2018 July to Dec - Bird & Animal Sightings


Use starting July 1, 2018.


My wife and I returned home last night. Within the first hour at home we had a red fox cut through our front yard, across our side yard and walk up the driveway to the carriage house where it cut through the privet hedges and headed for the woods at the end of the dead end street. Fifty-five minutes later - and within five minutes - a young opossum was foraging for worms in our front yard. While watching the opossum, my wife spotted a doe and a fawn exit the wood lot across the street, cut diagonally across the street to the dead end street and then head up the town’s right-of-way (for storm & sanitary sewer lines) to the next street up the hill. Probably heading up to my son’s house to polish off the cracked corn the three turkeys that showed up there this evening left uneaten.
Late this afternoon my 4-yr old granddaughter and I watched a turkey buzzard swoop down into the backyard only 20’/6 metres off the ground. It went up over the tree tops, turned and made a second such pass over the backyard before doing the same over the fields on the other side of the hill. They must be getting desperate for something to eat if they’re swooping down this low. :thinking:


Before I went to bed last night, I went out to water the hanging baskets I’d forgotten earlier. As I opened the back door I spotted and black ball moving across the lawn from the back gate…our neighbourhood hedgehog :hedgehog: …heading straight for the dense foliage where the slugs and snails like to hide :grin: Then I remembered I’d forgotten to refill the watering bowls I have out there for the wild life. At 2 in the morning I’m tiptoeing round the garden in the dark with a jug of water afraid I’ll step on the :hedgehog: …who’s more likely to be hiding in the bushes out of the way :sweat_smile:


These are quite new to our province and tend to live in abandoned farmyards. I have seen two while out taking photos, and one landed near me so I could take his photo also…ugly thing…but big.


How many snails and slugs did you get between your toes? :upside_down_face:


Thankfully none…'cos it still hasn’t rained :unamused:


Have you tried ducks? Ducks love snails and slugs! :laughing:


Crispy duck pancake rolls yeh…yum :yum:


You’re not supposed to eat the ducks! :open_mouth: The ducks are supposed to eat the slugs and snails for you! Oh… go have another cup of tea… :laughing:


Don’t you just put out a saucer of beer for them? I haven’t had this problem, but that’s what they do here…if they don’t die, they drown…:neutral_face:…and here it says coffee grounds and copper.


I tried the beer in a tuna fish can thing years ago. I dug a small hole for the can to sit down in and poured some outdated beer in them. The next day there were some slugs in the cans - either dead or in a drunken stupor! :laughing: I don’t know if the brewers yeast attracted them to the can or if the can was just along their way and they happened to slither into it. The only problem was now I had cans of stinky, smelly, stale beer with dead slimy slugs in it. Where to get rid of this mess without stinking up the flower bed? After that I went with using copper grounding straps which worked great. You just have to make sure the plant leaves you’re trying to protect don’t hang over the copper straps to create a bridge for the slugs.


To be honest Terri, I tend to leave the them to do their own thing and helps feed the hedgehog. The plants I generally have in the ground are tough enough to withstand slugs and winter. The more tender leafed plants in pots get sprinkled with slug pellets. Any snails and slugs I come across when I’m gardening usually wind up in the garden recycle bin :rofl:


I’ve never been without a hedgehog in the garden, guess it knows where all the slugs and snails hang out in the neighbourhood because it’s quite a big healthy :hedgehog: And it does help to keep the slimy ones down.

Several years ago my sister was advised the environmentally friendly way of keeping down the slugs and snails in her gardens was to keep a hedgehog in her garden. So off she went to the wildlife sanctuary and got herself a hedgehog. She followed their advice diligently but the hedgehog disappeared never to be seen again. So, she went and got herself another one…and another one :laughing:
Honestly, she lives out in the middle of the countryside, what did she expect was going to happen…their wildlife :rofl:


:rofl: We have a ground hogs that love to park themselves along side the driveway on the gully side and help keep the weeds down. When they’ve finished they usually go up by their den entrance under the carriage house and lie down in the shade for a while. But I would never go to the bother of buying one. There’s just too many around and nature usually calls them back to the wild. :wink:


Oh no, you don’t buy them, they are a wildlife rescue for injured wildlife and a sanctuary for those who can’t be re-introduced back into the wild.

But she did make a small donation each time she went for one and for obvious reasons she gave up in the end :laughing:


We don’t have them here, so we would have to buy them at the pet store. May people actually have them as pets, like hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. We do have lots of meadow voles and they eat snails and slugs.


The do :smile:


Today at our son’s house we spotted a fawn stepping out from the woods into the backyard. Mama must have been standing at the edge right behind it. A papa rabbit was sprawled out on his side in the backyard. Watch out you don’t get stepped on! :laughing: Out in the front yard, the 1-yr old and I watched 4 ravens just across the driveway as they were foraging for grubs/worms. Directly beneath the maple tree in the front yard was a toddler rabbit (not quite a baby any more) just sitting there keeping a watchful eye on the ravens. When the ravens left, the little rabbit moved over across the driveway where the grass is a little longer. There it parked itself for quite some time as it ate. Just about 7:30PM there was a red fox barking in the woods near the top of the hill on the other side of the small brook that runs down along the edge of my son’s backyard. I don’t know what it was barking at, but it didn’t really seem to be annoyed… just letting something know it was in its territory? :thinking:


very very busy wildlife in your area!


I guess… As I was about ready to pull up and back into my son’s driveway a half an hour ago (10:30 PM), there was a young fisher walking across the lawn across the street from my son’s house. This is the back property to a neighbor on the next street over - probably 133 yards/122 metres away. The fisher had started out from a neighbor’s front lawn on the other side of the street and up a short way from my son’s house. As I approached it turned back, cut across the lawn and onto the back property of the house described above. It continued walking down the ravine toward the woods to the south and gave me a quick glance - but wasn’t bothered by the headlights. I wonder if that’s what the red fox has been barking at for the past few nights - a young fisher. :thinking: