2018 July to Dec - Bird & Animal Sightings


Today I saw so many swathers out…it was amazing! Harvest is three - four weeks ahead of time. It comes with a price…crops have matured quickly and yield may be less than a bumper crop…time will tell.
I cannot take long photos of animals/birds because of the smoke and haze so I have been focusing on extending my depth of field and trying new settings on my camera. I usually take photos on Aperture F11 and depending on light and practice practice practice. My main lens F/4 300mm PF had to go for some maintenance, hopefully that is all, so this week I am working with an 18-300mm which was my"go to" lens for years.
Hard to adjust from subjects being “right in your face” to “telephoto” again…(@Helen you will understand!!! )…I feel like I am using something historical!

This week I have seen lots of geese in formation (yikes that is early), shorebirds have gone, hummers are gone, …my take - I think it was a few low temps we had at night the last two weeks 4-6 C, and the smoke, and lack of water and food source. Not enough rain, hot temperatures, and mankind has invaded too many habitats. I live in an area where usually I can go 5-10 km in any direction and I am in the wilderness, however, that is changing. I have to travel further and get away from the development, the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the noise and traffic. Sadly, that is not always “progress”.


Are you saying Helen is “old”? :hushed: How things come out when taken out of text! :grinning: Just kidding girls, but I just couldn’t resist. :wink:


HA HA…we are both young!!! Age is just a number!!!


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Me neither! I’m probably about 4 decades “younger”! :rofl:


Kids/grandkids help with that…we don’t have time to “sit around” and be old. Although I do not have grandchildren, I borrow!!!



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LOLOL My kind of owl.


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Pamela Adams “Now I’ve seen everything. A magpie surfing the air on a red tail cockatoo!”


The owl in the top photo looks like a Weddell seal! :rofl:


I got stopped by the local police this morning while out taking photos of Sandhill Cranes. Someones horses got out during the night and are on the run and he said they were close by so watch on the backroads. I didn’t encounter them, but there was a trail of dust across a field…could have been them. They were already about 10 km from where they got out!!!


Good eyes… and mind… hope you mentioned that to the owners… where you were and what direction you saw the dust… and which way it was denser… as you know from on here, many eyes see more… try plotting that on GE.


Encountered the same officer less than 10 minutes later and gave him the info. They still had not found the actual owners, just tracked the horses according to calls from concerned citizens. He was searching for the owners hoping they were on the roads looking for them. Otherwise if they can round up the horses by ATV and horseback, the SPCA will take them until the owners are found.


Dust might have been the owners tracking… but still important overall, owners / police are sort of linked together with observant neighbours…

Post one of the Sandhill photos… please.


Back when I was working, a farmer’s cows got through a fence and were heading up a county road toward the intersection of a state highway - a busy one with lots of truck traffic from the asphalt plant and stone quarry. They were everywhere and he just couldn’t get them all together to bring them back. He finally called the town highway department and asked the superintendent if he would send some guys down to help him. I was on a crew doing some ditching work, so when we got the call on the radio, we shut down and everyone headed over the hill to find the stray cows. We found them along the two roads, in people’s yards and even trying to join up with some cows from a neighboring farm. :laughing: After almost two hours we rounded up each and every one and got them back to where they belonged. I had a couple of the guys mend the broken fence where they got out. That sure broke up the monotony of the job we were doing that day! :laughing:


These are not from today…Sandhill Cranes…They have just landed this last week. They are eating in the fields, so far away. As they settle in for the next month, I can get closer.


Nice! I’ll show them to the girls tonight or tomorrow morning (depending upon what time my wife and I make it back to their house). I showed my 4-yr old granddaughter - who is crazy over owls - the photos of the owl, where in the second one it’s waving. She laughed and laughed - thought that was the funniest thing ever! :laughing:


What a day it’s been… yesterday that is… I fell asleep right after the news at 7 or so… after Chinese food… with Lynne… we needed to replace that picnic that was cancelled Just woke up at 2…
I had mentioned the cranes to Lynne the other day and she asked to see them so THANKS. I’ll forward them a few at a time.


I hope to be able to set up my tripod in a field closer, and take some photos. The other option is kayak or canoe on the river, as they love to land on the sandbars for part of the day. The field sounds steadier!!!:smiley:


I certainly do understand! But I have to admit my favourite lens is a 16-300mm (probably as I’ve not got a prime 300mm lens yet!) - it’s the most convenient for travelling, and consistently sharp throughout the entire zoom range.