2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


Mother Nature seems to be multi-tasking now. Sounds like my DIL! Can’t make up her mind what she wants to do so she does everything at once! :confused: Right now this is what our weather is doing:

Cloudy & overcast for days
Sun peaking through every few minutes to cast faint shadows
Temperature slowly rising to 39.3F/4C (current high)
Ended the wind and stiff breezes - currently calm
Melting the snow she dumped on us - snow cover is sinking/melting and making everything wet and soggy
Since 11:50 AM steady light snow (and still snowing)
Confusing the heck out of the birds - they don’t whether to build nests (some have been) or just eat (they all
are) :yum:

So I’d like to know, Mother Nature, are you going to give us snow and make it look pretty or sun and melt everything? Can we fly a kite or not? Do we dress warm for the cold or for spring? Make up your mind! :confused:

Update: At 1:37 PM Snow ended; at 1:45 got dark, snowing like crazy, temperature dropped 1 degree F/0.2 degrees C; then at 2:00 PM the sun is peaking out brightly, but still snowing like mad! Mother Nature must be dizzy! :dizzy_face:


9 Mar. At 10:15 PM it began snowing again. This back and forth with the weather is crazy! :crazy_face: There’s already a dusting on the ground with the deck boards barely visible under the snow. The deer are out back. I know because the dogs ran down the hill barking toward the woods across the brook. And then when they came back up and went out front, they started barking toward the ravine that leads to the woods to the south. I think they wanted to make it to Jim’s diner before the snow covered everything he puts out under the maple tree! :grinning:

Edit: I just noticed my log file for weather tracking. Thus far for March we have received 23.6 inches/60 cm of snow. We’ve also received 0.8 inches/2 cm of rain.


10 March: This is how I like snow to melt: sun melts snow, strong winds evaporate water before it runs all over the place creating mud. :wink:
After a cloudy start last night, there was one (and only one) break in the clouds which gave me a view of Orion for about 10 minutes. No other stars visible. Woke up this morning to 27F/-2C but with a lot of sun - and breezy. By lunch time the breeze turned into a high wind with strong, howling gusts. The birds are keeping low to the ground when they fly from tree to tree as they head over to Jim’s Diner 2 (at my son’s house). :grinning: At 2 Pm it was 39F/4C and the clouds are back with little sun now.


Thats about what has been happening here… lots of forecast cold and snow but not that much delivered in the valleys… Now for a few days we should have some sun and breezes to ‘dry’ up the water… still lots flowing though… My arms are holding up to chopping ice up, but I prefer the ‘run it along the edges’ method to loosen it’s grip… also people laugh when I use the shovel to move water by scooping it… and letting it soak through the ice… works slow but well… most here consider the stuff ICE, but it is really hard compacted/ melted SNOW still and when soaked the air bubbles rise and tear apart the structure of the pack… I guess that is what salting does… allows air and water under the ‘ice’. and that loosens it up and also creates ‘tear’ lines. that the stuff breaks along with a little gentle persuasion…but not much… I’m getting older… but the arms still hurt today.


That’s exactly what it does - beside giving off some heat as it absorbs water. Once it gets down to the pavement and creates a bubble of air, the ice starts losing its grip. You’re also right about the “ice” actually being “hard compacted/ melted SNOW” (compressed). When I did shovel two and three storms ago, there was a layer of hardened compacted snow that looked like ice but was more like a stiff slush - and heavy due to the water content. My nephew finally showed up and plowed my driveways for me this last storm. Thank you, Harry! :sweat_smile: All I had to do was shovel the steps up to the porch. Oh, and clean off my car - twice. :laughing:
I was thinking about the time you had asked me what we called the ridges of snow left from plowing. I had said that we never really talked about them, but now I realize that we did - it was just something one doesn’t think about… it’s just understood. We called them - just like during our childhood - “snow banks” or just “banks.”
Years ago when I was still working, we had this one guy who used to drive so far while plowing he actually took out a second floor window of a house that was close to the road on a curve. :open_mouth: On that same occasion, a 100 feet/30 meters before that house, a gentleman was exiting his barn as the truck plowed past. The heavy wet snow actually knocked him back into the barn and onto his “toush.” :rofl: The driver did stop to check whether the man was okay, but the guy was laughing himself. Said he heard the plow coming and stepped out to watch - never expecting to wear the snow! Both The highway superintendent told him to slow down when he approached houses. :rofl:


12 March @ 11:48 PM: We’re going to get another winter storm. It started snowing around 11 PM tonight, but the temperature is still above freezing, so everything is just getting wet for now. This morning’s forecast said 4-10"/10-20 cm for us, but that usually changes during the day. Boston and southeastern Mass. is supposed to get about 24"/61 cm - lucky them!
At my son’s house we still have a snow pile at the end of his driveway (on the lawn) that is higher than my car. Actually, you could almost hide my car under the snow. The poor robins and red-wing blackbirds that showed up early this year must be wondering what’s going on with this weather. :crazy_face:


Yes, our weather forecast this morning was saying we’re due some more snow in the next week, cold and windy. Currently 5C (41F) and here we’ve just reduced the heating because we were getting too warm :sweat_smile:


Our weather has completely changed :smiley: A week ago we received 26 cm of snow, and it has been melting every since. For the next week we are forecast for -2 to 0 C highs, which should take care of lots of the road ruts which formed after the snowfall and have now turned to ice. Our nightly lows are near -15 C with a WC of -20. A constant cycle of “thaw and freeze”. My cousin in Victoria was golfing on Saturday. She said the daffodils are up and spring has arrived. I need to be :thinking: about moving soon :smile:
Our area has been known to have snow right up until May long weekend, but I am hoping this year for an early early spring and late April we will be “turning the corner” on the winter/spring season!


The papers and news headlines talking about the “Beast From The East part 2.0” might be returning this weekend with temps dropping to -3C :sob: Snowball%20Fight3

And I’ve turned the heating down and started my spring cleaing :unamused:


Brrr stay warm out there @Jim7 @T_Boechler and @EmeraldEyes!!

@T_Boechler yes, Victoria would be a lovely place to live!! Not too hot and not too cold - almost perfect.


Tomorrow’s the first day of Spring. So how come the past 4 days our nighttime lows were 24, 22, 14 & 17 F/-4, -5.5, -9.5 & -8 C. Our daytime highs for the 4 days were 33, 41, 38 & 44 F/0, 5, 3 & 7 C - and WINDY! Very few birds flew during the day, but they all made a mad dash for Jim’s all-you-can-eat dinner buffet before the sun went down. :grin: About 65% of the snow cover has disappeared and there was a little mud yesterday afternoon - and I found it… and slid on it, nearly wrenching my back to keep from falling (just to refill the suet cage). With today’s strong sun, the snow was once again great packing - for snowballs, snowmen, etc., although there was a thick layer of ice beneath it. A lone beetle even ventured out this afternoon and was sunning itself on the screen. Oh, and those eggs that young praying mantis laid on a screen in the breezeway don’t look like most of them made it through the winter. Bummer! I was looking forward to watching baby mantises hatch.
My wife told me we’re supposed to get another storm in a couple of days. :heart_eyes::wink: But this is the time of the season when storms fizzle out before they reach us and very few actually make it. At this point I’m almost hoping for another April snow storm like we had some years ago - waist deep snow, blizzard-like conditions and high winds. Now that’s what I call a winter storm! :wink::grin:
The current temperature is 32 F/0 C, it’s clear and a just a slight breeze blowing. Supposed to go down into the upper “teens” (F)/ -9 to -7 C tonight.


This last nor’easter that was supposed to brush us missed completely! Not even a dusting! :disappointed_relieved: We did get the high winds for past two days/nights, and it’s still fairly windy out. But now the spring temperatures look like they’re upon us. At 12:30 PM it up to 43F/6C and the sun is finally out as it pushes those pesky clouds out of its way. :wink:


It all landed on Long Island!! Fourth nor’easter in March :snowflake: :snowman_with_snow: :unamused:


I’ve been tracking this through our news…WOW…fourth one in a row. I would imagine some of you are feeling like winter will never leave! :roll_eyes: We are due for some snow tomorrow, but nothing like you have received! I even heard today conditions in the newest nor’easterner are perfect for “thundersnow”…oh oh.spring will come…eventually…hang in there :persevere::sun_with_face::seedling::wilted_flower::sunflower:


And now as the snows are melting comes the rushing streams, brooks, creeks and rivers - and mud! :laughing:


Mud racing…:grinning:… on your own street?


:rofl: No, on the lawn! I went out to refill the suet cage and slide toward the tree! :open_mouth: Now I have to clean the mud from the treads on my boots. :unamused:


Turn boots upside down. Place big nuts along muddy treads. Let squirrels and birds dig out nuts. Boots cleaned!


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The first two were the worst because of the power outages and downed trees/branches. This one dumped a foot (0.3 meters) of snow which made a mess of the roads, public transport and closed the schools. It’s melting fast though. Maybe mother nature figured out that it is supposed to be Spring :grinning: :tulip: :sunny: