2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


Okay… That’s probably where I heard the freezing rain from - but that forecast was the other day. I haven’t heard nor seen any weather forecasts since. I hope my DIL doesn’t total the rental! :hushed::grinning:


White-van-man got me like that on a dual carriageway many, many moons ago…just before Christmas too :frowning: He was pulling out of a side junction, crossing a 60mph dual carriageway,
Apparently I went up in the air, did a somersault and rolled on landing…wasn’t one inch of the car that wasn’t battered and dented :angry: Fortunately I walked away with nothing more than a cracked rib and whiplash but oh was I sore for weeks after. The next day my hubby (fiancé back then) made me get back behind the wheel…of his mums’ car…and drive around an empty car park…every day for a week :unamused: ooh that hurt :confounded:


There’s an old adage - not sure if I have it correctly, but I’m close - that says, “If you fall off a horse, then best thing to do is to get back on.”

We had an extremely warm day today! It reached 61.5F/16,1C, although it rained all day long. :unamused: By 10 P, the temperature started dropping rapidly. We’re to receive a wintry mix of rain/snow and then changing to all snow (3"-5"/7,6cm-12,7cm). The high for Saturday is supposed to be around 24F/-4,4C.
All the snow - except for a few snowbanks - has been melted between the warm air and the rain. Even all that ice in my driveway is gone! Yeah! :grinning:


:rofl::rofl: I about passed out laughing. Been there-done that, Cagey. This weather sucks canal water. Naturally our heifers decided they wanted to start calving, so we have four new calves(one set of twins). Which means we’ve been down at the farm in the old milk house freezing our toes and butts off in the middle of the night waiting for them to finish birthing so we could go home and fall on our faces in bed.
I have discovered that my new snowblower I bought 2 winters ago does work fine-Me, however, not so much. Sure beats shoveling, but I still just did the sidewalk. Forget the driveway; hubby and I both have 4wheel drives.


I haven’t been avoiding you guys and gals… just that my shoveling caught up with me… nothing serious, just painful… after several weeks I was getting a bit tender in spots (lower back) but we suddenly had a thaw… and was cleaning up and taking it easy since there was no new snow… nice day everyone was out walking and a lady with a walker slipped. I went over to see if I could help… got her up with no problem… and walking back to where I had been touching up the piles a bit… oops
and went down lightly but twisted… no damage other than pride… however the next day it started aching… and was tender… each time I cough (often) it twinges and every now and then it spasms… ouch… and then it twinges again etc. etc.

After a few rounds I can get it under control… and now use a bit of muscle relaxant, pain relief and of course cough suppressant… It’s been a few days and you don’t realized how much such a small thing affects you… sitting then getting up, ow… laying in bed, rolling over or getting out… ow. Anyway it is responding to rest and a little gentle activity… and I hope to be back to shoveling when the next snow comes… they keep forecasting but then it doesn’t come… and I’m not complaining about that. Cheers… I still read the board regardless.


Ow-yowl, @Doug4 ! Having a bad back myself, I feel for you. Don’t you think by now someone should have figured out how humans can move snow without injuries??? Oh… yeah… uhm, I think that was where snowblowers came in.

cat :cat2: running away very fast! (Have you ever heard a cat giggling? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Ouch, I feel for you Doug; try a little hot and cold therapy twice a day for a few days and see if that helps. This can simultaneously reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, and loosen tight muscles thus easing the pain. You can do this using a hot water bottle and ice pack or alternatively the hot and cold in your shower on the injured area. And above all keep mobile, don’t let those muscles seize up sitting at the computer too long; hope you’re feeling better soon :wink:

Begin with 1 minute of cold
Apply 3 minutes of heat
Apply 1 minute of cold
Apply 3 minutes of heat
Apply 1 minute of cold
Apply 3 minutes of heat
Finish with 1 minute of cold


Thanks for the response… but if you read it, I don’t blame the shoveling at all… I slipped on some ice and didn’t even fall… just twisted (like a cat) recovering my balance… it was the muscle exertion that bit me… and the resulting spasm…

re: snowblowers… have you ever had to manhandle one off a truck or anything like that… some are self moving… but I never had one… I do think that the snow slider / scoop is really cool tool though I can move one fully loaded with minimal effort and no shoveling… except to loosen a load full to scoop up.

As for cat giggling… I heard once that they only get 9 sessions of that… one for each life… so be careful how you use them…


Hi there… thanks for the sympathy… I’ll try your timing plan… I was just using intermittent mildly warm water. But no cold…

I fully agree on the concept of range of mobility therapy minus as much strain as possible… I’ve been through this before and slowly getting back to ‘normal’ is the best way… I also believe in only dulling pain, since it is natures way of warning you to back off… eliminating pain completely is plain dumb… as is excessive pain.

And you are correct… much as it appeals, sitting in a poor chair for long periods is worse than the hardest work… That is one of the reasons I shovel at all… I need to move and use the body as intended… One has to exercise body and mind…

Thanks again…


My doofus upstairs neighbors let their bathroom pipes freeze again. So he spent an hour in my basement with his hair dryer… while I put the heater in front of my throne to discourage any ice from coming my way. He gave up.

Today, I hear him pounding incessantly on the pipes upstairs with a hammer! OMG if he knocks a pipe loose, and if it is below the frozen section, look out for a waterfall into MY dining room! I warned him to stop… sigh.

He needs to call a plumber! Or wait 5 days until it hits 30sF.


When I retired - after plowing snow for 20 years - my wife “suggested” (more like “hint…hint…”) that I get a pickup truck with a plow so I could plow our driveway and our daughter’s. I told her I was done plowing, I’m not getting a truck, and any vehicle we get will have air conditioning for the summer, heated seats for the winter, and will NOT have a plow on it! :unamused: I do have to admit that there has been a few times when I was snowblowing our front walk and driveways that I “almost” wished I had a truck with a plow. But, that was just a fleeting thought. :grinning:


Yeah… sounds a little like gas. :smile_cat:
I’ve seen a few dogs actually smile, but can cats smile also -beside the emojis? :smile_cat:


Since that one day (12 Jan) when we hit 61F/16C and rain…rain…rain, we’ve got another arctic blast. The rain turned into freezing rain. The next day’s high was only 22F/-5,5C. That night it dropped down to 5F/-14,8C and the next day’s high was 18F/-7,6C.
This is getting old really fast! The ice is not melting, even on the roads where it’s been salted!

Last night it dropped down to 7F/-13,6C and today’s high hit 24F/-4C. Still a lot of ice everywhere although the sun did melt a tiny bit of it - and it refroze within minutes! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: My son spread both rock salt and calcium chloride on his driveway - after both he and I slide down to the street (on out butts). Now there’s “white” ice where the salt and CaCl worked down to the asphalt and sat there. Still ice on everything, but at least you can walk on it.

At midnight (16 Jan) it was 15.5F/-9C, but it’s been overcast since shortly after sunset last night. The temperature started to very slowly rise. At 1 AM it’s now up to 19F/-7C and mostly calm. The only thing is that we’re under a winter storm advisory beginning 5 AM today and lasting for 24 hours. We’re supposed to get between 4" to 9" (10,1cm-22,8cm) of snow. Just a coating for the morning commute, then just a couple of inches (5cm) by the afternoon commute, and by dinnertime the heavy wet snow starts. Looks like I’ll be doing some shoveling on Wednesday. Sigh…

My grandson slipped on the ice in front of his apartment and got a concussion :face_with_head_bandage: and soft tissue damage to his elbow. His neighbor had notified the maintenance people of the ice and they told her it wasn’t an emergency so they weren’t salting it. After my grandson fell and the neighbor called again, they came out salted everything! A little late… :angry: Now my grandson has to miss a couple of days of work. He has one wicked headache :exploding_head: and even his eyes hurt when they’re open. Told him to take two aspirin, get some rest, and sue them in the morning! :rofl: No, we’ve never been the type to sue, but if other’s in the complex are saying this type of negligence/laziness happens all the time, then that’s food for thought. :thinking:


What does your landlord (assumed) say? I’ve managed a few spots and such a situation always involved me… just saying. BTW does he use your electrical to plug in his dryer… I don’t know the situation there, but I believe you said a while back that they didn’t pay their gas up… is it now… if there is no heat, thawing is a waste of time. If they are not on separate meters from you, there is a problem… but some places are allowed to share utilities… I won’t live in one though… I did manage one that was messed up by a previous owner, and I got hired to see what could be done… I moved into one basement unit… and over time found that the whole place was illegal… for a bit… at one point I asked the previous tenant why they left… High electrical bill, excessive in fact… a bit of circuit tracing and I found that a tenant had gone into the electrical room and reconnected the fridge, and range to the circuit that was now mine… but not new breakers… all illegal out here… and one was 240 volts… disconnected them from mine after chatting with the owner and then we got the no heat in unit whining… they were heating with the oven… etc. etc. But that is what I was talking about… a lot of places don’t meet codes… fast check… turn it all off and see who complains. we had 4 units… only the one was hooped.


That part about the maintenance repeats a lot… one of the reasons I shovel what I do… and in fact part of why I slipped helping someone else who did…
They give out jobs to people who don’t want to take the time to do it…

Thankfully I’m getting back to normal with no snow in the forecase until Thursday night.


Which is why I didn’t suggest pain killers/anti-inflammatory’s as well . . . I’m of the same mindset :wink:
It was my osteopath who advised the hot-cold therapy for a similar injury a few years ago but I also have arthritis of the hip. I like to keep some pain to avoid overdoing things or doing the wrong thing and causing more damage.

In yoga, whatever you do to one side you repeat for the other side, same goes for rotations And also, one side may be more challenging than the other side, so you should do that side twice.

All in order to keep the body balanced. When the arthritis developed my body leaned away from the pain and was overcompensating…whatever you do on one side of the equation will automatically affect the other.

Why Alternating Hot and Cold Therapy is Good for Injuries

Both heat and ice have their uses in treating injury. In order to understand the benefits of contrast therapy, it’s useful to know exactly when and why heat and ice work for pain relief—and when they don’t.

The Benefits of Ice for Injury

The use of ice, or very cold temperatures, in a therapeutic capacity is known as cryotherapy. It is effective because it causes vasoconstriction, or narrowing of the blood vessels. The muscles contract, inflammation is lowered, and pain signals are reduced.

On the other hand, ice can make muscle tension and spasms worse.

The Benefits of Heat for Injury

Heat therapy works in the opposite manner—it is a vasodilator, which increases circulation by expanding the blood vessels. This reduces pain and relieves cramping or aching muscles.

It also draws nutrients (via the blood) to the injured area, aiding the healing process, while helping the body’s cells get rid of waste products.

Unlike ice, heat can make inflammation worse.

Alternating Hold and Cold Therapy Benefits

Clearly, both ice and heat bring something to the table in terms of pain relief and healing. Sometimes, choosing one over the other simply may not provide enough relief, which is where contrast therapy comes in.

With this gentle method, you can simultaneously reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, and loosen tight muscles, thereby easing your pain.


3ºC/37ºF What a confused weather system we’re having today…:cloud_with_lightning::snowflake::cloud_with_rain:…hail…sleet…stuck on a loop all day long :astonished:


A while back I said I’d post a few pictures… Now it is getting moot, so I’ll try a few of the more recent. showing the current state… took them the day I slipped. interestingly, the snow has already been settling down and the new pile is getting lower… my cleaning up and the kids playing also tend to flatten it… Mostly it is to show the area I’m working on.
Looking south towards USA

Looking northward

For the ladies, my all deer fan club… there are many more here. The dentist patients watch as well, me and the deer…

I think I can do a little work therapy soon… able to cut way back on pain pills… and it was already minimal… mosltly light clean up. We are expecting more snow, but how much…


At one time, the apartment house (4 units) next door to my house had illegal wiring. The landlord - who didn’t like to spend anything on the building - had to install new wiring for a thermostat in one of the upstairs apartments. Instead of running new wires from the apartment down to the furnace, he used two of the wires from the telephone cable. Years ago the phone companies used four wires, two for the DC voltage and voice, and the other two for the 120 volts used for ringing the phones. That was one of his “innovative ideas” as he called it! :neutral_face:
One of the tenants always complained about very high electric bills - even though he was hardly at home and wasn’t running all kinds of electrical devices. After complaining to the electric company, a serviceman was sent out to investigate. After shutting off/disconnecting everything in the apartment, his electric meter was still spinning like crazy! Seems everything in the basement - including the 4-unit boiler - was hooked up to his circuit panel. And the landlord was always in the basement using power tools (saws, drills, multiple lights, etc.) The outside floodlights for the back porches/stairways (which came on at dusk and off at dawn), and most of the circuits in the landlord’s own apartment were also hooked up to the tenant’s! :open_mouth:
After threat of a lawsuit, the landlord was forced to disconnect everything from the tenant’s panel that didn’t belong there and was hooked up to the landlord’s panel. The tenant’s electric bill thereafter was minimal! :grinning: Of course, the landlord’s electric bill shot through the roof! :rofl:


I’d rather be dealing with that kind of snow than with the freezing rain and unrelenting sub-freezing temperatures we’ve had. The ice on the roads just won’t go away! So far, the snow we’re were to have received decided to hold off until later this afternoon/evening. Last night just a dusting to make it almost impossible to see where the ice on the roads was. They’re still calling for 4"-9" of heavy, wet snow for later on. We’ll see how accurate they are! :wink: