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WindyCat3 Winds are 21mph now but we lost a few fence panels in the night. Hubby was a bit miffed this morning…first day back at work after the hols…oh great he says…another job to add to the list of jobs I’ve accumulated over the hols . . . including the car blush shy-whistler


We’re going to -5F and -25 windchill TH - FR and SAT. Looking for old blankets to put over kitchen door and window, and over half-door going into the basement. .

Praying all the feral kitties find someplace warm to hunker down.


I wonder if @Mel_Nod went off with @SantaClaus


Which reminds me, we haven’t seen @claus for a while have we…guess he’s been a bit busy these past few weeks :thinking:


Ah! Finally found the wx reporting for 2018… Not much to report for here.
We had another cold snap -20C and a cumulative dump of maybe 20 cm over two days… of course much of the neighbourhood hasn’t seen a plow since the first foot came around Christmas… but I’m helping keep things passable. Yesterday and today I’ve been dealing with where the local property management for the next door social housing decided that they ‘needed’ to plow out into the street. They have a point from an emergency access POV for their clients… however they managed to block the street for their neighbours. Since the plow guy won’t lift his blade over the curbing and doesn’t want to hit it at all, he just makes a huge push up pile that separates him from the ‘dump’ area…
I have already dug out two drives that were blocked by his ‘fall off’ windrow.
And poor guy refused to use his blower to move some of it… so I’ve just about done it by hand… he still has the problem though… but the neighbours love it to the point that they have joined in the battle… I guess they finally figured out it I can do it, so can they… but I point out that while 4 months and16 days short of 69… I shovel every year since I could pick up a shovel (8) and I do it for exercise with no pressure… (stop when I need to and don’t push that). It isn’t a race, and with adjustment for temp and things… plus buying a scoop or slider last week it is a lot easier to move. If @Jim7 sees this… you were a plow operator, what did you call the part of the snow that escapes the plow to the side… in a straight blade type situation… I know windrow when you intend to make a pile, but I’m looking for where you get an unintentional row that simply falls off and piles up… does berm fit…

Time to get up and out doing instead of talking about it… only -15 on the way to -8C today… but gray.


Ah, I found my stash of 40 yr old flannel flat sheets. My half cellar door (think Wilbur the horse in the stable) with an incut top step (so there’s a hole in the landing under the door) now has a barrier. 1/2 problem solved-- thank god warm air rises.

Kitchen door – had a big piece of plexiglass. So put an air stopper on the door sill, with the plexiglass behind it and leaning against the wooden / inside door. Then, a flattened cardboard box across the inside. I couldn’t reach high enough to pound in nails, so the half-unfolded flannel sheet is stuck in the counter drawer, across the door/doorway and stuffed between the garbage can and a shelving unit. Hangs to the floor so my tootsies will now be much warmer. Need to cover the bay window inside (already has plastic outside) but I can’t reach high enough anymore.

Wish I could block between the kitchen / cellar stairs, and the dining room - but that would not help the DR much. And can’t block off the bathroom— brrrr.

Have I mentioned cats hate cold? I get “Jack Frost nipping at your nose…” But -25 is taking it to the EX-treme! This is the only time I will endorse dressing your pets, which I normally consider somewhat abusive. Not now. Anyone got a furry costume for me?


Someone said they saw her kissing Santa Claus in the Lounge. I hope she didn’t go for a joy ride with him to the North Pole! We’re working on the opposite pole, darn it! Why do we always miss out on the “juicy” stuff? :kissing_heart::rofl:


In the 19 years I plowed snow, the snow coming off the side was called “a citizen agitator.” Just kidding! Seriously though, we never had a name for it. However, my (town’s) plow was a 4-way that weighed in at 1800 pounds/816,4kg. It was 11’/3,3m wide. When I drove past someone’s driveway, I would straighten the plow so there wasn’t a full blade’s worth of snow across and into their driveway. (I know how hard-packed that snow can be when you shovel it.) As to when the snow comes off one side of the plow, I was usually driving so fast it didn’t leave a ridge, but instead would fly off the trailing edge of the plow and … okay, you know what I mean. But when plowing slowly, I suppose we just called them “snowbanks.” On a couple of roads I used to make sure I left a snowbank because there was a drop off on the side of the road - didn’t want to go off and tip over. :wink:
I don’t know if other town’s did what we did, but after a decent snowfall, We would come down to the hamlet and pull the snowbanks off the sidewalk and from the intersections - one block at a time. Then I would “hook” one edge of my plow against the front side of the front-end loader’s bucket and we’d push the snow down to the next intersection where a smaller loader would load it onto trucks (lorries) and hauled away.
As for the term “berm,” we only used that for dirt, shale or rock. Honestly, I don’t we ever talked much about any term in particular. When a wing truck had to go around, it was just to “clear the shoulders.” Sorry I wasn’t much help. :thinking:


Hi Jim… thanks for the information… I like the CA term… right now I’ll avoid using what us lowly citizens call them… politeness is important…

I’m just heading out to finish clearing a large pile pushed up by the local townhouse development plow… he is totally frustrated and no one blames him… on top of having run out (according to him) of places to put snow, he had made a massive pile in the cul de sac turning area… a public street. Again no blame, but in doing so, the stuff that rolled off the right edge of the plow also made a huge ‘snowbank’ throug the middle of the road for anyone not going into his place of work… anyway I knew the plow contractor last year who is a true employee and we chatted two days back… and yesterday came and did a clean up pass to augment the hand cleared snowbank and now the two landowners there can struggle less… I’ve moved most of the huge pile out of the way onto their land and some town land… the triangular pile was about 30 feet along the back edge (circular curbing) out to the front on the right side of the triangle and then another 30 feet or so back to the left side… average push up was about 6 feet or more… Anyway I think I can finish it today without too much effort… thans to that scoop/slider purchase… I was clearing from behind mostly so the guy thought the pile was still in place… and would sweat it abit… also pointed out he was failing to clear the rear fire exits properly and showed the employee where there was unused snow dump potential… warned him of a huge hole under the snow, which after the recommended spot worked as advertised, He just had to try plowing over the hole and dropped a wheel in… he was able to drive out though since there was not much snow after the plow went over… I made friends last year by digging him out of snowbanks he was making… he had never heard of using a landscape or other strongback rake for clearing snow from under a high centered vehicle… works great… just keep the teeth down and you can hack sideways like a mattocks… just pull out the snow. I got to run.
Might take a few pictures this morning…



It began snowing here around 5 AM. The snow is a very fine snow and at this rate, I don’t think we’re going to get more than 6"/15cm. By 4:30 PM the snow ended and I was close in my guess. But now the winds have picked up and the snow is blowing around like crazy! Plowed and salted/sanded roads get drifted over quickly. My wife informed me we’re supposed to get some more snow between 5-7 PM - at a “moderate” rate as she called it - at 3"/7,6cm per hour. I looked at her and asked, “that’s moderate?” :neutral_face: My wife also informed me that high winds are beginning and our local TV station’s meteorologist said the wind chill for us will make it feel like it’s between -26F to -45F/-32C to -42,7C. Yeah, I’m definitely NOT shoveling tonight!
Aside: Our Internet connection just dropped for about 15-20 seconds and came back up. :thinking:
Anyway, I came down sick and this is one storm where I will not be doing any shoveling at all.


Well, I was up and out and in a few hours had things in hand… at 1pm I stopped for lunch etc. and rushed back to finish up the last of the pile…3 ft. from front to back, 6 ft left to right and about two feet deep… and was I annoyed… we haven’t seen a plow since the snow started in December (city plow that is) and it came while I was taking a 30 minute meal break… I never got to finish it… I’m shattered.
That was the bad news… the good news is that they also cleaned up what I had scheduled for the rest of the week… they missed a bit, but I can touch that up… and we may not have snow… I should check the timing because there was some in the long range forecast… Anyway I can use a break and have to go out tomorrow morning… took some snap shots but need to process them a bit on one of my other computers, then transfer them over to this one… not much to talk about, but mean something to me…

Good luck with the ‘bug’, and the cold weather… I’ll take a break from shoveling for a wee bit in sympathy… not to mention near exhaustion… ha ha.



We just had Winterstorm Grayson on LI with thundersnow and lightning. 12-18 inches with blizzard conditions. High winds to continue for next few days with temps in the deep freeze. Don’t know what 25 mph plus winds will do to minus one degree F temperature but I guess I will find out. Can’t be as bad as where you are though. Feel better soon.


Hi there… noticed you were replying to one of us… -1F @ 25mph works out to be like -25.4 F…

You can find that at https://www.weather.gov/epz/wxcalc_windchill for both systems F or C.

We’ve gone too far and don’t seem to offer the F any more or I could not find it.
I went to the NWS because I’m tired of shoveling and didn’t want to convert all the different windspeed and temp settings… I use them both easily but try to avoid converting… Hope that helps… In a side thought, this wind chill is about what I was digging in a few days ago… without wind chill. but to be fair, it was C not F… still close.


Thank you! I have a few apps that do conversions - Wolfram Alpha probably the most mathematical - will even start converting to Kelvins but you have to type in the info and when it is that cold the gloves stay on. So for fun I just asked Siri on my iphone to convert F to C and voila! I bet google and alexa would do the same.


Once I tried saying, “Donna, convert F to C,” and was told, “do it yourself.” I guess my “wife app” doesn’t work for that! :roll_eyes:


We got less snow here than originally forecast - about 5"/12,7cm The second bout of snow never materialized for us. The wind decided to make up for it. Wind chills will make it feel like it’s between -26F/32C to -45F/42,7C until Saturday. At 11:30 PM (Thursday) the wind is howling through the trees as well as through the soffits. Sounds like a cross between a railroad train and a snowplow coming down the road. A short while ago, the town snowplow came down my son’s street plowing drifted snow from across the entire street. When my wife and I returned tonight from a 2-day break from babysitting, we walked up to drifted snow nearly knee deep against the door! Great! The shovel is inside the garage! Opened door slowly, carefully stepped over said snow, retrieved shovel, backed out and closed door - then shoveled snow away. And I said I wasn’t going to do any shoveling this storm! :slightly_frowning_face: Until that moment, the only snow removal I did (at my house) was to brush snow off the chairs on the porch and to broom off the snow from our car when we left. :wink: Our schools are running a 2-hour delay tomorrow morning - so far.


Remembering something my mother told me about 50 years ago: No matter how hot you think it is, there’s someplace where it’s hotter. The same goes for being cold. And no matter how bad you think you have it, there’s always someone who is worse off.
I didn’t realize at the time that my mother was also a philosopher! :wink:


Well I just learned something new: Alexa will do conversions and very politely, too. Even told me the math equation when I asked how to do it myself, but it’s so much easier to just ask her to convert it for me. That’s handy! I have friends in areas that use C and I’m in F.


Ya want weather? Welllll it’s cold. Really cold. My first winter in mid-southern Michigan. It’s not like out by the Great Lakes, but still… it’s more negative temps than I’ve ever been in before. Almost got frostbite on my fingers by accident and won’t do THAT again! I can’t search Tomnod maps without my fingers!

At the moment it’s ohh 4:25am and it’s a whopping balmy -5 degrees F. Supposed to get to a “high” har-dee-har-har of 7 degrees F in daytime on Friday, and overnight low of -1. Woof.

Weatherpukes say it’s gonna warm up to high 30’s low 40’s by Thursday, though. I’ll believe it when I see it.