2018 Jan to June - Keep all your Random Thoughts right here!


Random Thoughts

It’s bitterly cold.

The bathroom “throne” is colder than outside.

My toilet intake for the tank froze. Heat up to 76F… it seems to have thawed. yay.

Taping cardboard along door jams and up the sides. Water bottles filled with sand block air from window sills.

Slush is ugly.

My leg hurts.

Doctors can be so… small minded.

People are just as rude after the holidays.

A friend is making beef stew for me…

I’m craving deviled eggs. Pile on Paprika. Yum!

Shelters are over-run with kitties. Adopt or donate food. :cat2:

I’m wondering who else new will show up in the Forum this year and post a message?


You missed a one . . . WindyCat2


I don’t have random thoughts. They are all very well organized - until I start thinking. Then they get misplaced, lost, or pop up when least expected. When I don’t think, they go back to being organized. Or at least that’s how they’re supposed to be working. I must be getting tired. Goodnight! :sleeping:


Think we’re all craving some new faces Smilies


I had a really random thought… When my son was being born, I was in the room with my wife. The doctor and nurse were in and out of the room every few minutes. Eventually, the doctor and some others went down to the cafeteria to eat - must have figured they had plenty of time. I stepped out of the room to place a phone call to my MIL and her phone was busy, busy, busy! So I called my SIL (sister-in-law) who lived down “around the corner” (a country corner :smile:). As I was telling my SIL her sister was going to have the baby, the doctor and several others came rushing out of the elevator and into the delivery room. I immediately got off the phone and started into the room, only to be met by a big, burly nurse (female :smile:) who said, “you can’t come in here! You’re contaminated!” She practically pushed me backward through the door and closed it! I stood there thinking, "wait a minute! If I’m contaminated, then isn’t the doctor and those others that just came off the elevator also “contaminated?” I never was allowed into the room to see my son being born, but get called a few not-so-choice words by my wife afterward. It was a dry birth. :neutral_face:


Hmmm… I almost messed up! I have apparently been a day behind according to the calendar. I haven’t worn a watch since I retired 19-1/2 years ago, and I really don’t pay much attention to what day of the week it is. Somehow, some way I thought today was the 28th of January. It’s actually the 29th! :hushed: I guess I better wish my wife “happy anniversary” when I wake up! :laughing: It’s only been 45 years! :persevere::anguished::confused::roll_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::wink:


Oh, that was a close call! Good luck; hope you don’t forget about it when you wake up!


Here it is 12 noon and I did forget about it. I’ll have to wish her a happy anniversary when she comes downstairs from putting our granddaughter down for her nap. See that? This forum is not only informative, but a life saver! :grinning:


As I was reading bedtime stories to my 4-year old and just-turned 6-year old granddaughters the other night, the oldest started stroking my beard - I let it grow since November (snow white too!). She said, “Grandpa? You look like Santa Claus.” I smiled and said, “Maybe I’ll let it grow until next Christmas and I can dress up like Santa Claus.” She smiled and said “okay.”
Today I went to the barber shop to get my hair cut. When the barber asked me about my beard (trim or cut), I replied, “lose it!” A gentleman waiting for his turn turned and said, “Whoa! I never saw that coming!” I guess he thought I’d just have it trimmed. When I got back to my son’s house, the baby (9 months) had just woke up from her nap and was playing with grandma in the playroom. I walked in, she looked up and without moving a muscle, sat there and stared at me for a full minute and half. Not saying anything I sat on the floor in front of her. She clung onto grandma without taking her eyes off me. After what felt like another three or four minutes, she started to smirk, then smile from one corner of her mouth. Once I said, “It’s grandpa!” she started smiling and tried to walk over to me, tripping over her toy. I caught her and sat her in front of me. The first thing she did was to feel my neck, then my cheeks. Hmmm… Grandpa used to have “handles” I could hang on to when I wanted to stand up. Not there anymore. Then she checked out my hair. Not much there to grab and pull herself up like she was used to. (Yeah, I let my hair grow along with my beard. Still a hippy at heart I guess. :rofl: When she finally decided I was the real thing, she planted an open-mouth kiss on my cheek, squealed with delight, then started climbing all over me. Grandma took the hint and left the room and we played until her 4-year old sister came home from Pre-K. I met her at the door. She looked at me, said, “Grandpa!” and walked right past me without even noticing anything different! Now when my oldest granddaughter (turned 6 on Tuesday) came home, she looked at me and asked why I took my beard off. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: When I told her I got my hair cut and beard shaved off for her birthday party on Sunday, she told me - as she walked away - "You’ll have to grow it back. You have to look like Santa Claus for Brianna (now 9 months old). :roll_eyes::smile: Later on the 6-year old said, “Grandpa? You look old.” :hushed: Now that’s just the opposite of what my wife told me. She said I look 10 years younger. My granddaughter tells me I look old. Who to truly believe? (I’m leaning more toward my granddaughter. :wink::rofl:)


@Jim7 well they are coming from two different perspectives - let’s go with your wife’s :smile:

My random note is that I wanted to let you all know I’ll be out at the beginning of next week, camping in Utah. So I won’t be around but save up all your burning questions and issues for when I’m back!


:tent: Oooh, enjoy! :tent: Hope the weather is good for you… :crossed_fingers::sunny:

I’m sure we will! :thinking::dizzy_face::innocent:


Beautiful country out there, Have a super trip @Mel_Nod :camping:


That’s because your face is naked so your wrinkles are showing :laughing:


Exactly! :unamused::roll_eyes:


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Last night we had a hard time getting the girls to wash up before dinner. Suddenly an old memory popped into my head - from my childhood. I think I was about 10 to 12 years old. After playing outside all day with “the boys”, I was called in for dinner and told to wash up - which I did (according to a kid). As we sat at the dinner table, my mother happened to look at me and exclaimed, “I told you to wash up for dinner!” I looked at her with an :innocent: straight face and replied, “I did! I don’t eat with my arms!” I had washed only my hands up to my wrists and from there up was all dirt! :rofl: That didn’t go too well with her and I was made to go into the bathroom and perform a “real” washing. :unamused:


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I was sitting out in the breezeway and one of the dogs was coming around from behind the pool deck. I started talking to her as she approached slowly and out of sight of my wife as she came through the door. My wife asked me if I was talking to myself so I replied, “Yeah. I had to find somebody that would listen to me.” She just shook her head and went back inside, apparently deciding she wasn’t going to smoke a cigarette with the likes of “us.” :rofl: I still don’t understand why she kept at glancing over at me (“us”) from the kitchen table and shaking her head. :confused:


My daughter decided to grow some apple seeds some years ago (though I thought they pears…maybe they failed). Naturally, as little ones tend to do, she eventually lost interest and forgot all about them :roll_eyes:

I kept up with them and eventually planted them out in large garden pots…then I too eventually forgot about them and they got shunted round behind the garage. The pots even got cracked and partially broken in the course of neglect. And still they thrive :astonished:
So now I think I’ll re-pot them and see how they go for another year before I put them in the ground :grin: still not sure if they’re apple or pear trees though :smirk: :roll_eyes:

Right, whilst the sun still shines, I’m off out to feed the flower beds, specially the roses, before the rain comes tonight to help me wash it all in tonight :sweat_smile:

Then I’m gonna start planning on how to minimalise the gardens 'cos as much as I love my garden…my hip doesn’t garden neither my purse :unamused:
Particularly the lower flower bed, no matter what plants I put down there, the only things that grow with any success are blue geraniums, grasses and weeds! garden5
So I think I’ll split the blue geranium along that bed and put weed membrain and bark down on the bear patches and stand pots full of cheap annuals down there each year for a bit of instant colour :grin:
Besides, as much as I love my garden, there are lots of loves in my life which demand my time and attention more :blush:


Look at the leaves… that will tell you.

One year my wife had seen a tree that had been blown over during a wind storm - still surviving as most of it still had roots attached that were in the ground…It had the most beautiful light pink flowers on it. The tree was in a side lot behind a neighbor’s house which they had just purchased. My wife asked if she could take a piece of it and transplant it in our side yard. They said yes as they were going to cut it up. So she cuts a good sized piece, takes it home and has ME dig the hole, place it, cover it up and water it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Each spring we were treated to a gorgeous display of pink and white flowers which lasted about two weeks. But there was something about those leaves that kept nagging at me in the back of my mind. I had seen those before, but where? By the time that tree grew to just over head high, I noticed some little “balls” starting to grow once the flowers were gone - peaches! This was an Eastern Peach tree! :heart_eyes: Now I remembered why those leaves looked vaguely familiar! When I was a kid, our next door neighbor had a couple of these - as well as apple and pear trees in his backyard (and raspberries, blackcaps, white and red grapes and Italian plum trees). Not saying I never hopped the fence and sampled any though. :innocent: :roll_eyes: :heart_eyes: :rofl: