2018 July to Dec - Bird & Animal Sightings


I had a tiny ladybug on my shirt last week, in the house.


Yeh, the ladybugs are all over here on their holidays that’s why you’re not finding any; and with a recurrence of mild weather here, my sister says she’s finding all over outside and inside her windows even :laughing:


I’ve been following, but seem to have lost track of the exact context… sorry… I’ll try to comment.

The mountains get on just fine, but are starting to show their age via erosion… snow is good for their environment. We spend many happy hours enjoying time among the mountains…

Part of that is the deer family… including elk, moose, deer, mountain caribou… and those tend to winter in areas suitable to their survival… sometimes they make mistakes… and pick an area with extra high snowfall that year. which is really a shame… they don’t get forecasts etc… so sometimes the local conservation groups (including hunters) arrange to assist the government to assist the animals… with suitable provisions, sometimes with efforts to pack a trail to better locations if possible… but sometimes that isn’t practical. Just a best effort guided by experts… We don’t have quite the same farming structure… mostly cattle that have the same range and problems… and the ranchers tend to share… but they also like to hunt… a bit.
There are similar efforts to support ducks and geese, but while we have resident populations year round, most are just passing through this area… you don’t see many winter in much of the area… just a few creeks and sometimes larger ponds with spring support… most freeze over for several months at least. and some do but the critters adapt or move… the resident populations seem to have the methods worked out…
I haven’t seen many ladybugs here… some areas get mosquitoes for sure… along with other ‘bugs’…
I suspect the ladybugs don’t find much in the way of food… I think they like to eat aphids, who like certain types of plants and those may not exist in this area… but I’m not very knowledgeable there… I have wondered about whether they have trouble flying above a certain altitude ASL… I know they have been found very high as singles… often swept up by mountain winds… but to fly? Probably a combination of things discourage them… including predators.

I do know that local town councils have been forced to cull deer populations lately… the critters are very intelligent… when they see the hunting season in effect signs, they immediately move inside the city limits where hunting remains closed… some decide not to leave… Cranbrook and most places around the area get upset with people who feed wildlife of any form… and fine them… that goes for birds… since the birdseed attracts the larger,hairier bears who seem to eat everything in sight or scent. Not to mention coyotes and cougars who feed on garbage and pets allowed to run loose as well… especially cats… but dogs as well…

That’s when the people complain and culls take place… and the people ticketed for various offences… like leaving garbage out more than needed, animals at large, messy yards… and such… especially feeding wildlife.

Relocation of deer and bears has been tried… with varied results… deer have been moved far away from town… some were back here quickly… some wandered back slowly… some simply adopted new towns. some died because the areas were already overpopulated… very confusing results, but they have been more successful a bit having learned a lot by the experiment… Bears have been harder to catch and relocate…
mostly due to the territorial nature of the animal… If you take a bear from their own range, and place into another it is a problem… females tend to succeed better, provided they are not pregnant… but a male transported into another males territory is in a fight for his life… and better not stay there very long.
They even do this to their own male offspring… momma fights for them until they are grown and can do that for themselves and then they better find their own territory…


:rofl:That’s rich! :rofl:


I’m a city boy (Toronto) but like the outdoors… but after living in BC I have quickly learned to exist, mostly peacefully, along side the wildlife… but it was my 9 years in Elkford, BC that was a real education… a walk through townsite and you could see almost anything native to the area… I’ve met everything on my last list except a mountain Caribou… I suggest a visit to their website… the whole thing is full of humourous imagery… most of the pages are the usual civic stuff… but the images grasp the whole town brand to a tee… I love the artwork they offer on town product… I still have tee shirts with these (except the couch / tv one), but you can see them online http://www.elkford.ca/desktop_wallpapers most easily… and they are free to download on your own time for use on your desktop… same art, but much clearer colours and easier to see the amount of detail… I fell in love with the tee’s early on first sight… but don’t forget the rest of the site…


Ah, so you have them all then! None congregating around my windows…


Not me actually, my sister lives in Cheshire has the swarms of ladybugs, but we did have them back in September, bit like the flying ants. Come to think of it, we didn’t have any flying ants this year, at least none that I noticed :thinking:


Perhaps they all migrated south this year - we had several “sessions” of flying ants this summer. Most unusual, we normally only get the one flight.
My house exterior walls are painted white, and they all seem to form an orderly queue up the side of the house to get as high as they can before they fly… (I’ll have to see if I can dig out the pictures that I took…)


Maybe all these changes in insects…ladybugs, flying ants, mosquitoes, black flies… is telling us something about climate change?!!


Now that you’ve mentioned it, I didn’t notice any making their annual “reaching out” from their nest in the side of the hill below the red cedar tree like they do every year. We would sit and watch as hundreds and hundreds take off after crawling out of their holes and flying up into the air. And the sweet smell of acid in the air during this annual ritual. I did smell them once, but it wasn’t as strong as it usually was and I didn’t see any, so I figured it from another ant colony somewhere else. When they always came out of the ground every year below that tree they would swarm around over the backyard for a short time before heading off somewhere to start a new colony. This is the very first year that I never noticed them leaving. :thinking: Maybe they just didn’t need to expand their colony this year? Weird, but taking note of it.


Hmm, you might right as the ants seem to have diminished in numbers over the years here :confused: This past summer I don’t recall actually seeing any when I’ve been out gardening and they normally love my wild Marigolds :hushed: Well actually they just love the black fly that collect on them :sweat_smile: :roll_eyes:

I think the worst swarm of ants flying that I’ve experienced around here, was about 10 years ago. Schools were closed for the holidays so all the children on the street were out playing together, in and out of each other’s houses. One of mine came in to tell me about all these flies everywhere and when I went out to look, I gotta admit, I was a bit freaked by them :fearful: Looking up and down the street, there were swarms of ants rising up like clouds from everyone’s gardens :scream:

Naturally all the children just had to be in and around our gardens at the time, so I just called them all in, shut all the doors and windows and dished out 12 bowls of ice cream for them all…even managed to acquire 2 children I didn’t know :flushed: turns out they were here visiting their grandparents for the day and joined in with the playing :laughing: Anyway, I kept them in for a couple hours until the ants shed their wings and then they were out again; all you could here and see then were the kids squealing and stamping on the poor ants up and down the street :sweat_smile:


I think we may see more of this as we move on. These changes will certainly upset the system.


:rofl: My wife did that when our daughter was about 5 years old. All the kids were playing on the dead end street and my wife asked, “who wants some ice cream?” When she ran out of bowls, that should have been the first clue. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: After giving everyone a bowl and watching them eat, she said she kept on looking at these three little ones thinking, “whose kids are these?” When she finally asked, they told her they lived over on the next street and heard her ask, “who wants ice cream?” and cut through the backyards to get some. :laughing: I told my wife her voice must have sounded like the ice cream truck. :grinning:


the galaxy is on Orion’s belt :wink:


After a much noticed absence - cause unknown - the juncos have returned! And another bird whose call sounds more “fake” or mechanical… a rising and falling warbling sound - like the kind you’d get with those “slide trombone” type calls/noise makers the kids used to play with. I don’t even know if they sell them any longer. :thinking: I’ve tried several days in a row to see what bird is making that call, but they always seem to be hidden in the trees. Once I did see a small bird take off from a tree from where the call was emanating from and then no longer heard the call. So all I know so far is that it’s a small bird. Could it be a junco? :thinking: I used to have a CD of bird calls of New York State Birds, but as to where it is offhand, I haven’t a clue. One more thing to search for I suppose. :roll_eyes:

Just got done putting out bird seed, shelled peanuts and unshelled peanuts, cracked corn and suet cakes - for a second time today. Then I realized what I forgot to pick up when I hit the store for more bird seed and suet cakes… black oil sunflower seeds! Will have to remember to get more the next time I’m up in the village.
At least I didn’t get “scolded” today by the squirrels and bluejays - and stared at! :grimacing: :grinning:


I’m not sure if you get Spotted Towhee in your area…but they make a different sound:


Junco sound


That not it (the junco). This is a “warbling” sound that rises and falls in pitch much like I described earlier with the “slide trombone” bird call. I will look for it later on.

What I just heard outside just now was a robin! It was in a tree along side the carriage house. Looks like we will be having a few wintering over like we’ve had the past 4 or 5 years. Usually there’s between 12 to 18 of them that - for some reason - refuse to head south. Looks like I’ll have to pick up a sack of dehydrated meal worms. (sigh).


Wow I haven’t even seen a Robin since early September! Lucky you!