2018 July to Dec - Bird & Animal Sightings


Thousands of Snow Geese, Canada Geese, Sandhill Cranes in the air and fields. Travelling through the countryside, window down…just to hear them. If you are not in an area where you hear and see these, here is a video of snow geese;


Cold day…even the birds were “tucked in” (Snipe)…young pheasant on the trail…


An observation I’ve made over the past two weeks or so… no robins! There has always been about 16 or so that have been wintering over here for the past several years. But I’ve not seen one robin in a long time. Usually when they migrate, we’ll get flocks of them all around the property. This year, nothing… not even a song telling us, “see you next year.” I’ve also noticed that the other birds have been awfully quiet and are seldom making an appearance. The buzzards are still out and soaring overhead a few times a day, as a hawk or two. Haven’t seen a bald eagle or osprey in weeks also. They must have migrated already? :thinking: The woodpeckers are still calling from the woods (pileated and red-headed), but the small hairy and downy woodpeckers are seldom showing up. Blue jays, crows and ravens only make a scant appearance during the day. No constant calling one another like they usually do. They stink bugs are back again for a continuation of their mating before winter hibernation, but far few of them - unlike the tens of thousands each year. Maybe when it gets warm and sunny for the entire day they’ll “grace” us with their presence all over the house, windows and screens. :smirk: Gold finches are still flying back and forth between the cedar in the backyard and the woods across the brook. Just thought of another two birds that have been scarce for some reason - slated-colored juncos and tufted titmice. One yearly “invasion” that stands out as missing is the thousands of black birds visiting as they head south - grackles, red-wings, starlings and cowbirds. Something seems amiss!
The squirrels have been very busy burying butternuts, acorns and sunflower seeds at both my house and my son’s - and peanuts down at my house.
The deer and turkey haven’t been coming around during the day like have every year before this. The deer are confining their visits to after dark. Only saw some turkey a handful of times this year. This is very weird!


I saw a young bald eagle last week, just losing its brown feathers around its head and white showing through. We still have lots of blue jays making noise. Beyond a ‘murder of crows’ in the fields… there must have been 50 or more in one field. Gold finches, hummers, gone for this year. Cowbirds, grackles, still around. I saw white tailed deer this morning.
I think the change of weather from 20 C to -2 C has confused the animals and birds…as well as the humans!


We had a couple of hummers at the hanging feeders on our porch at home when I down there on Wednesday - a male and a female. Haven’t been down much during the for any length of time to sit out and see if any more show, but I’ll leave the feeders hanging for another week or so for any “stragglers” that may be heading south from up north. I’ll be putting them up early next spring as I always do - usually two weeks before they’re expected because there are always a few birds ahead of the main migratory rush. :wink:


They show up here May long weekend…if weather is good…and leave pretty much around the September long weekend.


I just went outside at midnight and a flock of Canada geese was flying over the house - heading south! Did someone tell them it’s cold up north! :laughing: They seemed to be following the state highway (Rte 9W) using the street lights as a guide. Either that or they were just keeping the river off to their left. :smiley: :wink:
Forgot to mention that when I went out at 11 PM with one of the dogs, a red fox barked a few times just along the opposite bank of the brook. Probably telling the dog to back off. :laughing:


:thinking::open_mouth::smirk: Ha ha…40% chance of snow by this evening! :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


Oh man! We’ll probably have to wait several more weeks for that! Send some down, please! On second thought, please wait until the leaves are off the trees. Looks like it’ll be some time for that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Trees have just this week turned yellow, oranges and reds. With the winds on Friday and Saturday, leaves just starting to fall.


I’ve just started noticing the robins here in the last couple of weeks. The first one was serenading me during my lunchtime walk, the other two have (re)appeared in my garden this weekend. They’re supposed to be very territorial, but we’ve had the two of them sharing our garden for the last couple of years…




They better get flapping, cos they’ll be cold in KY. lol



Fifteen days ago I posted that I hadn’t seen any robins in the past few weeks. This evening there were two that were singing to one another from the trees across the brook. One took off and flew up through my son’s backyard and over the house. It was soon followed by the second. I wonder if these two are going to winter over as the flock of 16 have been doing for several years.
Turkey buzzards were plenty today as were some hawks (Cooper’s and red-tail hawks). I found out this afternoon that 5 deer have been nightly visitors in my front yard. It figures… while I’m away the deer will play! But we did get to see one deer grazing across the road after dinner at my son’s house. All three girls got to see it. (And Brianna also got to see “Mr. Moon” before taking her upstairs for her bath and bedtime. :smiley:


I would like to have been there with my camera! … but it is in the "fix it " shop…had a little mishap…deer, birds, geese will have to wait for another week. Old one just seems cumbersome compared to the other.

There are a lot of geese going overhead today…the honking started early this morning…maybe they are just enjoying the fine weather also…or heading further south.


I went to open my camera and take out the SD card and the slide lock wouldn’t do anything. It moved back and forth but won’t unlock the door for the card and battery. After careful examination I found the camera had been dropped on its corner and there was the slightest ding in the aluminum. Must be just enough to be pressing against the locking mechanism. I wonder which of the three girls got at my camera. :thinking: Until I need to replace the battery, I’ll be using the USB cord for retrieving photos/videos and recharging. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve seen a couple of small flights of Canada geese the past week. Mostly just one family heading for one of the big farm ponds (a couple to five acres in size). Some come up from the river and some head back down. I don’t think they’re going anywhere soon unless the weather has a drastic change.

I took the hummingbird feeders down yesterday. The only visitors I noticed were yellow jackets stealing the nectar and heading off to the woods. :unamused: One landed on my back as I was taking them inside to empty and clean before putting them away for the season. I must have spent a good 5 minutes chasing that little buzzer back and forth around the table before finally swatting it. :roll_eyes:

A neighbor came over and told me every night there is a small herd of deer in my front yard. One, he said, is a really big one! Of course I set out a few piles of cracked corn and sunflower seeds for them. :wink:

Still not too many birds around. Must be the rain and wind. Today there was one raven flying overheard calling; a few crows, two buzzards and an occasional bluejay. Of course the gray squirrels are busy burying butternuts, acorn, and sunflower seeds. The chipmunks are busy stuffing their cheeks and hurrying back to their dens to stock up for the winter. :grinning:


Mine dropped from the car floor to the ground and it had a telephoto lens on it… I think both mounts are bent slightly… cannot see it but I can take off this lens and put it back on…cannot mount any other lens. Usually means a bend in both… off they went for repair and while they are there might as well get them cleaned!

Lots of snow geese still around in the fields. There are a few whooping cranes sightings to the east of me about 40 min.


They are something I haven’t really seen this year but I haven’t been out to check out the fields and ponds. I did see one flying once this year. I’m amazed that when the sun comes out there are still a few butterflies about - mostly the common white ones, but once in a while a couple of yellow, an occasional monarch and viceroy. The large dragon flies are still out and about as well. Even this afternoon I heard a couple of crickets chirping when I came in from the store.