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LOL Em, I’m really a displaced Midlander… and not at all good at identifying accents! If I was forced to guess, I’d probably agree with you on Essex, or somewhere over that side of London.

I’d be more concerned about the poor soul who couldn’t “get” the pizza problem. I’d have drawn her a diagram, it would have saved a lot of time explaining!


I spent a year abroad for university at Leeds. I think there were a lot of students from northern and midlands at Leeds but not so much London or the south. I got pretty good at recognizing accents, but the accent in the video didn’t sound familiar.


I just watched that first video - about the smart water - and I was laughing! It’s a good thing my son has the girls outside playing ball and Grandma is upstairs putting the dare devil down for her nap. It’s amazing that there are people who actually believe that kind of stuff. :rofl: Boy, am I thirsty now. Maybe I’ll go out and buy some of that smart water. :rofl:

EDIT: After watching the “pizza” video, I was LOL again! But my son had just stepped inside to get a drink of water. Of course I had to tell him about the videos. His reply? "I’ll have to get me some of that smart water. Want to get some pizza for dinner? We can have it cut into 12 slices instead of 8 - that way we’ll have enough for everyone. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Then he laughed and went back outside. Takes right after his old man he does! :innocent:



If you enjoy them ones Jim, have a look at this one :laughing:


That girl ain’t all there! :rofl:


I had thought the videos were all an act :thinking:


Actually, she wasn’t acting. I’ve seen other videos of “dim-wits” and they are entirely sincere in their words. Some people just can’t grasp the concept of certain ideas and/or things. There’s also a video of a girl asking her girlfriend to answer this question, “You are in a car traveling 80 mph. How long will it take you to go 80 miles?” Her friend spent two whole minutes of trying to figure it out! She was thinking it was a hard math problem and asked if she had to divide something by something. :laughing: Finally, once her friend repeated the “riddle” for the fifth or sixth time, but more slowly, she finally realized the answer. I even met a person like this once. Everyone had a good laugh at her expense. :smirk:
EDIT: Afterward I thought of the post I made a couple of years ago (“Random Thoughts” thread?) about me fooling a fellow employee at the highway department with a box of “post holes” to set on the ground and then drop a post into… without having to pound the post into the ground. I had him going for over two or three minutes before I finally had to explain that I was pulling one over on him. Still… he continued to try to figure out how to use them. :rofl:


Actually I was thinking the same as the pair of them have quite the collection now on youtube. Some seem more contrived than others and he can appear just as dim when she pranks him :smirk:
And then some of the clips are just plain stupid :roll_eyes:


Some, or maybe all of these (with Brad and Jen) may be planned, but there are a lot of videos which show truly dim-witted people. Still, whether “manufactured” or true to life, they do give you a good laugh. :wink:


I love the ones about cats. Sorry, Cagey, but they make me laugh alot.


@kateg, @EmeraldEyes, Did I ever tell you about the girl that once worked at the highway department with us? She was a single mom with two children. In October of '98 we had a freak snow storm that dumped 3 feet/1 meter of heavy wet snow on us. It came down hard and fast! The trees still had their leaves on them. With an hour, tree limbs were snapping off and whole trees were just breaking. They took down power lines, phones, cable TV, etc. as well as completely blocking every road in our town. The town supervisor declared the town to be in a state of emergency. Our entire town was without power for over a week and some areas in town it took over 3 weeks to get it restored. It took me and my shotgun 3 days to reach my usual snow plow run which was only 6 miles/9,6 km from the highway garage. I used my 4-way plow to push trees out of and to the side of the road My shotgun would lean out of the window or stand on the truck and cut any wires and cables with cable cutters (that way we didn’t rip the wires from the corners of the houses, damaging them). Several days later a fellow co-worker and I stopped at the girl’s house to see if she needed anything for her children. We were going to head into the next town to a grocery store. While we sat there talking, my co-worker asked her how she was going to see in the morning to get her kids off to school, seeing how without power there are no lights. Without hesitation she answered, “I’ll just use the light on the vacuum cleaner.” My co-worker and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. She was bewildered! She had no clue as to why we were laughing. Finally my co-worker told her, “Deb, isn’t there a power cord on the vacuum?” She replied there was - rather indignantly. Then she pointed out to her that without power, the light on the vacuum won’t light. She sat there for almost 10 seconds before she realized her dumb answer. Yes, there are people like this in the world! :laughing:


She was just having a “blond” moment . . . . we can all have them from time to time :laughing:


If you were talking about the single mom and the vacuum cleaner light, I was going to say "and she’s not even blonde!’, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to offend anyone. :laughing:



[quote=“EmeraldEyes, post:58, topic:5194”] (quoting cageycat)
By the way, a video is going round the Internet. It’s the same water I use because it tastes good. I do feel more… “clever”! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLM5DMpyK48 (That South African capital question in the video seems like a trick question!)

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no, no, no…! I just got my own Lounge off topic. arrrrrhhhhh!!! My only excuse: da cat had “acid” (lactic, that is). OK, cat’s sorry. :heart_eyes_cat:


:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: :rofl: :innocent:


Da Cat has had a rough month, and she isn’t a blonde, so we’ll let it slide this time, as we laugh :joy::heart_eyes::grin::joy_cat::sun_with_face:


Eh . … ConfusedCat2 . . . what topic… ConfusedCat . . . :rofl:


Too much of that spiked catnip tea it looks like… it does! :laughing:


catnip-color-perception3…yeh, thats why Im minimalising my garden…

…who the heck needs flowers … Psychedelic-Cat2
…when you can have a psychedelic garden full of catnip :rofl: