2018 Jan to June - CageyCat Lounge


Note to self as I study the night sky:
Do not go away for a day, or the gang will “like” 102 posts and send 35 messages!
Whew! Okay, ready for more!

By the way, anyone see @AKE235 ?


About nine days ago, but he just posted hearts: :heart: with no words of wisdom.



Don’t tell anyone but… I’m going offline for a catnap. shhhh!


Ok, I caught you :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You’ve had 9 hours…one heck of a nap :smile:


If only I had slept!


We booked a guy this week, if you missed it…

The CageyCat Lounge apologizes for anyone disappointed in his show. Was supposed to be a Performance Poet with Live Cats. We did not know he was a dog-- and only had one poem!

We appreciate that everyone bought extra catnip tea and hung around to do your own “performance art”.

The Management.


image . . .

. . .



I’m starting to see seals faces in the snow now - up close! :open_mouth: (to the left and down slightly from the lower left corner of the poly)



Maybe it’s time for you to take a break :dizzy_face: :laughing:


Yeah, I know… You let the suet cage door open. :grinning:
I suppose I could do some more on Hurricane Maria. Daddy’s putting the two older girls to bed and Grandma is doing the baby. I’m taking my cup of coffee, sitting in the screen room and enjoying this nice 34F/1C weather for a while, then it’s off to Hurricane Maria for an hour or so.
Oh, my car part only had to come from Albany, NY - not Buffalo - so my car got fixed and was returned to me this afternoon. Yeah!


@cageycat, Just for the heck of it, I figured I’d try switching the “skin tone” on the emojis to see if I could get the cats brown instead of yellow. No joy! Guess it only works on skin and not on hair! Sorry…


haha great idea though, @Jim7!


I notice @AKE235 has been here today…:wave: :grin:


I “noticed” Bob was back… when I logged in there were 56 notifications showing - although not every one from him (but a very good many… like 25). :grinning: Welcome back, stranger (@AKE235)!


Hey, look at what I found—

Plant that catnip! And marigolds-- cats love to smell those (esp after catnip)…


LOL, I already have the catnip growing in pots in the garden. Keeps my kitty happy… :smiley_cat::dizzy_face::upside_down_face:
Didn’t realise it was supposed to keep the mosquitoes away though. Will have to keep an eye out this year to see if the marigolds deter the pesky insects as well, I’ve got a well-established patch of marigolds in the front garden.


I just knew there’d be catnip in there! :smirk_cat:


4 and 1/2 out of 9 ain’t bad :grin: I’ve got the Lavender, basil, Lemongrass and Rosemary. And I’m still getting wild marigolds coming up. My sister put some in back in 2010…and they spread like wild fire, almost choking out everything else I’d planted :hushed:

So then she put in some varieties of geraniums…they promptly went wild too…I’m still pulling the stuff outta the lawn :tired_face: I’ll never be rid of it :roll_eyes:

Just pull out what you don’t want or where you don’t want it she said…but what I don’t want is to be on my knees weeding all day every day of the summer :sob:

So naturally now, I’m a bit wary of the word Marigold :worried:


:thinking: Reminded me of the summer my dad had the older of my two younger brothers and me dig up 50 dandelions each day before we went out to play. The two of us got to thinking… if we each did 100 each day, then we would be done with the backyard (a big one!), side yards and the front yard within a month. Or so we thought! At that time we didn’t know that unless the entire root was killed, those little buggers keep popping back up - just in time to greet the new ones that had taken seed earlier! We also had to dig up all the plantain as they were choking out the lawns. If only I knew they had medicinal properties back then. I would have told my dad that we should keep those “weeds” because they were medicine. But somehow I don’t think that would have made any difference to him. :slightly_frowning_face: