2018 July to Dec - CageyCat Lounge


@cageycat, I hereby give you the ‘67 Chevelle Super Sport as pictured. But you have to take all of us on a drive. Plenty of room for everyone, hop in. Now, where to? :face_with_monocle:


First stop… Tomnod Tavern/Lounge. For the second stop we have to draw bar straws. :laughing: Before the end of the day the final stop is the Tomnod Tavern/Lounge. We end the day back at the CageyCat Lounge for catnip and cookies (or ice cream). :wink:
The next day we’ll have to see if everyone can remember where we went the day before. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


Lady who I lived with and worked as a nanny to had a green and black one of these. She had been a race car driver and taught me how to go places fast.


Well, we stay away from The National Pike (Rt 40) south of Maryland.

The Pike has always been the #1 choice for a scenic drive since paving material came about. Honeymooners took auto trips from PA up and down its many hills and valleys before reporting back on their sightseeing. All the little mom&pop cabins along 40 are long gone though, so we’d have to find other accommodations if we take the Pike.

You know everyone would need to use their imaginations.to get to a pick up location nearest the car LOL.


We all felt the same way back then. The faster you got to wherever, the more time to PARTY! :laughing:


I had something very similar - a 1972/73 gold Honda CB750K2, similar to this one…
(from https://www.motorcyclesunlimited.co.uk/1974-honda-cb750-k2-classic-honda-for-sale-2/ - good job this one had been sold, else I’d be sorely tempted! :innocent::motorcycle::smiling_imp:)


I had a friend who always looked forward to the first time he could put his bike on the road. It was an Italian bike - a Benelli. THis one year he was the first to put his bike on the road - and the clutch went. He had to order the part and wait for it to come from Italy. It took the entire summer. I’ve heard of “the slow boat to China,” but never of “the slow boat from Italy.” He was quite out of sorts having to ride as the passenger on someone else’s bike. :grinning:


It was obviously being shipped in “Italian time”… i.e. “it’ll get done, maybe now, maybe eventually, but it will happen. Get on and enjoy things in the meantime…”. It’s a time-based phenomenon fairly similar to Portuguese time (aka Madeiran time).

How frustrating though, I would have been equally put out! Riding pillion was the main reason I got my own licence, I wanted to be in control!


And go fast and free I assume? :wink:


Naturally :smiling_imp::motorcycle::innocent:


I know Cagey’s been hitting the catnip recently, and I found out she’s been on a holiday to East Antarctica. I came across some of her scribbling after an “indulgence” of some “nip”! :dizzy_face:

I’m still trying to figure what she was trying to write. :thinking:
And if you don’t believe me, I can upload a photo of her black car I found parked a few tiles away. (Tried to hide it by parking next to some black rocks, but being “under the influence” of the nip, she parked it right on the white snow so it stands out like a sore cat paw. :wink: :laughing: Ask and I’ll upload the car photo. :smiley_cat:
Edit: Oh heck! Here’s the car photo. Next time, Cagey, don’t park a black car on white snow… we’ll find you! :smirk_cat:

2018 - Satellites over Seals: Queen Maud Land Seal Count - Area 3 - POI

Catnip is brewing!


Adding a little pumpkin to it to celebrate the season? :yum:



Look at this little twerp who stole my new Earth ball.


Good morning, @Helen

Getting ready to go back to sleep here. lolol


I have a few more things to do then it could be time for an afternoon nap! :zzz: Cats spend most of their time napping or sleeping - I need to “be more cat” :rofl:


YES! I agree!

Of course, I’ve been working hard every day. Going through belongings so I can reduce my footprints in the world.


I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, up at least twice in the night, get up early to get the children out to school, then back to bed for another nap. Take my leg for a walk in the afternoon, then back to bed to give it a rest and and stretch and do some exercises…then promptly nod off again :laughing:
My body clock is waaay off these days :sleeping:

And I’ve just been looking through all the posts I’ve been missing and thinking I’ll never catch up with them all :dizzy_face:


When in pain - both physical and emotional - most people sleep a lot… and often. That can be good. Just ask Cagey (@cageycat) . :smirk_cat:
As for the posts, just plunk away a few at a time the way Cagey has been doing with the folders for that website she’s been working on. Eventually you’ll get there. Of course, it doesn’t help much when all of us are busy posting countless posts every few hours! :innocent: :rofl: