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Here’s where H. Florence was at 2:00 PM and where it’s going.


Here’s another one from 42 minutes ago…winds as much as 117 mph (72 kph) ! I would imagine they will be updating almost every hour…this weatherman said the satelite updates every minute.

It now says it will turn towards New York by Tuesday??? Is that the rain that is forecast you, @Jim7 , posted on the weather topic?


I haven’t done any nodding in the past 5 hours. I’ve been watching a local TV station in NC on the Internet.
We have two friends that lived in Advance, NC and the younger of their 2 sons lives in Mocksville, NC.
My wife’s niece lives about 25 minutes from Tall Sail Island (so she’s at the coast (and evacuated, thank goodness)) and
my wife’s goddaughter lives south of the barrier islands - close to Wilmington. She’s the one who’s supposed to get married on the 23rd on Tall Sail Island. We have the awful feeling that with the storm surge, there won’t be any beach left. It looks like most - if not all - of the islands will be underwater between the storm surge and the high waves. We spoke to her mother who is still here in New York and she too is worried the wedding may have to be postponed. She’s also concerned because many of the guests had already booked motel/hotel rooms and had planned on making this their vacations as well. All I could say was, “Well, Michelle, all that matters is that Amanda and her fiance are safe and sound. They can always get married later, even if it means not everyone can get additional time off to make it down there. Everyone will understand.”
I also watched a news broadcast about multiple gas explosions and house fires in MA. Between 60 to 80 houses caught on fire and there were at least 3 gas explosions in 3 communities north of Boston. The mayors of 3 towns (small cities) have evacuated 8,000 households! Federal, state and local authorities have been on the scene and will try to determine why these fires and gas explosions occurred. Wow! Years ago there was a gas explosion in Blenheim, NY - in the next county to our northwest. A major natural gas main ruptured and exploded. Many homes were destroyed from the explosion and others from resulting fires. But in MA, the damage is spread out over 3 towns! Wow!


So very true. Hard to accept your wedding day has been postponed due to a storm…this is such an uncertain time. This is a storm of a lifetime and many just don’t know its capacity and strength or what will happen.
I heard late last night that the hurricane contained lightning and tornadoes??? Not experiencing regular hurricanes I’m not sure if that is “normal” or part of this “super hurricane”.

I also heard about the explosions. I did hear they were replacing the gas lines in the area…and I would assume there was a leak from that…but time will tell the actual cause.


If I remember correctly @Jim7 the first report shows the island where the wedding was suppose to take place…



They may have to have it somewhere else. More than likely the sand has been stripped from the beaches (they were going to be married right on a beach). On top of that, the bridge that connects the mainland with the island may be damaged and possibly be unsafe for civilian traffic. The bridge will have to be inspected before anyone will be allowed to use it. But as long as everyone is safe is all that matters.


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You are so right! Safe!




“NOAA” - “Super-typhoon” is a term utilized by the U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center for typhoons that reach maximum sustained 1-minute surface winds of at least 65 m/s (130 kt, 150 mph). This is the equivalent of a strong Saffir-Simpson category 4 or category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic basin or a category 5 severe tropical cyclone in the Australian basin.


One would have thought that the mine would have closed and the miners sent home before the storm. :confused: :worried:


I thought the same…especially in a country where landslides are a regular occurrence during major rainfall.


Gotta keep the money rolling in… can’t have any “down time.” :unamused:


That article only says that ‘40 people, mostly gold miners are feared trapped’. I would look before reading more into that what it means… was this a ‘proper’ gold mine or something like the miners live on site, often with families… and get paid for what they find… or somewhere in between… maybe just a surface camp and not the mine itself… lots of options… but if independents there would be… no one but them to send them home, and no other home to go to… Our Yukon was much like that… way back in the gold rush days… still not a nice way to go.

this is a better article…

That was more like what I was saying… they were in their shelter…



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