2018 - Hurricanes Cyclones Typhoons


Hoping that is not the case.


Yes @Jim7 they have two on the map this morning at the hurricane center map for Atlantic disturbances…

Bigger news is that my gut has proved itself again… the new storm path prediction for Florence is turning to the south… that High to the north of Florence is holding it down and the one currently passing over you is expected to turn it back to the NE eventually… or not. Right now Florence is expected to be tracking towards the Carolinas for sure… but the question now is whether it turns back north earlier and when… and how much energy it absorbs from the ocean and maybe from that front coming off the USA.





Ah Good! I see you put the link up to NHC… I see it is still following my ‘forecast’ track (and most other peoples a t the NHC) One change I note it that Helene is now named that not 9… 8 seems to be still laid back. and the other one is still coming out to the coast. I don’t think the X will be a threat neither do they.

If anyone doesn’t know already, that map the link leads to is interactive and clicking on the storm will present more information including a track map with even more… you can also use the other maps listed by clicking on the boxes above the map


Yes yours is very accurate!!!

Good you gave more instructions on the map…we can keep track of them. As you predicted the Atlantic Hurricane season is underway!!


I believe still guessing where the hurricane will land…but it will hit east coast somewhere…


Supposed to hit the States of North and South Carolina.





I got a sister in the strike zone. Her husband died 9 months ago.




Hawaii will start to feel the affects of Hurricane Olivia today as winds pick up…




Our weather-active world.



They’re talking about rains reaching West Virginia, which will include Pennsylvania since it’s just a hop, skip, jump once weather crosses The Blue Ridge Mts (part of Appalachian Mts). Gonna be a soaker across many States, north and west.


I already have extra large sponges in each hand. Kind of makes it hard to type. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Didn’t you say you were gonna power wash patios and the house?


My wife keeps on telling me the siding needs to be power washed. I don’t take that kind of hint seriously - especially during the rainy and snowy seasons - which is most of the year. :wink: But the little one keeps on asking to go out onto the deck to look for the moon - no matter how many times I tell her it’s cloudy and raining. Just had a thought… I’ll tell her he’s still sleeping. :grin: