2018 July to Dec - Bird & Animal Sightings


Ouch Terri, I feel your pain! :scream::sob::exploding_head: Sounds expensive…

Not too many around here either - probably for the same reasons. It’s been a bit windy and most of the country has had a lot of rain recently (not us though).


This camera body is still under warranty…fingers crossed…but lens is an older 18-300 mm. Could still be an “ouch”…

Glad to hear you have stayed clear of the rain…Hurricane Leslie has certainly battered Portugal and France.

Put out a bell feeder in the leafless tree and I was surprised at the number of birds that came this morning!


So that is where they went on vacation…The butterflies and dragon flies were gone about the second week of September :butterfly:



Still plenty of insects around here at the moment for the birdies. I normally put feeders out when it starts getting colder and there’s less potential food around for them. I always have a few dishes of water around though, as well as the ponds,


There is a mosquito on the ceiling waiting for the humans to fall asleep :scream:
Have tried to swat several times but missed!


I saw this moth 6-8 weeks ago just hanging out in front of my old house. He was super chill and stayed there for over 12 hours. I’m not sure of his type.


That looks like a lunar moth. They are beautiful. They do not eat however. They have no mouth. Only their larvae eat. I don’t remember how long they have to mate and lay their eggs, but they must get awfully hungry. :wink:


What a beauty! Wish we had something similar to that in the UK… the closest I’ve ever seen was a swallowtail butterfly (and I think that was in Italy)

Jim’s right! :roll_eyes::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is…we don’t have them in Saskatchewan but they do in Atlantic Canada and I have seen them there.



That’s why I said I’m glad penguins don’t fly! :grimacing:


They are everywhere here. This morning when I went across the bridge, 5 "V"s of geese were flying overhead.


Penguins…? I’d be glad that Weddell Seals don’t fly either… they’re much bigger AND you keep waking them up with all your early morning counting… out loud. Thankfully they haven’t figured out V formations yet either.


150 spotted here


I really dislike when people do something like this …puts the bear in “garbage mode” and they will pay the price eventually:


Last night my wife was on her way back from a wake - our grandson’s other grandfather. The funeral parlor is about 26+ miles away. It was well after dark when she headed out. All the way home she worried about deer jumping out in front of her. She got to the end of our son’s road and as she made the turn onto it, there stood 6 deer at the edge of the pavement. One deer, she said, had to be a very late fawn as it was very short and small.

At 1:00 AM tonight I went outside of my house to smoke a cigarette. I had turned off the motion light on the porch so I could look at some stars while standing on the side steps of the porch. After lighting my cigarette I walked over to the front steps and stood there with the cigarette in my mouth and hands in my pockets (it’s 33.8F/1C outside). I heard a noise in the woodlot directly across the street and immediately that small late fawn hopped out from the trees and bushes, trotted across the street and right up my front walkway between the hedges, It trotted across my front yard - barely 15 feet away from me. I didn’t move because I thought it was going to stop beneath the big pine tree to forage for some sunflower seeds and/or cracked corn. It didn’t stop, but slowed down a bit as it went across my side yard and started up the driveway toward the carriage house. That set off the motion light down at my workshop doors. It didn’t mind the light as it’s probably used to setting them of. It continued up to the carriage house, turned and went down the embankment on the east side of the carriage house. I waited to see if any more deer (maybe the other 5?) were going to come out, but none did. Guess they’ll be around later, but I’m not staying up to see - at least not tonight. :smile:


A week ago, after coming off the new north commuter bridge, I took a grid road right beside the Wildlife Fed building. Just past it in the field a doe and fawn. The doe was limping badly. I talked with a conservation officer who was going out to check on her. He thought it may be more from coyotes chasing them and she jumped the fence wrong or something similar, as she was standing, rather than she had been hit by a car and she was down.
He will keep an eye and make sure he feels she will survive as well as the fawn. This was in the city limits.


I used to live near here…I thought they were further in the bush towards Nordegg area…


Several years ago there was a big doe that had been running down a steep hill, stepped into a hole and went crashing face first into the ground. When she got up, her front left leg was just hanging limp. She had broken her upper leg - or tore the leg out of its socket completely. We watched it happen (the girls too) from the bay window. We affectionately named her “Peg Leg.” We figured she’d be easy prey for the coyotes and wouldn’t be around very long. How wrong we were! For three years in a row Peg Leg gave birth to fawns - and even managed to make it through hunting seasons. Then one winter my overheard two young men talking about a “wounded” deer and described Peg Leg to a “T”. One said that someone should take her down to put her out of her misery. My wife jumped in and told them to leave the doe alone and told them all about her. Still, Peg Leg was not around by the end of that season. :frowning_face:


They amazingly can heal from some of this. Their front legs look so fragile, it seems impossible. The conservation officer said, even if it was broken, as long as she is still up and moving, it will heal. It was up to him to determine,

UPDATE: My two reported to the conservation officer are still in the same area…her leg must be healing.