2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


I missed the all the lunar action due to several layers of clouds and it being so overcast you couldn’t even tell there was a moon in the sky! Same kind of stuff that happens every time there’s supposed to be a fantastic meteor shower! :frowning_face: Of course, two nights later the sky is as clear as a pure mountain spring! But the cold came with it. Our high today never made it above freezing but it happened dropped too much yet. It’s currently 25 F/-3,8 C. It’s going to be as cold as last night which was 8 F/-13 C. With the wind chill they said it felt like it was -3 F/-19 C. Weird how for two days the wind can howl and have gusts up to 50-60 mph (80-96 kph) and the next day the strongest it gets is a mild breeze. At least the birds can fly again - and hit all my feeders! :wink:
Oh yes, my wife told me that Friday was “groundhog day” (here in the U.S.). She said the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, so we’re in for another 6 weeks of winter. Odd folklore thing…
The water department has to come again on Monday to dig up the street from in front of my house up and across the intersection of the dead-end street due to a hard-to-find water main break. They had drilled two test holes to see which would have the most water coming out. :confused: Well, water flows downhill and I live on a hill in the middle of an “S” curve. Common sense would tell you that more water would be coming up from the lower hole. Since the water has been seeping up through the pavement in the middle of the intersection as well as all the down to the front of my house, I would say the break is in the intersection (where the water is first noticeable). The rest of the water is from it running downhill and following the main. So right now there is ice across the intersection, down along the curb (and out 3’/.9m) in front of my house. As is reaches my driveway and the street cuts slightly to the left, the water has froze and been kicked up onto the sidewalk, froze there and has begun running down the apron of my driveway. Additionally, at the upper side of my driveway’s apron, the water has also been forced out into the street where traffic has splashed the partially frozen water out farther into the street. As more freezes and builds up thicker, the water gets pushed out to both sides - my sidewalk & driveway and farther out into the street. On Friday afternoon I called the town highway department and they sent a guy down with a backhoe. He scrapped up the ice and dumped it into a ravine several houses down. A salt truck then salted the street. By tonight it looks as though nothing has been done and is actually worse now! I’m hoping the water department gets this fixed on Monday before we end up having a sink hole form in the road and/or someone sliding on the ice and getting into an accident. Plenty of school buses use this street in both directions every day (M-F). It’s also a busy day since it’s the main route of travel for anyone heading down to the river. So until then, I keep my coffee maker filled with water and have about 3 US gallons in the refrigerator, and about 15 gallons in my workshop that I can carry into the house for flushing the toilets. At least I’m prepared. :wink:


Sounds wonderful! We’ll get a chance here in the UK to see the next lunar eclipse (July 27), hopefully the wonderful UK weather won’t be obnoxious and get in the way like it normally does! :roll_eyes:


Hey, I could make mine spin in my imagination:laughing: After staring at such a huge orange globe some fine cloud drifted past and made it looked like it was turning :dizzy_face: :rofl:


Was wondering where Jim was…
When what did appear
but Jim and his birds all right here!

:heart: Hi Jim.


Hi Cagey! I headed down to my house Tuesday evening with the intent of working on getting my own laptop to start Win10 - doesn’t get past the HP diagnostics program. I had a serviceman come on Wednesday AM to work on my furnace - kept on shutting down… cold house and house cat. :scream_cat: The water department showed up EARLY Wednesday AM (woke me up) to fix another water main break on the corner (I live on the corner property). They got the main fixed and covered up just as the snow started to come down. The serviceman got my furnace running - for a few hours and it shut down again. A call brought him back, replaced some parts, got it fired up and left. Ran great all the rest of the day and night. I shoveled the first batch of snow (6-1/4"/15,8 cm), then we got freezing rain for 38 minutes! Coated everything with ice. An hour later it started snowing again. This time another 1-1/2"/3,8 cm feel. A total of 7-3/4"/19 cm of snow came down - not included whatever amount of freezing rain we had. It did leave about 1/4"/,6 cm of ice on my car… and froze all four doors, door handles trunk, hood and wiper blades, Guess I’ll have to spend another night at my house all by myself (and the cat :heart_eyes_cat:). During the storm I worked on my laptop - no joy! :frowning_face:
After shoveling just 2/3 of my driveways and one walkway, I went and lay down on the couch “to rest my back” I woke up around midnight, made some chicken noodle soup (big chunks of chicken and carrots… yum!), looked outside and there was a fine veil of frozen drizzle coming down. That lasted for over an hour. I immediately knew what that meant… frozen wiper blades, doors and door handles again! That would have to wait until some time Thursday. I went to bed right after finishing the soup. Thursday I awoke at 7:15 AM to find out the furnace had shut down again! After placing a call to the oil company, their serviceman arrived by 8:15! Turns out with all the water main breaks, all the rust and fine sediment that was forced through the pipes fouled up valves and the pressure tank diaphragm. Once he replaced those parts the furnace was fine. The second time he was here he replaced the ignition transformer. The first time he was here was for a thorough cleaning and replacing the filter, igniter and nozzle (nearly plugged). Back outside to do a little more ice removal from the car, shoveled another 20’ x 18’ of driveway toward the carriage house, clear ice from the steps up to the porch, feed the birds and deciding i’m done shoveling even though there’s a lot to finish. I’m just too sore, achy, and having some muscle cramps/spasms. I can always sit on my porch when the sun is out and watch the snow melt! :rofl::wink: After a quick shower I packed up and headed back to my son’s house, played with the baby until it was time for her nap, and then laid down on the couch and took a nap of my own! :sleeping: I think I was just “whupped!” :tired_face:
Today was mostly sunny with a high of 30F/-1C with a mild breeze. Right now (Friday, 9 Feb) it 1 AM and 16F/-8,8C with a very slight breeze. For the next few days the weather is going to run back and forth between rain/snow and sunny days - first one thing and then the other and back again. Mother Nature can’t seem to make us her mind as to what kind of weather she’s going to dish out - or, to put it nicely, “bless” us with! :unamused:


How odd, your post sounds as though it should come “after” Jim’s post and if displays the other way round :confused:



No, mine was first. I was wondering where he was… then later, saw him liking posts and went to say hi. I knew he’d post a weather report. :slight_smile: But I forgot he had laptop problems.

Believe it or not, I do try to notice when folks haven’t posted. When you’all don’t post, I wonder if a big windstorm carried you away… or you got stuck on fast ice in Antarctica… or if someone won a lucky vacation to a wonderful location…


Don’t I wish I’d won a vacay to a wonderful location. Someplace tropical with warm turquoise waters.

~singing~… The weather outside is frightful… inside, it’s so delightful…

It’s snowing big-time here in mid-Michigan. I’m about an hour’s drive west of Detroit in a small town, and we’re getting SOCKED with snow and then it’ll be past us by Sunday. Hopefully.

Let the shoveling begin. Well… it didn’t really stop.


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That’s called tee-shirt weather. You put on a tee-shirt, curl up on the couch next to the fireplace with a delicious beverage of your choosing and keep warm! :smiley: I just love to sit inside while looking outside and watching the snow melt - although it usually takes a week or more to melt. :rofl: Still, that’s tee-shirt weather! :wink:


To stay on topic, we’ve had 3 days of above freezing temperatures: 44F/6C on the 10th; 33F/0,5C on the 11th during the day, but it did climb way up to 41F/5C at 10:55 PM; and 37F/2C today. It’s currently 27F/-2C. The sun finally came out early this afternoon and we had a nice pink sunset with the few clouds that lingered off to the west. Tomorrow may be another winter day, but it will “look” nice! :wink:
Spring must be on its way - or the birds are messed up - because yesterday morning I observed two male song sparrows (with their beautiful copper-colored heads and necks) beneath the bird feeder. Then around 5 PM I observed a flock of about 200 robins alighting in the tree tops on the hill top across from the small brook behind my son’s house. After about 5 minutes they all took off and headed northeast.


That’s funny! I’ll remember that… tee-shirt weather it is!! :smiley:


We had a heavy snow warning popped on us yesterday… not that much here, maybe 4 to 5 inches… but I’be been not to energetic lately and was surprised to find how well my share of shovelling felt… got a bit cooler than it has been and we are varying from -10C to - 20C…
A bit of wind… but it varies with where you live… some areas were forecast both cooler and deeper. Sort of cut into my Tonga ‘vacation’ but I’m getting some done again anyway…


We were supposed to receive between 4 to 6 inches of snow from 7 PM on the 17th into the early morning hours of the 18th… we received a whole 2.3 inches (5,8 cm). The winds were nasty however. By 2 PM on the 18th the sun came out from the decreasing clouds and between the sun and wind, most of the snow melted. No shoveling! :grin: I did have to clean off the vehicles, but that took all but 6 minutes for 3 vehicles. By Sunday evening, snow was only on the grass, in the woods and of course, on my driveway of stone. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It was back to brushing off the “mini snowballs” from the dogs legs and feet when they came back inside, and of course off the female’s ears, back and tail because she loves to roll and “fish tail” on her back in the snow. :grimacing:

Over the next few days the weather is going to bounce back and forth… One day it will be quite warm - 45+ degrees, the next day in the upper 20s to mid-30s, than the next will be in the 60s and then back to the 20s! No wonder people get sick this time of year!

Currently there’s a clear sky with plenty of stars, mostly calm and 23 degrees (F) or -5 C. I’m not sure how much lower the temperature is supposed to drop, but given there several more hours before sunrise, it’ll probably be around 19 or 20 F / -7 to -6,6 C. Not too bad when there’s no wind howling. :smiley:


Okay so this is half weather reporting, and half weather related sort of… I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it if you have to.

About 10 days ago my VW New Beetle looked like an igloo in the driveway under ten inches of snow… and now it’s completely uncovered. Everything’s melted and gone since the weather’s now in the mid 30’s F to low 40’s F. We might get a little more snow, but nothing like that last storm that came past us.

However… upon unearthing my bug to check the battery and run the engine, I discovered I had a little stowaway making itself at home IN MY BUG!! A box of Kleenex behind the driver seat was quite shredded… little bits of white tissue all over the floor mat front and back. That’s what keyed me in that something was there. I spotted tiny white bits of facial tissue on the driver’s side floor mat in front. Then I went looking, and there was a bit of “debris” in the trunk and evidence of a small nest. I’d accidentally left a bag of pecans and box of graham crackers in the trunk, soooo… I had a mouse. IN MY CAR. Had a mouse… it’s gone now. Took one night with one trap and boom, got it.

Anyone ever have little stowaways in winter inside their vehicles? In the past I’ve always garaged my cars, but this winter I can’t and we’ve discovered the field mice. Not in the house, thankfully… but now that winter’s easing up, there are signs, and we have caught a few.


It’s a field mouse…was…you coulda just put it back in a field somewhere :anguished: :cry:


Happens frequently in the US. Feral cats will also climb into engine compartments and wheel wells. :frowning: For kitties’ sake, in the US, folks slap the fender to give cats a chance to get out before moving parts on a started engine hurt them.

The biggest thing, though, with mice is that they like to chew on wires. :frowning: :frowning: It might be worth it to have someone look at the wiring for chew marks before one of your lights goes out.


Years ago I had a field mouse decide to take up residence in the cab of my pickup truck. Not sure how it got in, but it did! The little stinker decided that the stuffing of the bench seat was prime stuff to make a nest with. I think he was out looking for a lady friend when I left with the truck - for a few days. I bet he was surprised when he returned and the “nice home” he told her about wasn’t there any longer! :rofl:


True. We’re on a double large parcel here, and it came with field mice. :slight_smile: Little guy didn’t make it though… and a second one hasn’t shown up.


Good idea, CageyCat! I did look around for what I could see, but I’m gonna have someone scope out the whole thing just in case Mr. Stowaway wasn’t happy just chewing on graham crackers and pecans. Thankfully I’m not finding anything that’s suddenly sketchy electrical-wise. My roommate’s gonna help me go over the car with a fine tooth comb tomorrow too.