2018 July to Dec - Bird & Animal Sightings






#2 is on his way to KFC, methinks.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:Love it, just as bad as the squirrel driving tiny car.


Hey! Leave my squirrel alone! :rofl:

Edit: 3 hours later (at 2:30 AM) I started to go outside and almost spooked the doe with the 3 late fawns. They were beneath the pine tree in my front yard again. I decided to let them eat, figuring I could attempt to see some meteors in about 20 minutes. Not to happen! I went back out a little before 3 and they were still there. They finally decided to leave about 3:03 AM. When I went outside, it was mostly cloudy so I couldn’t see any meteors. :roll_eyes:
Around 12 noon (on the 3rd) A watch all the birds and squirrels that had been feeding in front of my son’s house scatter as a Cooper’s hawk flew in and landed on a lower limb of the maple tree in front of the bay window. It remained there for a minute before flew across the road and into a pine tree. After another minute there, it finally flew off. Lot’s of different kinds of woodpeckers today - both at my house and my son’s.