2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


We get a lot of snow, then it melts or is turned into compaction ice by spinning tires etc… I didn’t show the before images… but even in the one day the recent snowfall melted and ‘squatted’ down where it sat… THAT I try to avoid… I prefer lighter but slightly greater volume…

As for the neglectful, sloth like building manager … the term is slumlord around here… this place I’m in is OK, but pricey and going up… but I now have a bunch of stuff outstanding, while they prance around trying to impress the new people. I don’t think it is working… one lady is living upstairs waiting for her one bedroom to be reworked… she was moving in Dec 1, not ready, so up the stairs, Jan 1 for sure… not so far… Best thing is to have documented and witnessed ‘requests’ because after they are filed, they can’t say they didn’t know… and it becomes clear negligence in a liability case… have fun with it… also helps to know the building inspectors… he he heh!


Perhaps your deer and Jim’s will come help me out?

My whiskers have frozen like swords!


Oh yeah! We know the building inspectors quite well! :wink:

Our snowfall decided to wait the entire day out. It was cloudy/overcast all day with a little filtered sun. But once the sun set, a light fine snow began falling. Now at 8 PM we finally received the first inch (2.54cm). The heavy wet snow is “supposed” to start around 10 PM with accumulations of between 4"-9" (10-22,8cm). That may be hard shoveling, but hopefully it will be good packing for the girls to make snowmen/snowladies. :grinning: Both my son and DIL have the next two days off, so I’m going to ask my wife if she wants to go home later tonight and return on Thursday evening. I’m sure our cat would love that! :heart_eyes_cat: In my area, when they say “between” this amount and that amount, we either get one or the other… but once in a while we get either a lot less or a lot more. About the only thing we trust is that we’ll get “something.” :grinning:


Maybe your wife would love the alone time together, too. :smiley: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Just found out less than one minute ago… my son has a dentist appointment at 9:40AM TOMORROW! Arrrgh! Guess we don’t leave until after he gets back. :frowning: At least the snow will (should) have stopped by then. Right now the flakes are getting bigger so it will start accumulating faster now. At least the meteorologist got that part right - so far. :wink:


I am a reliable forecaster! Up to 3 days in advance, too.

The joint of my big toe, left foot, says we are getting a HUGE storm. My left hip painfully agrees! I’m sure @AKE235 's metal hip down in Texas concurs. Doug’s and Jim’s backs might cast votes, too.

We hereby declare a major winter storm emergency with more than 2-4 inches of snow, or ice, or a ton of freezing rain and snow. Put a different way, no sun, no warmth. Last night was -5F below zero… same for tonight.


Today it actually made it up to 32.5F/0,27C for a hour 45 minutes! It was all that filtered sunlight that made it through the overcast cloud cover. Got a few surfaces to start dripping… then the clouds increased, temperature dipped below freezing and here we are: 29.5F/-1,38C at 10:30 PM. Snow still falling…


My area made it onto national news for a family of 5 kids skidding off the highway into a lake. They were all immediately rescued with no injuries.

News just said -10F with the windchill for tonight and won’t get above +10F tomorrow.

I’ve had it with winter.


But it’s just getting started! :roll_eyes: Besides, thing of all the water we’ll have this summer after the snow pack melts. :rowing_man::swimming_man::fishing_pole_and_fish::exclamation:


Hi… I must have been under the weather or something… ha ha.
Finally I see what you mean… that sure would be one big kitty though…

Note to self: Not a good idea to try doing technical things while using OTC medications that claim to be safe to use… Reg Strength Tylenol, one 325 mg tablet and a sub normal does (1/4 tsp of Guafenesine sryop, compared to the 2tsp adult dose)… Has to be the lack of sleep associated, (make note to self: Try to get 26 hours of sleep tonight).

edit: but not changed… does = dose (1st)… CC got me thinking deer, ha!
and sryop = syrup… that must have been the medicine… ha hah!


WV3 saw me before my paws sunk into the mush; he enlarged the image to get me help. :wink:


Will it hurt to pull you out by the whiskers?

And to stay on topic before Cagey purrs (or meows ferociously) at me… The snow stopped falling at 3:20 Wed. afternoon. We only received 6-1/4"/15,8cm and it was fluffy! Not the heavy wet stuff they predicted. I couldn’t complain about that. I headed down to my house to shovel around 1:30 PM. I got done around 7:30 PM - and without shoveling off my front walk where the town plow pushed all the heavy stuff from the street onto. Turns out we have a water main break right where my front walk (from the porch) meets the public sidewalk. Water is coming up between the pavement and the curb. A neighbor down the street told me it’s been like that since yesterday. :confused: Why didn’t anyone call the water department then? :confused: Each time the plow came down the street he’d push the water-laden snow onto my sidewalk and there it froze. I’m not touching that! I already have a pinching sensation in the back of my neck from the 3 herniated discs. It was bad enough pushing that same kind of wet snow down the apron of my driveway and into the gully. And wouldn’t you know that as soon as I was nearly finished, my neighbor one house up came home and got out his brand new snowblower and went down his front walk. He stopped long enough to show me his new toy, complete with an enclosed cab and HEATED HAND GRIPS! :hushed: He said between the hand grips and the heat from the engine, the walk behind cab almost feels like it’s heated! I’ve got to get myself one of those for next year! :thinking:
And for a little chuckle, here’s a short conversation I had with the woman (alcoholic) who just moved into one of the apartments below me.
Me: Looks like we have a water main break.
Her: Yeah, it’s been like that since yesterday.
Me: Do you have low water pressure?
Her: Yes, but only at the kitchen sink. The shower seems to be okay. :confused:
Me: (Sarcastically) Well, if you run out of water, you can always get it from the shower. :expressionless:
Her: Yeah! That sounds like a good idea! (Then she goes into her apartment.)
Me: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
I can’t believe there are people like that! Well, yes I can. A while back during a power outage, one of my co-workers asked a female co-worker what she was going to do for lights the next morning when she has to get her children ready for school and the power hasn’t been restored yet. Her reply was, "I can always use the light on the vacuum cleaner… :rofl:
Time to put some heat to my lower back. Later! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been having weird dreams… the second one was the one that had the big clue that it was FAKE news as has been used by others… except this one was really realistic… I thought it was all happening on my compluter screen… Another ‘clue’ was that everything I was doing had to be done with mouse and clicking… but little worked. Real computers may not always work, but ones you dream can be really bad… It was driving me crazy as things got worse and worse… eventually I woke up, but could not get my arms to function… or anything else… I did get there eventually and realized I was sweating and had a fever just over 103F…Not the worst, but it has got me to lean in the flu direction now…The previous fever was only a hair over 100F. Changed up my tylenol from being for pain to being a fever breaker. Earlier today I woke to one more fever, but only 102F… so we are trending correctly, as if that means anything. Managed to do a shopping trip (local) for my now returned lady friend and a little digging as clean up exercise. Makes carrying a shovel for balance and support more believable if you dig something however little. You know the computers are winning when you can never beat them and that damn menu and cursor is there even when you dream you turned it all off, like I did this morning. (another clue). Anyway it seems to be going the right thing so now i’m switching to neocitran and holding the expectorant for a bit unless I need it. I’m still feeling flu level fatigue though.
Just need to watch what I eat and water intake, plus get as much less scary sleep for real. Time to switch.

Oh yeah the doctor is not able to see me till next week… sigh.


Yes it’s getting to the point over here in the uk that you really need to be booking your appointments in advance of being ill…so I’m considering booking myself for 2 appointments for a chesty cough next October and December. That’s just about the time of year I’ll get one or two…just to avoid the pneumonia setting in :sweat_smile:


@Doug4, @EmeraldEyes
It’s bad when you have to plan your illnesses around doctor visits and not the other way around!
Oh doc! I’d like an appointment for next week as I expect to be sick by that time. Thank you. :roll_eyes:


@Jim7 @EmeraldEyes
I don’t want to belittle the doctors… except that the doctors sort of let the accounting staff take control of their business side… and that is what creates the problems in some places… Same for the dentiists…

My current doctor of record I like a lot… haven’t been there too often though… And I did tell her that I wasn’t a hypochondriac… If I’m sick with something then the will here from me… after I do due diligence. I had one other lady doctor when in Elkford… I required a prostate exam, finger style… she asked if I wanted another doctor to do it, I said not needed. I said that I learned early that there is only one gender in medicine or should be… I’ll use the term medic for that… since it includes all or most medical responders not just doctors. Just have to think about it as a procedure and that is all… but sometimes newer medics need a bit or experience. Besides which I got the feeling that she was trying to spare me… well from my point of view… am I supposed to prefer to have male doctor do it… to me that seems more unusual but then it’s just a procedure… right?

Anyway, my switch of OTC remedy seems to be working… that is now NeoCitran.
Uses a different approach to the same problem and since the problem changed so has the treatment. I can use the other stuff I have as well if needed.
Important goal is sleep… and to remember not to go too fast at it.

All the forecast snow has been changed to light rain. and I’m glad to avoid shoveling.


We’re encouraged to seek the chemists advice first or call this help line but any time I’ve used that practice I’m always advised to see my doctor. In the chemists case…“try this first and if that doesn’t work see your doctor” usually it’s what I would consider a placebo because by the time your half way through the treatment you’re a heck of a lot worse and then need an emergency doctors appointment…or worse…A&E :confounded:

And of course the doctors leave the initial diagnosis as to whether you need see them or a nurse is left to the under-qualified receptionist these days. Whenever I’ve been told I need to see the nurse, she turns round and says I really should see a doctor…by which time I’ve come to the conclusion they all need to see a psychiatrist if they honestly believe that system is saving them time and money :roll_eyes: Or else to qualify as a GP’s receptionists, they should undergo the 5 year degree course a GP has to go through to be fully qualified :sweat_smile:

:hushed: Hey Doug, women soon lose all their inhibitions when they give birth. I’ll never forget my Anaesthetist for an emergency caesarian when I had my first baby. He was 6’2" bald, built like a brick with tattoos up and down his arms and neck, ears and nose pierced; looked like he should have been a bouncer in a nightclub :open_mouth: And he had to give me an epidural…:fearful:…between contractions…:cold_sweat:…I never felt a thing :sweat_smile: The most gentle of giants I’ll never forget…my hubby hasn’t either :rofl:


Ah! A nice warm sunny day with only a mild breeze. After yesterday morning’s low of 2F/-16C and a high of only 28.8F/-1,7C, today is gorgeous! I took the opportunity to scrap off most of the ice that built up on my front walk and down the apron of my driveway - thanks to the water main break. There was between 3"-4"/7,6cm-10cm of ice. When the water department finished, they scraped the ice off the sidewalk, but didn’t touch the apron. Instead they shoveled rock salt on it - and a lot! Afterward I threw some potassium chloride on it as well. (I purchased 2 100-lb/45kg bags for the season, although I always have a lot left over for the next year. :wink:).
I haven’t heard any forecasts yet, but the weather station on my kitchen counter has been showing rain or snow since yesterday. It’s always 2 days ahead. Maybe I’ll actually listen to a forecast and find out what we’re in for this time. All of my shovel is done… :tired_face:


My practice tends not to ask me! :wink: Had one where they wanted to know what the problem was before I could see a doc, so in front of a packed waiting room I told them in graphic detail, left nothing out, then asked them for their diagnosis. Needless to say they were mightily embarrassed, I saw the doc, and I never had another problem with getting the appropriate appointment. :rofl:

… or any time when you go into hospital for a procedure! :rofl:

And, to keep on topic, blue skies for most of today, although a little chilly (3°C/37°F). Forecast for the weekend is heavy rain :open_umbrella::umbrella::cloud_with_rain: ALL weekend… :roll_eyes:


As you probably all know, I’ve been fighting what turned out to be a somewhat tough flu bug… not your 24 hr variant. I saw this and laughed. but it triggered a memory for me.

Hey Doug, women soon lose all their inhibitions when they give birth. I’ll never forget my Anaesthetist for an emergency Caesarian when I had my first baby. He was 6’2" bald, built like a brick with tattoos up and down his arms and neck, ears and nose pierced; looked like he should have been a bouncer in a nightclub

Somehow (fever?, I had a good one) I let the Profession and the procedure get registered, then blurred as I focused on ‘my first baby’… and the description… Only bit of fun all week Some baby.

I finally got it read correctly thank you… the memory comes from when my mom was taken into hospital for a C section on my younger brother.
They told her they were sorry, but it would be a still birth but they needed him out NOW. She said she was sad but knew what was needed… and so they went to work… as soon as she was opened up and he was freed up, he kicked the surgeon so hard that the doctor (an old hand at this) almost dropped him since he was positive of the original diagnosis…

During a lull in the proceedings, mom looked over at the anesthesiologist If she could have her epidural sometime… and SOON. He was aghast and did things quickly but she did her it’s a boy… I can’t even imagine being half way through a C section and still conscious and watching… yech.

Mom was 5’ 2", 140 lbs. Brother was big… not sure his length (seems to be a modern idea) and was a whopping 12 lbs 13 oz…

Anyway it’s all history now… but that memory helped focus me a bit on getting back to living… I’m now trying to find the best method to clear away the weird sensations and results from whatever it was. Actually have made most of the way through today… although yesterday was a disaster almost.
Thursday I ventured a comment to ham friends that I woulld try to see them Friday morning… I was up and dressed, cleaned up a fair bit, and I was on my way and stopped to get some breakfast at a local fast food . while I was there I heard a guy ask If they had the Sunday paper… and I said it was only Friday… and he said NO it is Sunday morning… and was right. I was a day early for the next coffee meet… or several days late if you meant Friday.

Sort of what I’ve been dealing with… but things are tracking properly and much better… two breakfasts and other meals are helping and the sleep is helping a lot.

Speaking of which… I need a nap before supper. Thanks for being a concerned shoulder of support… in a way.