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From looking at the weather radar, it appears Florence is being pushed out into the Atlantic ahead of schedule. Instead of tracking straight through the New England states and on to Newfoundland, it’s moving ESE down toward NYC, Staten Island, Liberty (Ellis) Island, and Manhattan Island. I’m sure once it’s in the Atlantic it will pick up a little bit of strength from the warm waters, but at least it may be out to sea. I haven’t gone on the National Hurricane Center’s or other sites to check yet. (babysitting the 1-yr old. :wink:)


I am very happy my family member decided not to go to NYC today.
From NHC:
The NOAA Weather Prediction Center has issued the
final advisory on Post-Tropical Cyclone Florence, located just
off the coast of New England.

The focus will now be on the aftermath.




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Satellite images of major weather events, including Florence:




I hope for some relief soon for these areas…








As many “snowbirds” start to head south to their winter home sin Arizona, Texas…this will be a concern


I just watched a video on CNN about mosquitoes breeding in the flood waters of H. Florence. These things are 3 times the normal size! Darn things looked like bees on this one woman’s car window! I’d hate to get bitten by a swarm of those. It’s like something out of a Sci-Fi movie.


I wonder why they say “these mosquitoes won’t likely transmit disease”…seems to go against what CDC says…