2018 - Hurricanes Cyclones Typhoons


The Big Island has so many homeless, living in tents and makeshift huts. They camp right along the shore on public property. Wonder how many did not evacuate…



There it is Doug…Atlantic cyclone/hurricane



Well, I did say that they said it was going to start… and it is only a young tropical storm… for now. It was suggested the other day that there might be an active end to the summer storm season… but where.



This is not the turn they were expecting:


I told my oldest granddaughter that the next named storm in the Pacific Ocean will have her name. She just grinned, But as she started walking away I could see a big smile come over her face. Little does she realize that these storms are dangerous - or does she know? :worried:


Eventually she will know all too much about the danger and hopefully we can do something about the climate changes on our planet before she gets to that age.




13 hours later and Hurricane Norman has taken another turn and weakens…








Gordon, hurricane, headed up from the Gulf, will hit as a Cat 1 tonight.

Storms streaming up from other side of Gulf, over TX up to WSsconsin. We are FEELING the pressure changes, caught between the 2 storm systems. We have clear skies.


Hurricane Florence on the move.



And now an earthquake…so much devastation for a small island.


I was just looking at the US NHC site re Florence and it seems to be moving towards possibly shifting south some more due to a mid ocean High that is blocking it’s northern travel and that big one I mentioned in weather…
also influencing it’s path… just one small path between them and it’s almost past the point of missing that…
so it’s looking like somewhere between the Carolinas and Washington DC… is likely…

Adding to the fun is that they say they have three tropical waves heading into the atlantic… or did the report today says one is in the ocean, one transitioning onto the ocean and one getting closer to the ocean… that one they won’t comment on other than it’s there on land., but they are confident the first two will become tropical storms to be named shortly Helene and I think it was Issac (could be wrong on that one)…
And the ocean keeps warming up… have fun…


I just came in from outside - going outside after posting my last - and we currently have clear skies, a slight breeze and still that sticky muggy air! At 1:53 AM it’s 76.4F/24.7C.
The other day I was looking at the satellite photo of the entire Atlantic - right over to the African west cost. There were 3 “disturbances” showing a lot of orange and red swirls. I figured at least 2 of them would end up being decent sized storms. The third was still right at the coast and hadn’t had the opportunity to gather any strength yet. I’d like to check that out again right now, but I have to get to bed so I can be up in a few hours to see the girls off on their first day of school. The 4-yr old will be getting her first school bus ride. :grinning: They’ll both be riding on the same bus, so I hope they can get along for the ride. :laughing:
I have a slightly queasy feeling there’s going to be a couple of big, slow-moving hurricanes this season. Just hoping they don’t come back-to-back like those 3 did last year.