2018 July to Dec - Bird & Animal Sightings


Love those! You can hear them calling in the woods long before you actually see them!


As my wife, Brianna (1-yr old) and I were waiting for the school bus to pick up the girls, my son’s neighbor - who lives at the very end of the dead end street - stopped and gave us a little startling news. He told us that a friend of ours had been bow hunting for deer behind his (the neighbor) house, on the other side of the brook where it winds around the hill and runs directly behind his house. He said he had been stalked by a black bear for two days while bow hunting. Two days ago he was in a tree stand when the bear came sniffing down the same path he had just taken. It walked up to the tree where he was in and was deciding to climb up the tree. The friend shot the bear with an arrow. Once he was sure it wasn’t alive, he climbed down the tree, and dragged the bear out to his vehicle. When he got home he called ENCON (New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation) and a ranger came down. He determined the bear was 5 years old and when they weighed it, it was 270 pounds (122 kg). It was a male. This happened less than 300 yards / 274 metres from my son’s home. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My wife just came in and told me she just saw the fisher scurrying up the street past our house and heading up through the woodlot across from our house. Haven’t seen any feral cats around in a while. They must be keeping their distance from this predator.
The Canada geese are still down at the river. It’s a little early for the owl that’s been making its nightly stop in a tree behind the carriage house. My daughter’s dog spooked a deer that was just starting to come out of the woodlot across the street earlier. I wonder if she saw the deer through the window and that’s why she whined to go out. :thinking:


Saw three moose this morning on my travels. They had just crossed the back road I was on, and heading back into the bush. I will have to scout this area later this week, a little before sunrise and see I can get closer.