2018 Hobbies Share your photography


I think we need a place for all of those photographers in our group to post some of their work. @TerriB @Helen ?


With all of our fog, and frosty trees, I caught this young buck photo this morning:




Terri… You not feeding these guys to get their photos, are you? :laughing: :wink: Seriously, nice catch!


thanks! On a quiet back road, waited for him to come down a hill and thought he might try to cross my path, and caught a few photos before he crossed behind me and headed back into the bush!

(For many, photography is not a hobby, it is a continuous learning experience as we get from one level to the next, one set of equipment to the next, and then start to fill our portfolio/studio/website and sell our work and it becomes a profession).


I went out earlier Friday morning to try to scout those three moose in the same area…no luck…just before sunrise and after sunrise pics.


Looks like the missing moose weren’t really needed to make a good picture! You got a couple of stunning sunrise shots there…


Thanks Helen. This time of year, the sunrise seems to be “slow motion” which gives me lots of opportunities to take some shots. I saw some deer…but just their tails as they ran back into the bush!!! :rofl:


Yes, the sunrise on Thursday on my drive into work was absolutely stunning. Just a perfect red circle rising over the coast into a clear sky. Sadly, there was nowhere for me to pull off and take a picture (main arterial road, 70mph). I might have to see if it was captured it on the car’s dashcam…


Beautiful photography! Thanks for posting :grin:


Thanks @Kateg! It was a bonus after not finding the moose!


Not quite a moose or a stunning sunrise, but another of the kitties as mentioned here (2018 DECEMBER! - Weather Reporting)

He has very few teeth left, which is why his tongue is sticking out. Not sure how old he is, he was an adult when I first met him 5 years ago, so I’m guessing he must be approaching 9 or 10.


So you dip biscuits in gravy for him I suppose? :smirk_cat:


Just the gravy! Remember cats don’t do bread :smirk_cat:


I would guess he’s between 12 to 15yrs old. He looks like an old man I rescued from the feral streets. Hard life.


No, but he can demolish a packet of Felix wet cat food!

I have seen him eat a slice of pizza before (many years ago when he actually HAD teeth), but I will only give him proper cat food.

You may very well be right! Every time I see him I ask him how old he is, but he won’t tell…
He does look like he’s had a fairly hard life, but at least the last few years have been reasonably kind to him. He’s quite friendly, so lots of people give him food, and there’s plenty of water around, along with quite a number of safe places that he can sleep. He’s even made it back to the hotel a couple of times, and knows where the hotel cat’s food and water is…


Maybe they have a pet door installed in the kitchen’s back door. Would seem proper and the cats wouldn’t have to whine in the evenings for food (and bother the hotel guests). :smirk_cat:


I struck out on the moose again…third day…they are avoiding me now…just before and after sunrise…again. I will try the moose after the holidays, maybe they will have settled down in that area again.


Most of the cats are well known to the hotel guests! There’s always a door open for Joanna the resident cat to get to her food.


Yup! They’ve got all humans trained very well it seems. :smiley_cat: