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Mew !


After all these years I only found out - without ever once realizing it - that any month that begins on a Sunday has a Friday the 13th in it. This year it’s April, July and September. Now I know. :wink:


Did you also know that Friday 13th started as a bad luck day because of the round up of the Knights Templar in France by King Phillip IV on Friday the 13th? He owed them a kazillion dollars and he had them demonized and killed to keep from paying up. The Pope was in on it as well for just about the same reasons.


Yes, I watched a pretty lengthy documentary on the Knights Templar and the scheme to take their riches and get rid of them. Seems the king was afraid of them and how powerful they had become. It also gave the king an excuse to push attention away from the inadequacies of his reign and the condition his people were living under (him).


There are 6 words, all in plain sight. Find all 6. Ignore the word “it” on the bottom. LOL


piece of cake. is this a quiz to see if we are paying attention? always loved the word find puzzles. cord, cat,couch, mirror,tiles,straw.


Couch was the one that took me the longest. The others I found in less than 20 seconds (or less?). :laughing: I probably spent almost two minutes before I found “couch”. :roll_eyes: I used to do word find puzzles every couple of days - for years. My wife and I had those big thick books of puzzles - and bought every new edition when they came out. :smile: Then we had a grandchild… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :neutral_face: :expressionless: :roll_eyes: :heart_eyes: :rofl:


Yes! @Beverly1 gets 2 free catnip teas that last a year. Bonus pack for all weekends!


Just wait, soon you can do them WITH the grands.

By the way, why do you all talk so much when I’m NOT here? :batting eyelashes: LOL


When the cat’s away… :smirk_cat:


Can’t find where I posted before on this…

After 9 months of having spots of plaster falling in 2 rooms [ugh] and trying to drag the landlord here, he finally bestowed us with his time. From small squares, he delivered 4 plaster-less areas that are now roughly 2 feet by 4 feet each. He got all the loose edges broken off, so no more worries about being hit in the head from falling debris. YAY!

Now, the problem in my city is he can leave it like this till the cows come home since it’s not “holes” through the ceiling – the old slats are there and not broken… Looking for other apts, but haven’t found anything yet.

kitty steps :cat2:


You ought to ask him if it’s okay to have someone come in and make the repairs and bill it to him. Who knows what is lurking between your ceiling and the floor above? :anguished: I’d contact the city building department and inquire as to whether this action would be in violation of their building codes. And if you get any kind of assistance from the county, inquire there as well. In New York, if a landlord has people in his building, they have to be “up to snuff” or he gets a citation - and a deadline for making the repairs. Come winter, you’ll be providing the guy upstairs with heated floors - and your heating bill will be higher than it should. Start growling and hissing! :pouting_cat:


Am not quite sure, but I think I may have managed to come down with the first flu of the season. Feel awful. Eyes are watering, nose won’t quit,nausea, cough, hack. I don’t even want catnip.


When I went to the store to pick up some ice cream yesterday, one of the store clerks sounded awful. She said both she and her daughter have a summer cold. Stuffy, runny noses, watery eyes, coughing and just generally feeling blah! :frowning_face: The flu - one of the 400+ wild variants - is around all year, so one can get the flu in the summer. They say the reason there is a “flu season” is during the cold months people get less sunlight - the days are shorter and the people are almost completely covered. Must have a lot to with your skin not manufacturing enough vitamin D because most of your skin is covered. Sun exposure is necessary for the process to occur.


Oh, he brought in his drywall-plasterer already. But the LL did the first step himself. Think the plan is to just cover it with drywall. I already know that will “pass” as a repair.

Next up is repairing the upstairs leak coming into my dining room. He’s actually called a plumber — faint!


I guess it doesn’t help that people are inside and together more, so sharing more germs/virus around. The air-con in our office is a menace for sharing the bugs around, especially in winter.

I have to take Vit D supplements, I can no longer get most of my Vit D requirements from sunlight. I started a drug treatment a couple of years ago, and one of its side effects was to make me photo-sensitive! I now have to use copious amounts of sunscreen now, all year round, else I will blister after a few tens of minutes of sun exposure.


Aw Bev, it must be bad if you don’t want catnip! :tea::hugs::hugs:


This crap is bad. Still am so stuffed up, I can barely breathe. With my COPD, I feeel really short of breathe. My head doesn’t hurt now, and I’m not nauseous, but I FEEL LIKE CRAP. There, I vented. Cagey, I still think you should find a rent assisted place that is really livable. I know it is a huge hassle to move, but that place can be severely downgrading you health.


yeah I’ve been looking. And talking to my daugh.

Hey, real sorry and concerned to hear that you aren’t feeling good. :frowning:

catnip :tea: Drink, drink! Get your bubbly back!


Thanks,Cagey, I think a cuppa green tea sounds good right now.