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I think someone turned @AKE235 into a seal.

I think he was here again.
I think I saw him.
Or maybe it was just a shadow?
Maybe a dust-bunny rock?

Well, I’ll drop the tag anyway…


Now you see him…now you don’t :wink:

Think @AKE235’s been out counting them seals in person . . .

. . . but he’s got to go invisible…'cos you know how slippery them seals can be…

…see a nodder and they’re gone… SealDodgingNodder :rofl:


love it!! I saw he was here the other day. Must be the tall, silent type.


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Hey, what just happened? Did you move my reply, and removed your replies to that post? Why?


I addressed your concern in the PM you sent.


The seal in the bottom photo is moving from one polygon to the next looking to be counted twice! :rofl:


Ah now maybe you’re right Jim and that’s the reason we rarely see them actually in the poly 'cos we’re just too quick for them to get to the next one fast enough for us :rofl:


Catnip Tea is proven to cause Feline Fleeting Frenzy, followed by Feline Fireflies Fixation. Join me in a cup! :cat: :tea:


“James Ross Clemens, a cousin of mine, was seriously ill two or three weeks ago in London, but is well now. The report of my illness grew out of his illness; the report of my death was an exaggeration.” – Mark Twain

Bev sent me a PM asking where I’ve been. She rightly remembered “da bed! da bed!” Well, that wasn’t what Bev wrote, but my paraphrasing. LOL But where to begin this tale? So much, too much, has happened, so convoluted that it makes my head spin! How can I cut down on the telling? Cut down, I scream—then, how will they know the onslaught of events that left me ill and hospitalized? Ooops, the cat gets ahead of herself.

Three Saturdays ago, hip-replacement friend (J1) made arrangements for a young man to come help me with getting ACs set up and doing lots of “ready for spring” tasks. The man is not always reliable but he needs cash so we try to help him. We waited all day for him but he never showed. Sunday, J1 tracked him down. But J1 refused to help me to direct him through the tasks. (He gets easily distracted.) I had to work alongside him, hard for me physically.

I cannot sit and can only tolerate being up for short periods. Weirdly, I develop dehydration and lactic acidosis (LA) very quickly. No doc knows why since it is typically seen only in extreme athletes, or in patients with blunt force trauma or in critically ill ICU patients. LAcid can kill (it affects the heart) if it gets too high. But mine can double even though I’m still (painfully) walking and talking. Not “critical” looking. So I’m always pushing fluids with electrolytes. We worked all afternoon Sunday, then again 2 days later. I was exhausted! And very dehydrated! (You can feel it in every muscle, from striated to smooth, including the intestines and heart. Interestingly, as dehydration progresses, the less a person wants to drink as nausea takes over.)

Usual activities, like bathing and washing hair, are in the category of strenuous jobs for me. Those were later in the week, when J1 was supposed to help me. She never came over. So I tried to do both by myself… though toward the end, I wondered if I’d have to call a firefighter just to help me up. (Yeah, I warned you, it’d be hard to make this humorous.) I just could not fathom being helped to stand from someone wearing a FD uniform. :wink: I ‘managed’ (cough up hairball)! And I got rested before I had to go see my doctor. However, I told J1 she needed to move the bed delivery to later in the month.

Yup, she moved it to 2 days after my doc appointment! Too soon (for me)! Not enough recovery time. J1 nor J2 can do much, and I certainly can’t. ::switching tail in annoyance:: But the date had been set. So I started on my own undoing my bedroom (again). I tried to pace myself after the doc appt. But I was whipped! One foot in front of the other, no screaming when lifting, just keep moving….

But I knew I was ‘sick’. A quick trip to a stand-alone ER. The LA value was over 7 and EKG waves were way off. Usual treatment is rapid open-wide IV infusions to bring the lactic acid down. But as I posted earlier, Puerto Rico made nearly ½ of all IV bags used in the US. Hospitals have switched to oral rehydration for any non-critical patient.
( https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1801772?query=TOC )

The stand-alone ER wasn’t sure how to evaluate a talking pt who might crash…but might not. (Haven’t crashed before, but who listens to a cat?) To IV or not IV, that was the question! They put in a port, in case, and sent me to the ‘big’ hospital ER. They decided to admit me. Oral rehydration takes twice as long to drink as it takes to infuse 3 bags of 1,000 ccs opened wide over 45 minutes each, especially if nausea interrupts the process. I promised to go home and drink lots; they wouldn’t hear of it. Only worse thing for a dehydrated cat who’s dehydration has made them nauseated so the cat avoids drinking is being observed while being so nauseated that you don’t want to drink but being told “drink!” every 15 minutes. Ugh! Pleh!

There I was, sipping as fast as I could on the most disgusting medical mixture, praying to not vomit. I begged them to give me a mug of chicken soup broth and 6 bottled water, like I use at home to normalize the acidosis. Popcorn also has lots of sodium to make one drink. But doctors don’t listen to patients, especially cat-patients! Hiss!

Of course, then they had to keep me for X-rays, an ultrasound and a heart stress test… Boy, they made me a surly cat! I just wanted outta there. Besides, I had a mattress coming!

Back at home, I tried DoRest… do, then, rest…do, then rest again…. But J1 came 2 hours late. Even J2 beat her here. We had to rush to get done! We undid all the stuff we just undid and redid the last time! Won’t bore you, but if we have to move these nightstands any more, I swear they will take up dance lessons as partners and boogey into the next room by themselves!

The guys took off the old mattress, set down the new one. J1 promptly laid down on the new mattress, with her shoes on! Would not get off of it. One delivery guy was trapped in the corner because J1 extended her legs out into the walking area! He just stared at her. She would NOT get up! OMG. Like a zombie, she groaned and finally rose. I was so mad I wanted to send her into a Marvel Comic! Rick Grimes would get her!

Lactic Acidosis causes a distinctive muscle weakness before LA turns severe. I should know the symptom well by now, but through my whole life I was always used to pushing my way through hard work. Knowing I needed chicken broth, I asked for some, only to learn that J2 never bought any cans. On a whim, I asked if a hot dog shop nearby sold soups, and I got a tasty cup of that. Aww, good!. Still weak, but better. I drank 6 bottles of water within 6 hours that night.

However—my kid decided she would come to “help” me the next day. Arrrgh! I needed rest and lots of drinks. Instead, I had another day of ‘stuff’ to do. In her defense and to her credit, we sorted out stuff for donation, and stuff for garbage. Always good to clear out whatnot.

Since then, I’ve been resting like the best cats know how to do! Sipping on pretend catnip tea, and thinking of you all… And trying to balance out my ‘lytes and order my cellular respirations to be nice to my body…. Drinking (water with lytes) has become an occupation here! By the way, a video is going round the Internet. It’s the same water I use because it tastes good. I do feel more… “clever”! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLM5DMpyK48 (That South African capital question in the video seems like a trick question!)

So that’s where I’ve been. Thank you to those who sent me email messages and to Bev for the PM asking about my well-being. Still here!



Ow, Cagey, sounds like a nightmare time. Glad you’re still with us… :relieved::hugs:
Wish I lived closer (dratted Atlantic gets in the way sometimes).

I would give you a strict “talking to” about pacing yourself and not overdoing things, but I can’t bring myself to do that - I’m just as guilty of pushing myself just that little bit too far and suffering afterwards.

Take it easy for a while :cat::tea::chicken:


Welcome back, Cagey! I had the gut feeling there was something amiss when you were not keeping us on our toes for so long. :wink: I sincerely hope you regain your strength back quickly. There’s a few posts that may need moving. :laughing: Just kidding! We missed you and your witty feline humor.
I know what they make one do with those heart stress tests. I had one about 35 years ago after suffering an angina attack at home. They made me sweat in places I didn’t know I had sweat glands! :laughing: And I swear they were really out to make me collapse on the tread mill. By the time they stopped, I couldn’t move and had to be helped off and over to a chair by two people. Sadistic they are! :open_mouth:


I am glad you are doing better @cageycat. Try and take it easy, you do not need a relapse. Lots of fluids and chicken soup.:chicken::popcorn: :tea: :cup_with_straw: Hope the bed was OK once J1 got off it! :rofl:


I knew it! Just could feel in me bones that you were not behaving worth a fignewton. Wonder what is really causing the electrolyte imbalance. Not eating the green stuff and protein? You definitely need to quit bouncing around like a cat bouncing off the walls. We have tried to behave as best we can while you were out of commission. It was hard but we tried.


and also to @cageycat, We tried… It was hard… and we failed! :rofl: You should know by now that this group - once the moderator is away - will get themselves into mischief! Wait until you see all the off-topic posts in nearly every category/topic. :innocent:
They have an old saying Cagey should know quite well, “While the cat’s away, the mice will play.” :rofl:



A New Zealand friend says Sweet As. Supposed to be just short of saying Awesome!


:rofl: Brilliant . . . have you watched the Pizza one; my son showed me that one a few years ago, I guess the girl hadn’t discovered the Smart Water back then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9W78F3nUAg


What part of England is their accent from?


I’m not entirely sure Kate; but I think it may be Essex :thinking:
It’s not quite a London “cockney” accent so I’d say it comes from the surrounding districts such as Essex- which is just north east of London or Kent-south east of London. @Helen might have a better idea as she lives in the south :wink: :grin: