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Should that be the op-paw-tunity? :wink::paw_prints::heart_eyes_cat:



I like your definitiion.


I saw this film “Kedi” on the airplane. It is about the feral cats of Istanbul and how the residents of the city care for the cats. The film is shot at “cat level” and is wonderfully made. I am going to purchase my own copy.

My Husband and I had our honeymoon in Istanbul and saw cats like these at an outdoor restaurant by the sea. They sat politely at the end of each table and waited for customers to give them a bite of fish from their plates.

It is such an uplifting documentary and highly recommended for humans who have cats in their life. You can rent or buy on Google Play or the Apple Store. Here’s a trailer:


Oh @kateg thank you for posting! This looks right up my alley (and a number of other nodders’, too!) :heart_eyes_cat:


Well, tomorrow and Thurs I get to tear apart my bedroom again. After waiting through frigid temps, they are replacing this saggy mattress with the 100% new that they should have delivered in Nov. Too much work for a good night’s sleep!


Don’t you just hate it when deliveries aren’t made when they’re supposed to have been, or when you’re told something is in and it isn’t? My daughter-in-law purchased a new microwave oven and a filler kit (to fill in the space between the oven and the cabinets on both sides of it. My DIL called the store and they told her the microwave and the filler kit were both in. My son traveled the 35 miles/56 km to the store and found out only the microwave was in, but the kit would be in 2 days later! So two days later he made another 70 mile/112,7 km round trip! Once we got the old microwave out, it took us about an hour to install the new one. Different brands mean the already drilled mounting holes don’t line up with the new brackets. :roll_eyes: But once we had it in and set the clock, my DIL was pleased. :grinning:
EDIT: I’m jumping out of here for a short so I can pack up and load the car before my wife leaves me stranded here for two days. :slightly_frowning_face:


Maybe next time (if ever there is a next time) when she phones the store, ask them to double and triple check everything ordered is actually, physically in the building…and ask for photographic proof it all being there…before making that 70 mile round trip :smile: And threaten them with the fuel bill if turns out there’s something missing :wink:


All Nodders ! Come ‘tag’ a heart – all yours!




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Having a Wicked March Moo-Down through end of March. Tickets cost 15 fishcakes or 255 hearts.

Bring a Wicked Selfie for One Free Ticket and Drink.

Here’s mine:
Let’s see your Wicked Selfie!


Right…hang on, hang on image I can do dhat…hang on…

Just let me get this fancy…schmancy smarty pance iPad of daughter’s goin image
Just talk among yourselves while I get dis ting lined up image

image There . . . howzat…
…don’t laugh, I’m havin a bad hair day today . . . I’ve just been out in gale force winds . . . fishin :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ok, lets try again…image . . . just gettin dis ting lined up again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

image . . . awww, for the love of mother I give up :sob:

I hate all dis smart-alec technology image

:heart: one… :heart: two… :heart: three… :heart: four… :heart: five hearts… :fish_cake::fish_cake::fish_cake::fish_cake::fish_cake::fish_cake::fish_cake::fish_cake::fish_cake::fish_cake: 10 fishcakes

an dhis image Sorry tis’ a bit chewed . . .

. . . slippery little wriggling tings dat dhey ar :grin:


Thinkin’ you’re owed the fishcakes and hearts!

:wine: for human


:rofl: :kissing_heart:

No, no, no, don’t give her any wine :astonished: she’s bad enough when she’s had a coffee crazy%20confused%20doofus




Beautiful! Looking for Lynx or Leo in the night sky?



Just wanted to let you guys know that you all light up my days and nights. Thanks.


Aww! I thought I was seeing fireflies. In fact, I went chasing them one night, but I wasn’t fast enough. lol