2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


It WILL be +6F today-- till this afternoon, when temps plummet–again.

Right now…
It is +1F – that is +One.
It ‘feels like’ negative17F
Winds at 12mph, calmer than it had been.

The tool says +1 is neg16.2F wind chill, or neg26.8C
Whichever, it’s frigid.

The flannel sheets are really helping, especially with it doubled and stretched across my narrow kitchen in front of the back door. Just from floor and going halfway up has stopped a lot of the draft.

Reminds me of an apt I had when I was 20-23 yrs old, when I had to block all the doorways with blankets and sleep in the living room. . Of course, the same situation is a shocking reality for many elderly trying to survive in this deep-freeze. A dear 79 yr old friend barely has any heat except a heating blanket!


Maybe @claus is off training new classes of elves for next year? Maybe they went mountain climbing in Nepal and one elf fell into an icy crevasse? Maybe all the elves were roped together so one after another fell in? Maybe @claus tried valiantly to pull them out but had to call @Claus2 to come help? (Thank god for Sat phones!)

But while #1 was waiting for #2, a winter snowstorm caused white out conditions. And maybe all the elves had to rescue themselves, so they could rescue Clause? Then… (deep breath!) they all forgot Claus2 was on his way and they left the area without telling him… oh me oh my! So now Clause (1) has to climb back up to find Claus (2)!!


:laughing: :laughing: :rofl: nah bet he’s the one who’s been clocking up those 44,414 Weddell votes whilst everyone else were otherwise distracted over the Christmas hols :wink:


Reminds me of my ex.

Hope you stay waaarrrrrrrrrrrrrm and dry!! We’re sure hitting some extreme gold temps! I stepped out into the garage for a half minute last night and got the air sucked right outta me, it’s so cold.


Oh brother! The upstairs’ pipes are all on outside walls. Their bathroom has frozen pipes. All their incoming water pipes and the toilet stack are on my side of the basement. :frowning: Meaning-- the guy upstairs will need to get in to hold hair dryers on the pipes.

Too cold for this…

Supposed to be even colder here tomorrow and Sun. OMG.


Realized my thermostat won’t keep up to 73F this morning… only up to 71F… hmmm… just tooooooooooo cold.
Edit: Glorious day— Monday is forecast to be ABOVE 20F. Hang in there, folks!


I can’t believe the temperatures you’re having over in the States…when I saw it on the news I said I’d never complain about how cold/hot it is over here in UK…just the rain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So…it’s a bright briskly nippy day today with a bit of frost :roll_eyes: . . . But I still felt icecube after dropping my car off at the garage this morning and walking home 3C / 37F :blush:



My toilet intake froze yesterday. Took 4 hours of a large space heater on highest setting, with the heater 3" from the “throne”, to get the water flowing (no pun intended). Seat was so hot I needed a fan before I could sit on the seat-- whew!

And the farce of that, it will be around 34F today — a major, glorious heat wave!

John McClane (Die Hard) – “yippee ki yay (expletive)”


Aha, so you had the sunshine up there! :sunny::sunglasses:
We just had dull grey cloud :cloud::cloud: all day - I wasn’t even sure whether the sun had actually made it up over the horizon this morning…!
Chilly, but not as cold as for our US friends…


Yes actually, to look outside the window you’d think it was a glorious summers day…until you step out of your door and suddenly turn blue Blue with Cold


I think they overcompensated with the heating in the office today. The view outside was just grey and drab and miserable (and chilly whenever I nipped outside), but too warm inside. Either that or I was working waaaaay too hard :upside_down_face::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


had more “sun” from the heater than from outside.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: No… really… that was funny! :wink:


We’ve had - for the past couple of days - white ground (snow covered) and white skies (overcast). The only way to make out where one ended and the other began was the tree line. Still cold… cold… and colder at night! Overnight tonight is supposed to be a bit warmer than the past several nights - 10F/-12C! Yeah! :sweat_smile:


Funnier-- seeing me prance before the throne like a 4-yr old crossing her legs, while trying to stay away from still-hot heater but holding a fan above the toilet without dropping it in! yep, ugh.


Well, you wouldn’t want to freeze your butt to your throne either, now would you :grimacing: :sweat_smile:


The frigid cold looks like it has finally left us! :sunglasses: Yesterday it reached a whooping 39.9F/4,3C and today was like a spring day - 50.5C/10,2C. Not very much sun, but a warm stiff breeze was coming up from the south. Thank you Cagey! Most of the snow has melted, but now it’s been replaced by a couple of inches of ice below it - especially my driveway which I did not clear from the last storm. :neutral_face: (First time in 40 years I let it go. :frowning: I just tell everyone to walk on the “bumping stuff” and stay away from the smooth stuff. :wink: I finally cleared the snow and ice from one set of steps leading up to the porch. There were an awful lot of bird footprints on them. :thinking:
We’re supposed to get some rain accompanied by some freezing rain tomorrow or tomorrow night. Oh well, it’s still winter.
Currently (at 11:57PM) it’s 48.0F/8,8C with a steady stiff breeze with occasional gusts from the south.
I thought about making a snowman on the front lawn for the granddaughters, but the snow was turning to slush when I tried to roll it. Maybe next snowfall…


:blowfish::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_snow::blowfish: 15F ALERT!

:snowman_with_snow: :chipmunk: :bird: :deer: :cloud_with_snow: BRRRR

:ice_skate: :sob: :fallen_leaf: OUCH!

:girl: :family_man_girl_boy: :baby_symbol: :back: :cloud_with_snow: :ice_skate: :hospital: CAST!

: :cat: :house_with_garden: SMART CAT!


You still cold? I’ll send some of your heat back down to you. I’ve got to get to sleep soon so I can get up and bring my DIL into the city in the morning. She has to rent a car since she totaled her’s a couple of nights ago. Judging from the photo she sent to my son (he showed me), it looks to me like she pulled out in front of someone and got “nailed!” Every time I ask her about it she just says, “I don’t want to talk about it.” :rofl: At least she didn’t get hurt - other than a little bumped around.


No, a NEW bad storm is coming tomorrow! Headed for you, too.