2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


March 23: 32,0 degrees Celsius (89,6 degrees Fahrenheit), but no dust this time. Puh!


good news…no dust!!!


Over here in SE BC just got a surprise snow dump and now told it was not the big storm advertised… that starts later… NO SURPRISE THERE.

Had a about 15cm of wet snow this morning… which is more than the total we were given late warning, but no where near the possible maximum… for the first dump… the next one may be as much or more starting in a few hours if you believe the radar…

Welcome to Spring… did I mention it is trying to melt as well.

Have fun where ever you are. @TerriB this may work it’s way over your direction, pay attention. Later who knows… the northern states… started on the Oregon coast area. Seems to be riding the jet stream.


Thanks @Doug4 for the heads up on another storm! We had 10 cm of wet snow yesterday in storm conditions with 65 km winds… Many highways closed, accidents, jackknifed trailers, etc. We are forecast for more snow starting this afternoon and some tomorrow. It is slushy right now but that will change. The evenings and early mornings are very icy for walking or driving. To add to this, we have had thick thick fog this last week. We hope this is the last blast of winter, but April can bring many snowstorms yet!


You two are getting all the fun stuff! :hushed: Here on the east coast (upstate NY), we only had a beautiful, sunny day with very few scattered clouds and a steady breeze all day. Our high was 47.4F/8,5C. :wink::smiley:


I have to find a new weather service… after watching this storm bear down on us this after noon… about the time it was to arrive, I can’t find it on the radar… the local forecast page has dropped the warning on the internet… flipped to the Weather Network (same) on the TV and once in a while get the same warning we had earlier… tried another WN feed and it is different again… sigh… guess their forecasters are in SE Asia like everything else and they either make it up or are careless enough to believe something recorded last week… ha ha… and I have to investigate the truth… Nothing like settling back and watching to see what happens… Out the WINDOW… oh no! Just realized that that is Window 10… arrgghh. Think I’ll just go and shovel something for a while and watch from outside. The mad plow guy at the housing unit behind us has plowed the street full again and went home… Taking bets that he won’t be there next year… but I realized that our plow guy here butchered all the drainage I created last week…
and it is going to freeze tonight… sigh.


We woke up at 7 AM this morning and it was snowing. It was a steady fine snow and breezy. (It did start to get overcast shortly before midnight last night.) By 8 AM the snow stopped and we were left with a coating. At 10:15 it’s still just below freezing. It did go down to 28F/-2C last night. Winter…Spring…Winter…Spring…Winter… When will Summer come? :roll_eyes:


@Jim7 looks like one of our storms blew your way…ooops…we woke up in the night to howling winds and although not that cold -9 C (15 F) We have blowing snow that is packing on the roads and less than 1/2 km visibility . Not as bad as Friday’s snowstorm, but we will see if it quits soon, or we are in for the day!


Thanks… I was looking forward for some more of that white stuff, but it petered out… just a coating. But we did and still are having a fairly good breeze. :wink: While it is overcast, the sun is trying force its way through the cloud cover. Maybe it will make it through by my granddaughter’s birthday party in a couple of hours. :smile:


My legs and back indicate we’re in for a big rainstorm by Tues-Weds. I’m accurate up to 3 days ahead on big storms that drop the barometer. Be forewarned, Jim, it’s coming your way. Of course, cataweather reports can change if the front changes path, or it loses its power out in the midwest.


Our afternoon - for the birthday party - was nice and sunny with just a few scattered clouds and a steady mild breeze. The high hit 49F/9,5C. Currently, at 9:15 PM it’s dropped down to 38.6F/3,6C. Like you said about the barometric pressure dropping, the mini weather station at my house shows the pressure falling and rain clouds. That too is about 2 days ahead but, with not being at home all the time, I don’t know when it changed to that from sunny and clear. Whatever comes… comes. :expressionless:


Keep your eyes open… wide… We’ve talked about those Easter Trees already…
When I lived in Toronto (most of my life) we took Easter weekend seriously, and drove down to W Va to go caving… That was where we saw the ETs… however, I also remember how nice they often looked with the sunlight glinting thru the layers of freezing rain… and sometimes fresh snow… and how high the creeks rose during rain and melt periods… the freezing rain and wind bringing trees (large) down around our ears in the dark while trying to safely get out of one cave and then down the mountain to the cars… That was a few years back in the 70’s.
That Easter storm made headlines throughout the East… Even back home in Toronto they got hit… and down into the Carolinas and over to the east coast.
Not sure how far west though… Crazy storm… lot longer story…
Just keep eyes wide open though. It was actually worse when the sun came out.


Oh, spelunking! I used to do that back in the 70s. Loved it, although sliding on my belly between two rock ledges with barely enough room for my head to fit through - and sliding about 25-30 feet/7,6-9 meters - made me a little nervous… at first. Always had the thought that the ledge would drop and flatten me like a pancake. But I got over that quick. I always liked seeing the various veins of quartz and other crystals along the walls - and the bats! :heart_eyes: Oh, and I can’t for the spiders. :roll_eyes::smile:


Very strange weather happening in the world…


Yes, it was on the news yesterday about that; surprised we haven’t had any of the sand…yet, we usually do, or maybe we did get a bit and it’s just that we didn’t notice 'cos Eastern Europe got the mother load :smiley:


My daughter got caught near Revelstoke waiting for Avalanche Control for a couple of hours. The snow they predicted through Merritt and Hope area (15-25cm) didn’t seem to be as heavy as they had forecast. One more month to be in the clear of winter storms (we hope).


Today the weather at Davis Research Station, Antarctica is actually warmer than mine…currently -18 feels like -24 wc where I live…

2018 March - Weather

I noticed! My car was washed/waxed on Friday and was clean and shiny for less than a day before it got rained on! The rain was very dusty and gritty, more than likely that sand mixed up with it… left a dirty layer all over the car, which, with the salt they’ve been throwing around on the roads recently made me wonder just WHY I’d bothered to get it cleaned… :thinking:


and we plunged into the deep freeze again, :snowflake::snowman_with_snow::cloud_with_snow: …wc -27 this morning…this is not spring-like, :roll_eyes:


Think “Tee-shirt weather… tee-shirt weather!” :wink: