2018 Hurricane Michael - from Gulf Florida to the Carolinas


Tropical Depression Fourteen


2018 - Hurricanes Cyclones Typhoons



As Hurricane Michael heads towards Florida…https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at4.shtml?cone#contents







Just watching CNN… their people say that Michael was onshore at 155 mph… two short of Cat 5… but that is just what they say… but it will be close… only time will tell… but heck, does 2 mph make that much difference… at that speed… going back to watch.


Like summer, I think the hurricane season is going to last a little longer than normal. :neutral_face:


That is not going to be good. I agree Jim…Hurricane season seems to be stretching out.


Was again watching the CNN before I retire for the evening… was taken aback… they announced that Michael was losing strength now but was still expected to be Cat 1 when it got to Albany… then I realized they meant the one in Georgia, just up from the Florida border… my…

They are also speculating on what the official wind speed will be for when it had landfall… I think they will have to do some analysis of that, since some of the weather recorders were damaged…





Our Open Data Program is now activated for Hurricane Michael, one of the most powerful storms to hit the continental U.S. Pre-event imagery is now on our website. Please stay tuned for post-event imagery as it becomes available.

( http://blog.digitalglobe.com/news/open-data-response-for-hurricane-michael/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=open-data&utm_content=blog-post )




Wow. That top half of a house in the middle of the road is impressive. Pretty intact while the bottom half of the house is gone.


Several along the canal on the left hand side, also seem to be okay from the roof down to the second floor, but the first floor must have been filled with water.


Just talked to a buddy of mine who is still driving truck. She was driving down to Tampa from Macon, Ga and had to pull off road as wind and traffic was terrible. Then she headed up from Tampa and is on the way to Dallas, TX and was doing a break west of Pensacola. Says Tynedale Air Force Base is gone, wiped out just like Homestead was back in the 90’s. Just piles of ruble where houses were.


Ouch! I wonder if they’re going to take into consideration the changing climate, increase of and intensity of storms, and the rising sea level before deciding to rebuild or relocate. But, as always, it’s probably going to be done on a political mindset - who does the most lobbying (and whining).