2018 Jan - March - Weather Reporting


I grew up using Fahrenheit, but I thought it would be a good change to switch to Celsius. I figured since the human body can detect a temperature change of 0.2 F/0.11 C, then they should be using decimals when giving the weather temperatures in Celsius - but they don’t! Is it just to make it easier on your weather forecasters over there? :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry Em, I can’t send you that spring-like weather we had several days ago. We’re back to winter here. We had a “nor’easter” which first brought a rain/sleet/freezing rain mix about 10 PM last night; then changed to a rain/sleet/snow mix by 11:30 PM; and then finally changing to all snow - the heavy wet type about 1:30 this morning! It finally stopped snowing - for now - leaving us with 10 inches/25,4 cm of that back-breaking heavy wet snow. You know the kind! When you step on it there’s about 1-1/2 inches/ 3,8 cm of packed wet snow (that always freezes solid) in your footprints.

The winds were terrible today and still are as of 9:25 PM. Gust were knocking trees down. My daughter had two pine trees blown over in her side yard. One of them landed against her neighbor’s house and ripped down their rain gutter. Everyone’s lights have been periodically flickering and once in a while go off for a split second and come back on. I watched one of our local TV stations to catch the weather and they were showing the Atlantic Ocean battering the Massachusetts coastline. They said the high tides are bringing 4-1.2 feet of storm swell so there’s plenty of flooding. This afternoon’s high tide in Boston was the 3rd highest in recorded history. Wind gusts were between 70-80 mph/113-129 kph! I’m glad we’re about 130 miles/209 km from the ocean, but we still the rising tides here at the river. The Hudson River experiences tides north up to the Troy Barrier Dam (City of Troy, NY). Currently at 32 F/0 C and holding, windy as you know what and with gusts that will still blow your hat off!

Saturday it’s supposed to be in the mid-40s F/ ~7 C and cloudy. It’ll probably be party sunny on Sunday.
So Em and everyone else across the pond, don’t look now, but there’s a storm headed your way! :hushed:
Oh, and there is no way, no how that I am shoveling any of this heavy snow! I only knocked down the snowbank across the apron of my driveway (just enough for my to squeeze in) and still left a foot of wet snow across it. The plow left nice round “boulders” of wet snow as it went by. I ended up chopping them up into quarters or even sixths before I could pick them up with the shovel! That took me 30 minutes to clear. As I looked at the rest of the front walk across the rest of the apron (another 2 car widths), I shook my head and walked away. :roll_eyes:


No, no, no, no, no, . . . no . . . and No again. Keep it; you need is greater than our :anguished:

You need it to store up it for those long hot dry summers you have over there; honestly, we really don’t need it over here, there’s plenty more where that came from :innocent:

Right…well…I guess we’ve got a week or so to enjoy these above zero temps we’re to get; currently starting at 0C this morning :unamused:

To be honest, we’re alright here, we’ve escaped the worst of the bad weather, we have in fact had worse in past years. It’s elsewhere round the country who are really suffering. Joking aside, they’ve got the real snow dumps, the kind that bury cars; people stranded, half buried, overnight on motorways, roads and trains in sub zero temperatures and there have been a number of deaths :pray: And of course with the high winds there’s been trees downed and damage; saw a few cars on the news flattened by them. The driver of one particular car was extremely lucky as he was in the car at the time a tree land on the roof…and it wasn’t a skinny little sapling either :hushed:

So; the snow is already nearly gone here and I’m off to my daughter to her pottery class :blush:


Hey Em, try making some of that Peruvian style pottery in your class. That would be so cool.


No sorry, I’m only the chauffeur, it’s my daughter who’s getting into it but I’ll pass on your suggestion for her next piece :smiley: (Though that’s a piece she has in mind for her art teacher at school.) But so far she’s mainly only painted and glazed pre-moulded pieces and a bit of clay modelling; she’s just learning. She will soon be starting on the potters wheel both in this class and at school.

Her current piece is an Egyptian themed urn with pyramids, camels, the Eye of Ra on the lid along with a few words of wisdom, she’s managed to translate into hieroglyphics, around the base I think. But it’s just a 2hr class once a week, so these masterpieces of hers can take some time to complete; and that even depends on whether she’s using acrylics or glaze…glaze takes several coats I believe. And this piece is staying at home she says :grin:


I heard on the news that there were 2 tractor-trailers (articulating lories) flipped over on the new Tappan Zee Bridge down in New York City. That’s windy!

Our snowstorm is over and there’s snow on the ground again. Today (Sat.) was cloudy/overcast with very little filtered sun making it through. The high was 43.4 F/6,3 C and it’s still windy although we did get about an hour or two of practically no wind at all from sunset onward. By 7:30 PM the winds were back, gusting away. I think on Sunday I am heading down to my house, putting on some coffee and then sit on the porch and watch the snow melt. :rofl: As long as I can drive through the snow, I’m not going to worry about the driveway. The front walk out at the street is my only concern because others have to use it, especially the children. But there is just so much heavy wet snow rolled over onto the walk by the town plow, there is no way I am going to touch it! A snow shovel won’t touch it as it’s packed so tight. It would take me about 1-2 hours to shovel a walk that I usually do in 5 to 10 minutes.

I let my next door neighbor park her car in my driveway on the side next to her apartment. She just had surgery and I figured it would be so much easier and safer for her to just walk a few steps from her door to her car. Her new boyfriend decided to clear the snow off her car and to shovel around it and directly behind out to the street. And where does wonder boy throw the snow? Not into the gully in front of her car, but onto the apron of the driveway where I pull in. He did the same thing on the front walk by the street. So my 3-car wide apron is now 2 car widths, with a pile of snow directly in the middle! If it was nice light, fluffy snow I wouldn’t mind too much, but I am definitely not shoveling this stuff! Now if that certain nephew of mine gets caught up with the commercial properties he plows, hopefully he’ll make it down to my house and move this snow for me. My son asked me if I wanted him to walk his snow thrower down to my house and clear my driveways, but I told him it was too wet for a snow blower. Not believing his old man, he decided to do his own driveway. By the time it had plugged up and he cleared the chute of the slushy wet stuff, he gave up and shoveled everything! :rofl: Kids! He just had to find out on his own…
I wonder how long this pile of snow in front of my son’s house is going to last. It’s almost 3 times the size of the last pile. I’ve been tossing bird seed all over it and the birds seem to have fun “playing” on the snow! :grinning::wink:
Current temperature here at midnight is 37.0 F/2,7 C and it’s been that for 2 hours so far. The clouds are doing a great job holding the little heat there is here. Should stay above freezing overnight.


Yikes, don’t say that. It’s just my luck that storm will coincide with me wanting to get back to the UK… :scream:


7 Mar.: It started snowing soon after midnight. The last my wife told me about the forecast was yesterday afternoon where it was said we’re expecting 8-13"/20-33 cm of snow. I just went outside at 0230 and we already have about 2"/5 cm. The storm is supposed to continue all day long and then into Thursday morning. Oh oh! I wonder if they had “upped” the amount of snowfall. :thinking: After a mild 51F/10,5C sunny day, a lot of snow from the last storm had melted, but in most areas there was still almost 2"/5 cm on the ground. Some bare spots tossed in here and there gave the birds a chance to forage for bugs in the grass. :slightly_smiling_face: Currently the temperature is hovering right at the freezing point and there’s a mild breeze with light gusts. The snow first started coming down in very big, wet snowflakes which accumulated quickly. A short while ago (2:45 AM) it turned into a finer snowfall but is coming down fast.
The girls already know they are off from school today. :laughing: Oh, and @Samantha, this is that tee-shirt weather I told you about! :wink:

UPDATE: At around 0510 the snow seems to have stopped for now. A very slight breeze has just started and the temperature has finally dipped just below freezing. I wonder if the storm is holding off on dropping “the heavy stuff” until everyone is on their morning commute to work. :thinking: We do still have about 24 hours of this storm to go… :grimacing: Oh, and I am not shoveling for this one either!


It’s a balmy 6C (42F) here and the sun is shinning again and all the snow is gone…but then I heard the forecast this morning and it said temps would drop to zero tonight and we’d get some snow in the night too :unamused: I don’t think it’ll be much worth worrying about though :roll_eyes:


Here we go again…just when we finally came out of the Extreme Cold Warnings, and seemed to be on to the start of spring, even a few days under - 10 C! We are now in a Snowstorm Warning! :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::wind_face::wind_face: We are forecast for 15-20 cm snow, winds 40-50 kmh, reduced visibility, non-essential travel cancelled, … Oh my…what a start to March!! Internet and Netflix for the next few days! Take care out there!

Update: 26 cm of snow (10.24 inches) and we are still shovelling out. No plows on my street yet, so have to just hit the gas and hope you get out! My SUV got stuck a few times lately. Hopefully we are done with winter…-28 WC right now…but we are going up to -10 by the weekend. Yeah! Time to shovel more snow!:persevere: A little here a little there…eventually done…uuuuughh!


I hear you! It’s still snowing here - since 12:15 AM this morning. Storm supposed to end tomorrow morning. Snowfall of 10"-22"/25-55,9 cm.


Lots of shovelling in your area too! I think we are all ready for spring, but I hope it does not come too quickly, as that will cause flooding. Although our area has spring sometime between April 15 - May 30th, the mountain melt that happens in Alberta does not wind through our province until June. This causes many rivers and lakes to rise suddenly and can be a problem if we already have an abundance of water. It also delays farmers from getting on the land to seed. So a steady long spring works the best for everyone!


Yeah! The town plow finally came down this dead-end road! But the poor driver has to back all the way back out and come back in for a second pass because there’s no where for him to get turned around. It is a pain I know very well as I used to plow this road for 19+ years! Don’t miss it at all! :wink:

From 3:00 PM this afternoon until midnight tonight the snow is supposed to come down at a rate of up to 2"/5 cm per hour, then go back to a “regular” snowfall. :smile: Then Thursday during the day we’re to get another 1"-3"/5-15 cm. I may have to shovel the back steps off for the dogs, but don’t tell anyone. (Sigh)


Oh that is a “crazy” amount of snow! Digging out is hard if it keeps snowing at that rate! We haven’t seen a plow yet, but we are a side street, and probably wont’ see one for several weeks. We have to make our own path through it for now! They plow the main arteries, but when it keeps snowing, and the temperatures stay so cold, they have to go back and clear the snow drifts again. The cycle of snow removal!!!


I think you’ve had more sunshine in the UK in the last week than I managed to see from my island “paradise”! :rofl::desert_island:
We had ONE day of sun, the rest of the week (once I actually arrived) was very wet and so windy that they had to close the airport twice more. Fortunately it was open this morning, very grey and wet, but we landed back in the UK to a very pleasant sunny afternoon!
Made me wonder WHY I just travelled 1500 miles?!? :thinking::airplane::sunny::palm_tree:


Whee! (singing) ~Let it snow… let it snow… let it SNOW!! :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

It was snowing during the night, but so bright-blue-skies-and-puffy-white-clouds-sunny when I got up, it was BEAUTIFUL! I thought we were done with that round of snow. But noooo! By about 4pm, it was that “I’m gonna snow and you’ll take it!” skies and kaBOOM. It’s snowing again. Wheee! :cloud_with_snow::snowflake::cloud_with_snow:

I hope you’re all safe where you are! I’m not going anywhere with these kind of roads. I can’t see the potholes and might just vanish into a big one someday. They’re huge!


:open_mouth: You’re back already! :astonished: but you only just went :confused:

Mind you, when I go away, I’m ready to come home again after a week :thinking:


@Jim7, @T_Boechler, @Samantha ShovelSnow3 Watch where you’re chucking that snow…no shovelling it our way :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:

When I was getting out of the car today I noticed to little bulbs sitting on top of the soil in the front flower bed…sprouting…though not rooted and despite the winter weather and snow we’ve had :smiley:

I’m not sure what they are now, maybe daffodils :thinking: or tulips confused6
I must have accidentally pulled them up last time I did a bit of weeding…months ago :hushed:


We are months away from seeing a “crocus” blooming…awww


I haven’t had time to do anything about them yet, but my son said put them in a pot of soil and take them in the house so that’s what I’ll do in the morning. I was just going to shove them back under the soil and see how the go :smirk: