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I agree with you Beverly, Cagey really should go for a rent assisted flat and preferably one nearer to her daughter perhaps.
Been trying to get my in-laws to do that for years, long before their health issues…still trying…too stubborn and set in their ways :wink:


Hey Cagey, I went to a Cat Cafe last week whilst on holiday. My daughter took some pics for you…and for her art project :wink:
This one reminded me of you…finally in your new bed :grin:


image image

This one wasn’t very impressed having been woken up for treats :laughing:
image image

image image image

Needless to say, it was only the short haired kitties that were actually up for adoption :smirk:



Good job I wasn’t there! I’d have given all of them a home… I wanna be the “crazy cat lady” on the corner of our road! :cat::cat2::heart_eyes_cat:
(Not sure my current kitty would be too enamoured with the idea though…)


That’s what my daughter wants to be too. I’m certain we would have come home with a few if it wasn’t for my hubby, but bless him, he did sit quietly in a corner of the cafe for over an hour just so she could get her fix of cats :grin: He’s fine so long as he doesn’t touch them, that’s when the allergy breaks out :disappointed:


Oooh, that’s not good! He deserves a medal for even BEING in a cat cafe then… :1st_place_medal::cat:


I’ll tell him that :smile: But he was fine. Thinking about it now, I wonder if that’s why he decided we’d go by train that day, didn’t want to drive in case he did react badly :thinking:


H20 on hot days. Don’'t forget feral cats and small wild animals. Just a pan put in the shade.

Forgot the pic—

NO ice — it can lower gut temps too far, too fast, and can KILL dogs and wild small animals.


Don’t even!



marvelous picture,Cagey, isn’t it a bit early to be flying around?


hahah @EmeraldEyes love the pics from the cat cafe! I have always wanted to go to one!


Me too, but I think my current kitty would disown me if I did go to one…


crutches1 Aw heck, I had a hip replacement a week ago; my butt cheek hurts to sit on it so now I can’t sit long enough to tag my seals :weary:

Why did I do it :sob:

If I’d known this was gonna be such an issue, I’d have waited another year…or three :confounded: :roll_eyes:

All useful suggestions desperately welcomed…just nothing too drastic so my hubby doesn’t resort to having to lock me out of my account :grimacing: :cold_sweat:

I was sooo looking forward to wiling away my recuperation with hours of guilt free nodding :blush:

Now I need to go take my pain meds and lie down…again :unamused: :roll_eyes:


Stand then, but whatever you do, don’t stop! :grinning: I can feel for you in a way. My wife had a partial knee replacement and she was in awful pain with every step she took. She had a visiting nurse come every day to check on her and to take her for walks. For the first several days when she saw the nurse pull into the driveway she would say, “Quick! Hide Me!” :laughing: Actually, I can feel for you. When I lost the spinal fluid in 3 vertebrae, I couldn’t walk, sit (constantly shifting from one side (butt cheek) to the other) or stand. Get well soon and hopefully your recovery is not too painful and quick.

He can do that? :grimacing:


I hope you are feeling better soon! :bouquet:


I wondered if that’s where you’d gone. Been immersed in issues here.

Did your doctor suggest 15 minutes on - 15 minutes off of ice packs? It’s probably inflammation in tissues and nerves. Ask. Some drs say heat or ice, whatever feels best.


AWH-Hah! So that’s where you went. Ice packs, as Cagey Cat suggested are great, as well as positive thoughts. I had my knee done in 2008 and it went swimmingly. It honestly didn’t hurt much at all-it ached some and swelled some but it didn’t hurt bad. And I know pain as I had my face smashed, fractured vertebrae, fractured pelvis, 17 breaks on one leg and 6 on another and all the bones in left foot. We hit a bridge. Hard. So I know pain. But the replacement and my exercises afterwards went great. So I’m sending you very positive thoughts- conquer the twinges and damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Also much love and prayers!:sun_with_face::full_moon_with_face::stars:



To be honest Jim, it’s not so bad pain wise; knee replacements are far far worse, much more painful. It’s just the sitting…anywhere…is the issue. I’ve had slipped disks and they are painful too. Walking isn’t an problem, so because I can’t sit long so I’m certainly keeping on top of the physio excercises :smiley:

Well yes, I’m sure he could, if he was so devious minded all he’d have to do is change my password :sweat_smile: But he’d seriously have to consider the price of the pay back :wink: :laughing:

Ooh thanks for reminding me Cagey, I got it on the spot now as I type, then I’m going for a lie down.
No, the doctor hadn’t mentioned the icepack, my osteopath would have if I’d told him I was finally biting the bullet and having this done. I’m gonna need him soon; I’ll have six-packs on my wrists and the shoulders of a weight lifter by the time I get off these sticks. :grin:

Yes, I’ve been having a lot of issues with my hip over these past 6 months or so, which is why my time on here has become so sporadic :disappointed_relieved:

shock Yikes, that’s pain Beverly!!!
No, this is nothing like it but is impossible to sit long, which does get exhausting, but every day gets that little bit better and before I know it, I’ll have forgotten there was ever an issue.

The biggest bonus of it though, is the reason why I had it done in the first place, I’m already appreciating the benefits of being free from the arthritic pain. And I can finally put my foot down without letting out a yowl or having to get that ball and socket joint seated right before I can stand :laughing:


Was it in your tractor-trailer? Two days ago a low-boy was carting a container and it hit the underside of a bridge that carries the NY State Thruway over State Route 9W just south of Albany, NY. The container was knocked off the trailer and hit a vehicle traveling behind it. No one was hurt, but I could imagine the look on the face of the driver of the vehicle that got hit with the container. :grimacing:


That was lucky.

Saskatoon has had two new overpasses stuck by semi loads within a month of opening. One caused one million dollars of damage to the new overpass. And this happened last week: