2018 Jan - Weddelie Seals are Awaiting!


Anyone know why my counter has stopped counting?..Can’t count a weddell weddelling without a counter…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m sure that your work is received by Tomnod, so no worries.


If your above 1k then it counts up in 10’s so it doesn’t appear to climb as quickly…and then at some point it goes up in 20’s :thinking:


Oh, thank goodness and thanks for that EmeraldEyes and Shaul. thought I’d gone off the radar! Yes, I am now over the 1000 mark so that would be it then.:hugs:


Yes @EmeraldEyes and @Shaul are right (as always) @George1. It’s a little bit of a downer to get over 1k and it only logs every 10 votes. I have it on the long list of things to fix someday!

@Helen your vacation sounds fantastic - I just looked up Madeira and am living vicariously through you!!


See, I told you guys Em and Helen slip down by the Med or some place warm! Madeira counts as some place warm… I’ll wager Helen was enjoying the sun, sand and local vino, while Cagey, Jim7 and I were freezing various parts of our anatomy off just trying to stay warm and unburied from the snow. Whimper, whine, snivel.


I think my skittish neighbors in the crawl space decided to move out (no heat). That’s okay-- I had to put mittens on my mittens just to go catch a snack-- which I couldn’t do because I needed a full body suit just to go to my basement!

here’s the ad I put up at the local cheese factory–

Extended Family Housing
Move in ready…
Minimalist furnishings.
22 to.26 feet long by 4 to 6 feet wide
Private Entrance–easy access to outside
Within walking distance to eateries.
Contact C. Cat




It is a fantastic place, very relaxed and, more importantly, warm and sunny! But not too hot at this time or year…

The island probably has to rate as one of my all time favourite destinations - I managed 3 separate visits last year, mainly as “therapy” after my surgical escapades!

It always seems just a little strange to me to be able to walk around in a short-sleeved t-shirt in the middle of December, when we’re pre-programmed to think that it should be cold.

I’m already plotting my next “escape” there… :sunglasses::sunny::wink:


Almost correct…! :wink:
No sand to speak of - it’s a volcanic island with very few natural beaches, and the few beaches that they have are very large pebbles/stones.
And, alas, I don’t drink alcohol, so couldn’t sample the local vino… **sigh **
So I just had to “make do” with the sunshine! :sunglasses::sunny:

I DID try to send some sunshine over to the States. Spoilsports at customs wouldn’t let me send it through.