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Just read the obit for a guy who lived with his parents (my godparents) catty-corner from us when I was a kid. My older sisters had crushes on the guy and his 2 brothers. Kinda makes me sad. This son was 75 yrs old… in my mind, he is still 19-20yo with his fancy muscle car. .


:smiley: When my wife and daughter were talking about a niece of mine, I pictured this little girl just learning to walk. The subject of their conversation? This “little girl” had just become a… a… a grandmother! :astonished: :laughing:



I think my kitty has tried all of those… His favourite is probably the “Trip-up-a-human-while-bouncing-off-everything” (not shown):cat::dizzy_face::crazy_face:


Notice none of those say “Zen”.


When we first got married a “few” years ago (make that a few decades ago :laughing:), we got a cat for our daughter who was just about 1-yr old. We also had a dog. This cat used to run through the house, run up a wall and back down and do this throughout the entire length of the house. It would drive the dog nuts! Then the dog would chase the cat, knocking over chairs, tables, and even pushed the sofa away from the wall. I always thought we just had a nutty cat. Now I know there are more like he was. :smile_cat:


Moi? Think I hear someone teasing me. Tail slap. …