2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


LOL! I might be shoveling snow tomorrow… but trust me I can’t pitch it more than a foot or two away. Gives me a decent workout! Doc asked me yesterday “What are you doing for exercise?” I looked at her like she’d grown a second head. “What do you THINK I’m doing? I’m shoveling snow!” laughing Perfect t-shirt weather! :snowflake::laughing::snowflake:


@Jim7 I’ve got snow . . . was it you AngryEyeLift . . . snow11

snow19 :rofl:


Oh my goodness! When it started snowing a little over 26 hours ago, it hasn’t stopped yet! Several times - and for a few hours - it came down hard and fast (~2" or 10cm/hour). I thought it was supposed to end around midnight last night, but NO… it’s still coming! The poor trees all over are sagging or leaning way over. And we’re supposed to get another system (nice word for “storm”) pass through this morning dropping an additional 1" to 3"/2,5-7,6cm on top of this! The temperature has been sitting at 31.7F/-0.16C for about 6 hours now. Yesterday’s high was 35.4F/1.88C - for a whole hour at lunch time, then drifted back lower again. Currently there’s still a mild breeze with light gusts. But at least the wind has stopped blowing. My son and DIL shoveled their walks and did their driveway once, but by the time they finished there was another 2"/5cm covering everything again - and that was at dinnertime! :smile: I tried to tell them to wait until it was over, but the girls wanted to go out and play in the snow, so I guess they figured the shoveling would keep them warm while watching the girls. (Grandma did catch daddy throwing snowballs at the girls.) The 5-year old did clear the snow off from my car (except for the roof). As thanks, Grandma made them hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream when they came back inside. I think they liked the whipped cream the most as they asked to have their their drinks “topped off” three times! :rofl:

I’m going to grab about four hours of sleep, then I have to call my daughter to inquire as to the status of her pine trees that are leaning toward her neighbor’s house. One already was blown onto their house and ripped down a section of the rain gutter. Another was getting close to the house as well. More than likely we’re going to have to take down about six pine trees. She gets a nasty wind from the north that just whips across her property. Took out some large sections of her roof shingles one summer. My wife and I paid for a new roof for her. She’s a single mom. Once I find out what’s going on with her, I have to call one of sisters-in-law. Her mom passed away yesterday after being very ill for six months. Then it’s down to my house with my son’s snowblower and spend a few hours down there. And I can’t forget my Angel (:smiley_cat:)! Clean her litter box, fresh water, treats and top off her food… and comb her long hair… and comb some more, and finally vacuum the downstairs. (Upstairs is during my next trip down. Don’t want to work myself out of a job! :rofl:slight_smile:
Off to bed in about five. Goodnight. :sleeping:


I’m afraid so, but it’s still coming down over here - for 15-1/2 hours so far! And another “system” passing through in a few hours with 1"-3"/2,5-5 cm in it’s pocket just waiting to fall out. :dizzy_face: Friday I have to drop off my car at the service station to have the ball joints replaced. Darn! I just had the brakes done a few days ago! You’d think they would have made themselves known before this so I could have had them and the brakes done at the same time. Anyway, this is going to be a long, drawn out storm system we’re having. And this is only from a tropical storm that came up the coast coupled with a system which is moving across the country from west to east which seems to be holding the “nor-easter” right over us. Well, it’s still winter. I think I should post signs around in the woods to let the birds know. Yesterday morning I could hear a robin calling from the woods, but couldn’t see it through the snow! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I did bring up my roll of jute for the girls to cut up into pieces for the birds to use with their nesting material.

3:53 AM: Looking outside I see it’s still snowing and the tree branches are still swinging back and forth in the breeze. Sort of looks like the “grass” on a hula dancer’s skirt, but moving a lot slower. :thinking::wink: Temperature still sitting just below freezing.




I’m sorry that you’re all tired of snow.

Here in Israel we have another problem today. Strong southwesterly winds bring sand/dust and the heat from the Sahara desert. My thermometer (placed in the shade) show 28.3 degrees C (that equals 82.94 degrees F) right now (at 12:30).

The sand particles that the winds are able to bring all the way to us are so small that they can find their way in everywhere - bigger sand particles land closer to the desert, so we, living further away, only get the minutest kind.

The elderly, children, and chronically ill (e.g., me) are usually warned to stay indoors, but these dust/sand particles can reach you anywhere. It is harder to breath than usual, my mouth is dry, and I’m spending my day on the couch (Nodding, when I have the strength - otherwise nodding off…).

Edit: The weather forecast for tomorrow tells us that the temperature will be ten degrees Celsius lower than today.


Wow…that is very different than I am used to in my area. I have been in a smaller version of a sandstorm in Phoenix, Arizona, (I’m not sure these are the same as you experience). I could see it coming for miles rolling towards us, then it gets dark and very windy and sandy. It is hard to get away from the dust/sand particles which cover everything. If you have any type of respiratory issues - I am asthmatic - it can be a dangerous situation. In my area in Canada, if we have this type of wind in the spring/summer it usually brings a thunderstorm and rain with it, which at least settles the dust. In the winter, we occasionally get Thundersnow (snowstorm with thunder). Do you get the sand storms often in Israel?


Not often - maybe a couple of times per winter. Yes, the low pressures over Egypt, that pumps the dust over to us, almost exclusively happen during our rainy season (i.e., end of October to March/April). Sometimes it’s “only” the dust but not the heat, and sometimes it’s both.


No one sees my hands go up. Let it snow! :smile: Later on I can always sit and watch it melt as I sometimes tell my neighbor. :grinning:
The snow had stopped by the time I got up this morning around 7:30 AM - the girls let grandpa “sleep in” because they had a 2-hour delay for school. Just enough time for the plows to run around clearing the roads for the school buses. We had snow flurries for about 45 minutes just after lunch, but it finally stopped. We’re still supposed to receive another 1 to 2 inches/2,5 to 5 cm of snow today. It’s still cloudy and overcast, but there is some filtered sun trying to peak through this thick blanket of clouds. It went from a mild breeze this morning to very breezy after 12 noon. I held my 9-month old granddaughter to the bay window and we watched the wind “wiggle the trees” and snow falling off. I also tossed around some bird seed and out of nowhere appeared no less than 10 species of birds - 3 of which were different species of woodpeckers. She’d point at them and try to pronounce "bird!"
I’m not too keen on going down to my house as I don’t believe my nephew has plowed my driveways yet. So far from this storm we received about 13 1/2 inches/34 cm of heavy wet snow - good for making snowmen! Oh well, it will melt eventually! :laughing:


It certainly feels that way, but I think the weather put quite a damper on things this time. And the island is on fairly high alert again today for Storm Felix to blow its way through…:scream::wind_face:

This was the first time I’d booked to go away for only a week, normally it’s a fortnight. (Makes the travelling worthwhile!) This was the “additional” getaway that was supposed to use up the extra holiday that I’ve been carrying through the last couple of years due to too much time recovering from the various recent surgeries…


What, more :snowflake:? :scream: Yuk… Please don’t send it south! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We’ve had quite enough for one decade… :wink:


It’s ok Helen, don’t worry, it came during night early morning by midday the sun saw it off again :wink:


Ok Shaul, you definitely win one, I think I’ll just stick with our snow…it’s really quite nice…fluffy…light…and muffles the sound…and err…and…cool :upside_down_face: :laughing:

Now sand…that stuff gets into everything…including your sandwiches :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I :heart_eyes: snow :wink:

And the grass is never greener on the other side :blush:


:open_mouth: I’ve never heard of that one :confused:


It is kind of “freaky” when it happens. Big white snowflakes coming down, snow on the ground, cold temps and then it starts thundering! Years ago my son was snowboarding on a local hill when it happened and they evacuated the hill! We usually don’t get lightning with it, but you never know! :smile:


I see they just had Thundersnow in NYC yesterday…and this one came with lighting!



It’s impressive when it is snowing to beat the cars and suddenly “Kabooom”.rumble…rumble.
Dagnab it. I’ve used up all my likes today. Laughing over Jim7’s snow tails. I still haven’t seen any seals lately. I think Michelle must have scared them off.

Dr Michelle, you up to do another 2,500?

We’ve had the thundersnows up here also, but they are quite rare - one every two years or so. It is actually a weird feeling you get as you watch the snow coming down, and then the sky brightens and… kaboom! … rumble…rumble! With the snow in the air, the thunder doesn’t quite echo down the river valley as it does in the summer though.


No, that one wasn’t Felix! That was the storm that made its way across the pond from the New York area… I think that was the one that dumped a whole load of snow on @Jim7 last week! Our papers lovingly nicknamed it “The Pest From The West”, in honour of “The Beast from the East” that got us last week.

Felix hasn’t hit the UK yet. It’s currently battering Madeira, and will make its way to mainland Portugal and France this weekend, according to these links…
I guess it’ll make its way up to the UK after that, if it’s got anything left to drop…


It’ll be picking up more moisture as it move up the coast, you can count on that. Seems like these storms have an “bottomless cup” as the diners in the U.S. used to advertise endless refills on coffee with your meals. :worried::smiley: