2018 July to Dec - Bird & Animal Sightings


We do not have great white sharks on either coast (our water is probably too cold!!!)…which I am happy about as I love the water.


The three turkey showed up between thunderstorms. They stayed for over 5 minutes before being chased away by one of the dogs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Aside from the turkey, very few birds out and about today. A few managed to show up between rain storms. It seems like the robins are the first ones to call out the “okay,” followed by the crows and cardinals. The bluejays are sometimes one of the first, but today they were absent from announcing the “all clear.” Funny to watch the birds swoop in, eat quickly and then head for the trees before the torrential rains come pouring down. :laughing:
So far this season, the deer seem to showing up only after dark for the most part. I miss taking their picture through the bay window and watching the little ones growing up.


Today I saw two crows tossing a McDonalds’ bag back and forth!!! It was rolled up at the end and I’m guessing they were trying to open it!!! Nobody littered…the crows actually got into a park garbage can. :hamburger: with :fries:


They wanted the MickyD’s special sauce.


There is always one in the crowd that “sticks his tongue out”…end on the right…just like “kids”…

Greater Scaup ducklings


I found a family of great horned owls and I will follow them for a while and see if I can get closer. I was pretty far away this time. …and just caught them before they went back to roost. It will take some practice to figure out how they move, and how to take the photos.


Two mornings and no owls. I will have to get out earlier this week to see if they are in another area but still come back to this one to roost during the day…especially with the heat coming.

On the flip side, I did find a family of Night Herons that I will follow now. Lots of deer coming out. Moose will be on the move in the next month.

Cedar Wax Wings moving in from the north, some other birds have already started their south migration - hummingbirds will be gone in the next two weeks, piping plovers, shore birds, avocets, etc. as our nights will get too cold.


Five turkey walked by this evening, the four that have been staying together as a group and apparently the jake or tom has joined up with them. The girls loved watching them. Haven’t seen any grosbeaks in a while. The bats, I’ve noticed, seem to be flying closer to the ground than they used to. They used to keep pretty much to tree top level, but are now more often below the tree tops. Usually about 3 or 4 flying around my son’s backyard with occasional trips around the house. :smiley: One thing all of have noticed is that there wasn’t that many mosquitoes around this year - at least at my son’s house. I bet we could count all the mosquitoes we saw all summer - so far - on two hands. :thinking:


This mosquitoes in our area tested last week carried West Nile. Do they continually test for that in your area?
Mosquitoes were prevalent in the spring here and disappeared with the heat starting in June and have only just reappeared.

We don’t have wild turkey in my area, but there has been a lot of prairie chicken, grouse, pheasant out lately. As the harvest starts, they move to the edges of the fields and the ditches of the roads.


I can’t remember off-hand, but I believe there are either 5 or 7 species of mosquitoes in New York. Some come out during the day and rest at night. Others come out at night and “rest” during the day. But the nasty ones are out 24/7. Oh heck… they’re all nasty (except to the bats). A lot of the mosquitoes being very active once the temperature gets to about 72F/22C. Seems the warmer the better. Some mosquitoes carry West Nile virus as well as several other viruses. These are monitored constantly. I’m just glad mosquitoes aren’t the greatest flyers and sit out stiff breezes and windy days.


My 4-yr. old granddaughter keeps asking me, “when is she going to get more pictures of baby owls?” (And she is dead serious! She has a very big collection of stuff owl toys, owls prints on her PJs, books about owls, and even has decals of owls on her bedroom wall! :smile:
The 14-month old is really big into ducks, and cows, and horses, and frogs, and… well, every kind of animal! :rofl:


For her, I will find a few more on my camera card…:slightly_smiling_face:


She’ll be thrilled! Thank you for that.
This afternoon when my wife and I went outside, of course the dogs want out as well. The old gal (not my wife :wink: :smile:) walked around the front of the house. The younger male walked around behind the pool and immediately started barking like crazy. Suddenly we saw 5 turkey running across the backyard just below the crest of the hill - just their heads and upper necks visible. They finally took off and flew up into the trees at down at the brook. The dog followed them, crossed the invisible fence - he didn’t have his collar on - and jumped down into the brook. I had to get my boots on, walk down through the wet grass (rained a lot today) and guide him to a spot where the bank wasn’t too steep. I wasn’t about to jump into the water and pick him up. After three attempts he finally pulled himself up and onto the bank. :unamused:


They are not real clear too far away…but here are some owls…I hope to get more soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Terri, I’ll show them to my granddaughters in the morning.


Love the pictures! So expressive.


My first impression when I saw that last picture was, “Oh… You with the camera again.” :smile:


Cagey, how about…

…Does my butt look big in this? :laughing:

…Aww heck, I’m stuck…again!!!


I think that one’s just a smarty-sarcastic owl, no matter what is said. Snooty. LOL


You’re right, it is and no matter which angle you photograph them from :laughing: