2018 - Indonesia earthquakes, tsunami, flash flooding


Just saw this on news…this morning.

Indonesia Disaster

There is horrific damage here in the video and no doubt this is just the start of what we will see in the coming days.


There has been multiple earthquakes through the Indonesia Islands in the last 4 months, and then here at Palu…could this be a campaign at some point?







How soon can we start tagging imagery on the Indonesia Disaster? And when we do I hope there will be historical imagery for comparative analysis.


We have had a thread since just after the event happened… I posted a First Look when the news broke locally.

You can see that, just look at 2018 - Quake-triggered tsunami hits Indonesia, @TerriB has been in a position to catch updates…and post them.

As for when or if, it is the same as always… a First Look should be seen by Tomnod staff, and they can investigate the event and see if there is any need for a campaign… one can fill in a request application for a specific need, but it takes someone who meets the criteria and will sign for it… that is usually a group thing…
First Look I understand does the same basic thing, they look at the event and then look at who might be able to use the data… and what to look at etc. But that takes time… They might already have the before images on file, but might have to wait for weather to get out of the way… Terri showed some DG images from CNN, so they probably have some of that already… and able to be or has been processed for this system of viewing…
But there are now many groups processing similar information / images and it might not be asked of us… Sad but true and often for good reasons if frustrating… Just keep watching… @Mel_Nod might have something on this soon.


From DigitalGlobe on Facebook:



14 hrs ·
Our Open Data Program has now activated for the #Indonesian #earthquake and #tsunami. To find out more information and how to access the data read our latest blog. #Sulawesi #Palu #naturaldisaster #opendata



OMG! This is the same thing that’s been happening to the people of Japan and surrounding areas. One disaster after another. :worried:


I agree since the terrible tsunami there, they have had one super typhoon after another. Another area we could do a campaign.


At this rate, we could have at least 6 or 7 campaigns running at once. :open_mouth:


As Doug pointed out this is a usual volcano…but just one event after another for them…and they need disaster relief to get there soon! This is similar actions after the tsunami Dec 26, 2004…it took some time for relief etc to get into the area because of all the damage.


Like Puerto Rico and Dominica, Bangladesh and so many other countries.


Exactly…although they need it right away…no seems to have figured out how to get it there…no airport, no roads.


Think of the Berlin air drops after WWII to get supplies to the people of West Berlin. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Still, the problem with air drops is whomever gets there first could always take most of what is dropped, or if it is a group of hoodlums, take everything, or at least try to charge people for what they need. Most likely the people don’t have anything left anyway. Helicopters seem to be the best way of reaching farther inland. Military ships (landing boats in particular) would be helpful along the coasts. Then there still the problem of evacuations - especially the medically needy. It is a logistical nightmare at first, but eventually it does get sorted out. Hopefully not too much longer than hoped for.