2018 Jan to Dec - Nodding over Beautiful Baby Brianna


This doesn’t have to do with Brianna, but her sister Eva (4-year old). My daughter-in-law decided to dust the ceiling fan and chandelier in the parlor. The room has vaulted ceilings so it is quite high. She lugged the step ladder up from the basement, set it up and had Eva steady the ladder as she cleaned everything. When she was finished, Eva wanted to climb the ladder. I told her I would hold onto the ladder so she could climb up. She made it to the second step from the top and stopped. There she stood - for about three minutes. Then she climbed down and immediately went back up. I tried to talk her into going up one more step but she wouldn’t have any part of it. I didn’t push it. After standing there for another two or three minutes - yakking away as she always does - I said to her, “if you’re going to stand there for three days, then I get a kiss and a hug for each day you’re on the ladder.” :grinning: Her nonchalant reply was, “that’s NOT going to happen!” :astonished::rofl:


It seems someone (:innocent:) taught Brianna how to do “raspberries” on the back of hand. Then she found out she can also make the same sound just by extending her bottom lip outward. Of course she just had to do this as Grandma was putting a spoonful of baby food into her mouth! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Brianna’s first solo steps - and I wasn’t here to see her! :open_mouth: My wife and I got 48 hours off and returned to our house. I left my son’s laptop up there so no Internet for me. Anyway, when we returned to our son’s house late Thursday afternoon, we were informed that Brianna took two steps on her own - after standing there swaying back and forth a little. :laughing: But as Grandma sat on the floor, Brianna stood up while hanging onto the sofa. She made a laughing/screeching sound, let go of the sofa and walked over to Grandma - about 3-1/2 steps. She is presently 9-1/2 months old. Today she thought she could run like her sisters. Tried it while on her tipsy toes! When that didn’t work she got down and crawled as fast as she could after her sister while making growling sounds (she’s also “the baby monster”). :rofl:


Growing like a weed, Brianna now has six teeth - four on top and two on the bottom. They’re razor thin and just as sharp! We’re so glad she doesn’t bite - that often! :laughing:

On Tuesday Brianna had a routine checkup and all was fine Then this past Thursday evening Brianna came down with a fever and “looked” ill. By Friday morning she began vomiting, not able to keep any food down, or even liquids when drinking more than an ounce. Our poor DIL wore vomit at least five times each on Friday and Saturday. Lots of showers for her. I wore some on my shoulder once. Back to the pediatrician. Turns out she has a bad UTI (urinary tract infection) which is causing the high fever (103.4F/39.6C). We’re giving her a half an ounce/14.8ccm of water every fifteen minutes and that’s staying down. But every time she was given fever reducing medicine orally, she’d bring that up. Switched to suppositories and that is working for a few hours at a time. Plenty of tepid baths to help keep the fever down also. (She hates a cool cloth anywhere on her face or forehead.) Our DIL is so tired that a short while ago - when getting into the shower to wash off more vomit - she forgot to take her socks off! :rofl: She came downstairs and at first wasn’t sure if she should tell us what she did. :laughing:

I managed to get 2-1/2 hours sleep last night - well, early this morning - before my 4-year old granddaughter woke me up at 6:15 AM for school! I told her to climb in bed with grandma and I tried to go back to sleep. Our 6-year old granddaughter woke up, realized her sister wasn’t in the bedroom and woke me up to “help look for her.” :tired_face: I told her her sister was in bed with grandma and she headed back upstairs. Of course when those two get together in close quarters, there’s no sleeping for anyone! :roll_eyes: Neither one could keep their hands and feet of the other and finally they started to get loud - which woke up mommy and the baby. The girls had an early breakfast and we made sure they had everything ready for school. Then we gave Brianna another bath, a little Pedialyte (sp?) (electrolytes) - which she hates - and I brought her into the playroom to get her away from her hugging/kissing/nagging older sisters.

Here it is, four days later and Brianna still has fevers and a little vomiting. Our DIL has been in constant contact with the pediatrician. Brianna was seen again this morning, received two shots for this infection and starts on antibiotics in the morning. This poor little girl has lost 8 ounces/2.27 hg since Tuesday. Each time her fever breaks, Brianna will smile and play as though nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Such a happy little thing! We can’t wait enough for the time when this infection is gone and my “Honey Bee” is better. :pensive:


I hope she is starting to feel better @jim7?


Mom and Grandma took her to the hospital this morning by ambulance. Her high fevers keep on returning and she won’t eat. As far a liquids go - very little. Now she is refusing water from a baby bottle, but I did get her to take a couple of mouthfuls of water from a “big girl glass” - a tumbler like Daddy uses. She did smile about that, but that was the only smile in two days. She wet her diaper early this morning, but not since. It was also the first she went since around 6:30 PM last night. Not good. She’s dehydrated. When she was at the pediatrician’s office, the doctor gave her a shot of antibiotics and a second shot of something which the name escapes me at the moment. She was supposed to start on an antibiotic regime this morning. But when she would just lay against mother’s chest with her head on her shoulder staring into blank space, we knew it was time to go to the hospital. My wife called a little while ago and said they were going to admit Brianna. At the time my wife called, Brianna was getting an ultra-sound to see if there was a blockage. She has a catheter in as well as receiving IV fluids. My poor little Honey Bee… :cry:


:disappointed_relieved:Poor little one . It is hard when they are sick and cannot tell us what is wrong. So glad they took her for hospital care. I am hoping she feels better very soon.


Thanks Terri. Hopefully they’ll find out what is causing the high fever. The vomiting may have been due to the fevers, but they’re not sure yet. They did mention as a possibility a rare rotovirus and inquired as to when she had her last vaccination. I told my wife that from some of the research I’ve done on vaccines, some have been found to have been contaminated with rotoviruses - as well as other nasty stuff! I’m writing to my elected officials about repealing the Childhood Vaccination Safety Act of 1986. That should have never been passed - holding the taxpayers responsible for paying for damages caused to child by vaccines and letting Big Pharma not responsible. Absurd and politically disgusting! :rage: Haven’t heard from my wife yet as to the results of the ultra-sound. Will be leaving with my 4-year old granddaughter in about 10 minutes to pick up my 6-year old granddaughter from the school bus stop. Hopefully Grandma and/or Daddy will be home by dinnertime. I’m sort of lost as to what to make for dinner for them (they’re real finicky). :upside_down_face:


Wishing her well.

So so wrong when they put big corporations before the humans.


The girls are at this moment making ‘get well’ cards for their sister. The 6-yr old also put a couple of stuffed animals in a gift bag for Brianna as well. :heart_eyes: Eva, the 4-yr old said she misses her baby sister already - and she’s been home from school less than 2 hours. :smile:


:cry: I’m sure she is in good hands and they will get to the bottom of it Jim. :pray:
The vomiting and dehydration will both be slowing down the progress of the antibiotics through her system and preventing her little body from flushing out whatever nasty little bug she has. The hospital will soon get fluids back into her and antibiotics pushed through her blood stream, and please god, she’ll be right as rain in a few days :slight_smile:


So sorry that Brianna is ill. Wishing her a speedy recovery. Hopefully the IV fluids and meds will help and she will be home soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope your sweet Honey Bee gets better soon :rainbow:
Keep us posted.


Here’s what we (and the doctors) know so far:

It’s not spinal meningitis
It’s not a bacterial infection
It’s not a UTI
It’s not a common virus

They’re waiting for some more test results to come back, but they’re leaning toward a rare roto-virus.
Brianna is feeling much better since the IV fluids have been/still are being administered. She actually sat up, started pointing around her room saying, “That… That… That…” at all the new things she sees on the walls in her hospital room. I imagine there’s a lot of colorful pictures.
Some lab results aren’t expected to be in until around noon time (Wed.), so depending upon what they find, she’ll have to stay at least until dinnertime Wednesday. And that’s being hopeful.
Her 4-year old sister told me she misses her baby sister already. And that was only after being home from school for less than 2 hours!
Time for me to get to bed. The girls will be up for school in 4 hours. :tired_face:


I received an update this evening. The hospital tested for 30 different viruses - some roto-viruses, and all came back negative. They still do not know what virus it is. For a second time they inquired as to when my granddaughter got her last vaccine. Probable cause? Brianna developed a rash on her legs that she didn’t have before. More blood was drawn. They had to halt the input of IV fluids as Brianna was starting to swell a little - getting quite puffy around her eyes. When the fever breaks after receiving medicine, Brianna is alert and inquisitive like nothing is wrong. She’ll point to things in her hospital room and say (ask?), “That!” I did get to talk to her by phone - my DIL put me on speaker-phone. My DIL said Brianna was all smiles when she her my voice and looked around the room to see where I was. She got very excited when I told her, “Grandpa’s going to give you lots of mushy grandpa kisses!” Then she made some kissing sounds. :heart_eyes:

Brianna has finally been wetting her diapers fairly regularly now. The doctor said if my DIL can get her to start eating again - and have a bowel movement - then she could go home. They’ll give my DIL some medicine for the fever that keeps on reoccurring until they can figure out what it is she has. Hopefully, Brianna may be able to come home tommorrow afternoon or evening. They’ll inform my DIL of the latest lab results and go from there.

From what I’ve researched on vaccine reactions over the past two years, every one of these sudden symptoms are common to those children who have suffered from vaccines. After I got my DIL to do some checking on her own, she opted to have the pediatrician not use the multiple vaccines, but the single vaccines - and space them out as well.

My son had taken the girls’ get-well cards they made (and the baby toys they included) and showed Brianna. Mommy started to cry. When my DIL called this afternoon I put her on speaker-phone and she talked with Eva (the 4-yr old). Eva told mommy she said a prayer for Brianna today at school and misses her a lot. She said she can’t wait to play with her again (read: play “mother hen”). :smiley:

Even though I never used to wish that time would pass by quickly, now I can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon to see if Brianna is able to come home.


Good to hear @Jim7. I hope Brianna continues to feel better!


So good to hear she might be coming home tomorrow Jim :smiley: :pray:
It can be so distressing at that age, when they can’t even tell you what’s wrong or where it hurts :frowning:


That’s good news, Jim! Hopefully she’ll continue to improve, and the medics will work out what it was…



Just a quick update until after we get the girls to bed. Brianna is still hospitalized - until at least until 5 PM tomorrow, but most likely the earliest she can get discharged is Saturday. She had an echo-cardiogram this afternoon while my wife and I were visiting her. The cardiologist said he doesn’t believe it is Kawasaki Disease because she only has 1 definite symptom and 1 possible. That second one is a rash, but the rash from KD is a raised rash on the trunk of the body - Brianna’s is beneath the skin and is only on her extremities. Soooo… a high fever can be caused by a number of things. I have to go but will finish this update in a couple of hours.

Edit: As I said, the cardiologist doesn’t believe it is Kawasaki Disease, but after testing for over 30 viruses and finding nothing, they have pretty much decided that it would be best to treat for Kawasaki Disease (to stop it at the earliest stage possible to prevent coronary artery problems) even though they really aren’t sure this is what it is. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The echo-cardiogram showed the heart normal (not swollen) and all but one coronary arteries normal. There was one artery that the cardiologist wasn’t sure about (swelling) because he said it was “border line” as to being enlarged. He did point out that diameters of these arteries vary among children, so he rechecked nearly a dozen times - and still wasn’t 100% positive it is enlarged.

These are the symptoms of KD:
“Most kids diagnosed with Kawasaki disease will have a fever lasting 5 or more days and at least four of these symptoms:
redness in both eyes
changes around the lips, tongue, or mouth
changes in the fingers and toes, such as swelling, color change, or peeling
a rash in the chest, stomach, or genital area
a large swollen lymph node in the neck
red, swollen palms of hands and soles of feet”

Brianna has a fever and had vomiting (the first 3 days). That is it! She still has the re-occurring fever as the medicine wears off. She was dehydrated from lack of fluid intake/vomiting. These were her symptoms. Period! I fail to see how having none of the other symptoms of KD along with the fever leads to a conclusion of KD. Even the mild rash being beneath the skin and only on her legs and arms doesn’t come close to a raised rash on one’s face or trunk as in KD. She has no swollen lymph nodes - actually no swelling at all until hours after the IV was started (which they had to remove because: 1) she was getting too much fluid and was getting puffy beneath her eyes, and 2) they lost the IV access - which caused a lump under the skin at the IV site. The swelling went down within 30 minutes of needle withdrawal.) Aside from the fever, vomiting for 3 days and the mild rash which started at the hospital, she had none of the other signs of KD. I’m starting to believe this is one of those “poke and hope” situations.

While my wife and I were visiting Brianna, I fed her half her lunch and Grandma fed her the second half. She doesn’t want to drink water from a bottle or even a “sippy cup,” but will willingly - actually loves to - drink water from a “big girl” glass (any open-mouth cup). :smile: From her window Brianna and I watched people walking on the sidewalks and traffic going back and forth below. She’d point at vehicles and say, “that!” Then I noticed she was looking for birds and saying, 'bird," but there are no trees on this street side of the hospital. She had a great time with the colorful, reflective helium balloon we gave her. And Grandma and her discussed her baby book of animals that play peek-a-boo. We stayed until she started getting tired and it was time for her nap. Of course we waited until she was asleep before leaving.

Brianna’s sisters were disappointed she has to stay in the hospital until Saturday. But we explained that their sister has to go 24 hours without a fever before they’ll let her come home. So Saturday is the earliest we’re currently looking at. :slightly_frowning_face:


@Jim7 I have been following Brianna’s illness here and sending good thoughts :sunflower::bouquet::tulip::hibiscus:

Sounds like she is getting wonderful care from the hospital and her family!