2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


Jim, what has happened? I can’t get into the forum at all. It just shows “ discourse” page and a giant blank. Sure as hell hopes this goes through,


I got your post via email, clicked on the “Join Topic” link and got on without any problem - aside from having to click on the “login” button… oh bother! :grinning:
I did notice that as my cursor passed over your post there appeared a line indicating a broken link to a photo followed by “23CD315258134EF28918B98E6E96CCA4.png 708x1 83 Bytes”. As soon as I take my cursor away from that line it goes invisible again.
Not to cut you off, but it is 3:35 AM and my wife and I are going home in the morning after our granddaughters are off to school. We’re returning Thursday night. But we’ll be on the Internet at our house. Okay, at least she’ll be. I have to wait until I at least make a small dent in my “honey do list.” :slightly_frowning_face:


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Something I had never seen before tonight really had me saying out loud, “that is so cool!” Around 10:30 PM tonight (28 Jan), I was outside with my wife. She noticed a “halo” around the moon. It was an exceptionally large halo, as about 5 of them would cover the entire sky from the eastern horizon to the western horizon. About 11 PM I went outside and as I looked up at the moon - yeah, it’s still there with the halo :wink: - I observed two parallel lines stretching from north to south moving toward the moon from the west. It was overcast but it was a thin veil of wispy clouds. The first “line” was a bluish-white and the second was black. As they got closer to the moon, the bluish-white one seemed to be catching up to the dark one. Then as they got directly between the moon and myself, all I could see was the black line. As they moved past the moon, the black line started “passing” the brighter one. I realized what I was seeing was a vapor trail from a jet plane that had traveled from north to south and was observing it and its shadow being cast on the top of the cloud cover. The high-altitude wind was blowing rather swiftly from west to east which made the lines visible for about 20 to 30 seconds. But, it was something I had never seen before and will chalk up one more memory in the far away dusty corners of my mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

We had a warm day yesterday (28 Jan) of 48F, mostly sunny in the AM, but increasing clouds later in the day. A mild breeze came in from the south. But, it will be going back to winter weather again within the next few days. I missed the forecast for Monday, but overnight Monday into Tuesday the temperature is supposed to drop down to around 10F. There’s a 60% chance of snow On Tuesday and a 40% chance of snow on Wednesday. By Thursday, it’ll will be warming up again and rain is forecast. So much for our "January thaw."
The only place there is snow around here currently is where it had been piled up from plowing or shoveling. Outside my son’s house is a pile still around neck height. At my house there are two low piles on my back lawn where I had shoveled that section of my driveway. (The rest of the snow I “hid” in the gully along the east side of my driveway as it runs toward the carriage house.)
Yesterday and before earlier the river was blanketed in ice from the west bank over to the island. A Coast Guard ice breaker came through, followed by a couple of barges being pushed by tugs. Today the river only had a lot of smaller ice chunks sailing by as the tide was going out. No ice jams on the Hudson River so far this year. Can’t say that for some of the other rivers around the state and for some of the streams and creeks. Some areas had flood watches due to ice jams. So far we’ve been lucky. :neutral_face:


‘…The ring around the Moon is caused by the refraction of Moonlight (which of course is reflected sunlight) from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. The shape of the ice crystals results in a focusing of the light into a ring.’


I wonder if they’re “heart-shaped.” :grinning:


Only on February 14th :grinning:


Panic2 It’s gonna be a blue moon tonight…so everything we’ve heard predicted and said only happens once in a blue moon should be happening tonight :fearful: :rofl:


Yeah, and as usual whenever something like this occurs, it’s cloudy and overcast. Can’t even tell where the moon is in the sky!


Typical, and the US was in line to see the lunar eclipse as well… :roll_eyes::full_moon::new_moon:


Yes, it was supposed to be a trifecta - Super Moon, Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse - the first in 152 years!


Well, I saw the moon that night, big and round…and brighter than usual in a crisp clear night sky beaming right at my back garden door. But no blue :disappointed: …not even a greyish blue. Just looked a bit more orange than usual :confused: …maybe I ‘shoulda gone to SpecSavers’ :rofl:


LOL, it never does actually turn blue, Em! “Blue moon” is a phrase used to describe the second full moon in a calendar month… which doesn’t happen very often, hence the phrase “once in a blue moon”…
If you hear someone mention a “Black moon”, that’s the second new moon in a calendar month (black because it’s completely invisible, being a new moon!)

I’m slightly envious you saw the orangey colour though - when I saw it, it was just its normal bright white glowing in the night sky.


Old man winter is back - but without the snow! For the past few days it’s been cold, cold, cold - and very windy - although it did manage to make it up to 32 F/ 0 C yesterday. Last night we had 45 minutes of a light snow mixed with frozen sleet - just enough to create a good coating of ice on everything. Of course it froze all the doors, windows and wipers on everyone’s vehicles. :frowning_face: Today’s high is supposed to be in the upper 20’s F/ ~ -3 C, but so far (at 1 PM) it’s only reached 23 F/ -5 C. The wind and the very strong gusts is horrible! The dogs don’t want to stay outside for more than 5 minutes, and Solo has a very thick coat. Overnight tonight they said it will be down in the lower single digits (F)/ - 15 to -17 C.
Oh, and there’s another water main break above my house right in the middle of the intersection with the dead end street. Of course, our water line comes off the line running down the dead end street! I just spent about 30 minutes of clearing thick ice from the sidewalk in front of the apron of my driveway (about 2-1/2 car lengths long). Thickness ranged from 2 to 4 fingers thick! That was after using about 40 lbs/18 kg of Magnesium Chloride to melt some and get some air beneath it. Popped up pretty well after working about 2 hours. Placed a call to the highway department and they’re sending a crew down to scoop up and remove the ice this afternoon. One thing after another… and still working on getting my own laptop to boot up. At least my son hasn’t needed his laptop yet. :grinning:
EDIT: 2:45 PM: I guess that high mentioned above was the high for the day. It’s down to 21 F/-6 C already. We’re experiencing very strong winds with gusts up to 60 mph/96.5 kph! I had to go outside several times already to retrieve things blowing out of the breezeway and from the deck, including the kid’s little picnic table! The dogs have been napping for the past couple of hours. I don’t think they like the sound of the wind. Brrrr…!


Stay warm and safe @Jim7.


@Wilms, It was so windy today, that even when the crows were flying, they’d have to tuck their tails between their legs to make a turn… otherwise they’d be blown too far past the tree they were trying to land in. It was actually pretty comical to watch them pull their tails between their legs and practically press them against their bellies! :grinning: But the poor little birds kept to hanging on their tree branches, venturing down to the ground only when the winds let up a little. They only came to the feeders 3 times today instead of nearly all day long - including the breakfast, lunch and dinner crowds! :laughing: One little bird tried to make a 90-degree turn and was blown into the bay window and fell to the ground. After a minute or so, it got up and hopped over to one of my car tires. A few minutes later it flew up to one of the lower limbs, then later flew off. I guess it’s okay, just got a little stunned.
The wife just informed me we’re supposed to get hit with a fast-moving snow storm on Sunday. Right now they’re saying it’s too soon to tell how much snow we’re to receive. We really do need a good snow pack so we have water for the summer - and then some.


I see everyone is experiencing some form of cold and changing weather. We were just issued another “Extreme Cold Warning” for the next few days. -40 C or colder. I’m so over winter!!! :thinking: maybe time for a move to a warmer climate!!! Stay safe and warm !!!


I saw the red moon the other night. It was out at 5am Pacific. It was fascinating, and I tried to imagine that we were in another solar system and that the moon was really a red planet. And that our planet and the red one were binary and rotating around each other like Pluto and Charon. It’s amazing what you can imagine when you are half asleep and were just dreaming. This was nightdreaming instead of daydreaming :relieved: