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Ok, I looked at the leaves…back and front…and there was no labels, stamp nor picture indicating they were apple or pear trees Jim Dunce4 . . . :rofl:

Joking asside; they’re either Conference pears or Golden Delicious apples . . . I think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok they’re Apple trees image
They’re only young yet at about 4ft tall from the top of the soil and will probably only produce crab apples anyway . . . but they’re growing…and looking healthy…so I fed them too today :grin:


That’s amazing @EmeraldEyes. Have the little trees ever flowered? Or not yet?


Crab apples are good - when ripe. We used to eat them when we were kids. You just can’t eat too many as you’ll get a stomach ache (and cramps) from them. :laughing:


Just had to share this! My DIL was pumping and asked her 4-year old to get her some water. Eva took her cup, went into the kitchen and got half a glass of water from the refrigerator. She gave it to her mother who then took a sip and remarked, “Oh Eva, this is nice and cold!” Eva replied, “That’s because I stuck my finger in it!” :rofl: Takes right after her grandpa! :rofl:


No they’ve not flowered yet but we live in hope :smiley: They’ve survived two or three years of neglect including a heavy drought last summer…despite our infamous English wet weather…I’m amazed they’re looking sooo healthy :open_mouth: They’ve earned the attention and little TLC this summer, so who knows…I know I don’t…haven’t a clue about growing apple trees :grimacing: But they deserve a chance :sweat_smile:

When my hubby and I first started dating, he had a dead plant in a pot out in his back garden. It’d been there so long he’d even forgotten what it was, but it looked dead to me :smirk: I was sorely tempted to throw it out but we kept on with the occasional feeding and watering until after we were married and moving house. I was so sick of looking at it propping up a corner of the house, one day I went to through it out as we were clearing up the garden for the big move. Lo and behold, some two years after we’d started dating, there were buds on it :open_mouth: Turns out it was/is a pink hydrangea and 20 years on it still takes centre stage in our front garden…some years upstaging the rest with its huge bumper crops of flowers :grin:

So, those two trees are gonna get some attention…not too much now…don’t want them getting too big for their pots…not just yet anyway :wink:


Oh Oh there will be a shortage of Halloween candy, next big chocolate day…


shocked3 Nooooooo…what a waste :sob:

‘…Rescue officials said the liquid chocolate was solidifying as it cooled and would require large amounts of hot water to clear away…’

I would have thought it would be easier to clear away the bulk of it when it’s solidified surely…just take a hammer to it :laughing:


chocolate brittle…:rofl:


Sweet! :yum: :heart_eyes: :rofl:


We have some ants that like chocolate that they can have. :rofl:


Box them up and ship them out Jim…I’m sure it’ll be appreciated :rofl:


I just heard a song on the radio I haven’t heard in quite some time, “Hello Dolly” by Louie Armstrong. And the other day I heard “On Broadway.” The first time I heard that was when I was a kid and was listening to Radio Deutchewelle (sp?) on the short-wave radio. I was 14 years old then and I can still hear the announcer (in German) announcing the name of the song - and in his special disc jockey voice. :grinning:


:radio: Memories…


My nephew Dan was buried this morning. Now my son just received a call from Amtrak (passenger train company). A young man (age?) just stepped out in front of the train at a crossing where the train was doing 110 mph/177 kph. My son said the person struck “just evaporated.” He just left to go across the river to take the train the rest of the distance to the rail station. How sad that someone was so depressed as to take their own life that way. :cry:


So sorry for your loss @Jim7.


My sympathy to you and yours for your loss @Jim7.


Very very sad :disappointed: …too many too young are leaving this world by their own choice. I don’t know why…


@TerriB & @Wilms, Just to clarify, my nephew had passed away last year from an unknown brain disease. He donated his body for research in the hopes they could find out exactly what it was and could eventually find a cure for it. His body was just returned and was buried Thursday morning. The young man who stepped out in front of the train is a stranger. My son is a conductor for the railroad but is also on the crisis team. He responds to these types of incidents and counsels the engineers who were driving the trains at the time. Sorry if anyone misunderstood and thought it was my nephew that took his own life.


I meant for your nephew @Jim7… I had not heard before and wanted to express my condolences.

Years ago I lost my 18 yr old nephew to a drunk driver. Although the intense pain of loss diminishes, the hole in your heart remains.:cry:


I also meant for your nephew not having heard before @Jim7. He deserves much praise for his willingness to donate his body to science.