2018 Jan - Weddelie Seals are Awaiting!


Won’t ya come out?


Wake up, hurry up! before Dr Michelle beats us!!


Okay, okay, okaaay…I’m up…I’m awake…morning - Out_of_bed Grin roll

…and so are the seals by the looks of it…haven’t found a one yet :smirk: Mornin Dr Michelle :grin:


It has been so long since I found a seal, I almost forget what they look like.


I have found a few since that last post, but not many . . . think maybe they’re all on their holidays :smirk:


Here’s a little reminder then http://www.tomnod.com/campaign/campaign_2235/question/230456
image :grin:


Ahhh, the little teensy black blobs!



See…I told you they’re all on their hols :smile:


wow, now that is green! and there are seals on the NW side!


Almost looks like a tropical island windy2 :rofl:


Oooh great seals example @EmeraldEyes !!


I’ve just got back home from one of those (well, sub-tropical…), can’t say I spotted any Weddel seals while I was there! It wasn’t quite as windy as the GIF, either…! Plenty of palm trees though… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I now have some serious catching up to do with @Michelle4 on the seal-spotting! :scream:


Ooh where have you been, anywhere nice . . . well, it would be nice if it’s sub-tropical…duh:roll_eyes:

I know I’ve caught up and passed MIchelle4 out on her last figures, I reached the 3k mark this afternoon . . . only because a certain nagging black cagey cat got her claws out and dragged them down a chalk board :confounded:

Only teasing Cagey :smile: I was already onboard 'cause I haven’t been able to get near the computer over the holidays :grin:


Oh I kinda liked the caterwauling of Buffalo Gals.


You mean we were supposed to be looking for seals? I thought we looking for cool things in the snow and ice! I think I’m in big trouble! :wink:


I spent Christmas and New Year on Madeira… a much needed holiday to celebrate the end of a fairly turbulent series of appointments at the hospital! (And to see the New Year fireworks :fireworks:, spectacular!)

LOL, that’s why I didn’t post any information on what the weather was like where I was! With everyone else suffering sub-zero temperatures, and me sitting there in +20°C, it didn’t seem fair! :upside_down_face:

The downsides… back to work today, and I couldn’t do much seal-hunting, the Tomnod interface doesn’t work well on a mobile phone screen!


The seals have been very uncooperative. They are all playing outside the polys. I think we need a third code: snip (seals-not in poly) in addition to seals and no seals.:smile:


Poly-Perforators ?
Weddells Went ‘Way ?
Weddells Wavin’ West ?



Where would a Weddell waddle if a Weddell would waddle?:smile:


Jim7’s wife is correct- we are not right(in the head). But we have fun and contribute.


Wow! Cageycat, thanks for Pete Seeger song, really cheered me this morning. A little bit of nostalga going on. GREAT!:rofl: