just down the road, and yet 1100 kms away.


As this eruption continues to change Hawaii’s coastline, I wonder @Mel_Nod if eventually this may be come a Tomnod project searching for fissures, coastline changes, roads, the terrain in general etc.


Or, it would be a great project for an undergrad Geology student who wants to get some research project experience. I did something similar, but in a different topic as an undergrad and it was one of things that made me want to go to grad school - to work more in depth and on complex problems in geology.



I may have missed it, but I don’t believe compensation for losses has started. I can imagine the farmers are concerned about their loss of income, but at the same time health concerns to consider.


Note how very clear their satelite photos are…(wish ours were the same)…but I can imagine the type of equipment they have compared to our laptops, desktops and ipads.