2018 July to Dec - Hobbies, Interests, and nothing of Nodding


Sometime last year, a free server went down and took out thousands of free websites. Finally, the company is getting the sites put back online. I have 7 sites.

A couple years ago, I finished the huge task of converting 6 of the 7 sites to External CSS. What a job. Took at least 2 years! BUT, I was learning Ext CSS-- yay!

Website 7, though, is a large site, about 8,000 pgs, and full of photographs and tables. This is a terribly time-consuming web to convert to CSS, especially because previous owners of this site used dozens of backgrounds instead of just one and pasted in Word docs as webpages. There are MSO (Microsoft office) codes on the tables, nearly every line – MSO makes bloated unneeded code! And, the other webmasters used font codes on nearly every line! Plus very large size h codes (controls heading text sizes). Anyway, it is a mess!

I do lots of Find–Replace after identifying a piece of code that needs changed or deleted. I’ll probably be working on it the rest of the year, but I’ve made a great start to it over the months. Wish I knew Ext CSS when I was new…impossible, I know… lolol

So, what hobby do you do when not nodding? A friend of mine in the UK makes miniature towns with buildings, trains, and tiny people…


Ooh I love miniature model towns; we too the children to see the Bekonscot Model Village and Railway down south when they were little

And my hubby and I went to see the Lakeland Miniature Village in the Lake District back n 2012.
These buildings are mainly all made from slate from the old local slate mines


When my wife was in the hospital to have her gall bladder removed (gangrene had set in), her room mate was an elderly nun. The poor woman’s rosary broke and she was devastated! I offered to take it to a jeweler to have it repaired. She agreed and handed me her rosary. As I was walked down the hall I saw a man sitting on the side of his gurney with a jeweler’s monocular and he was working with the tiniest tweezers on something I could barely see on this side table. One of the nurse’s told me there was a guy that builds miniature houses, complete villages and a whole lot more! So I knocked on his door and asked if I could come in. He said yes and as I entered, I told him what the nurse told me. He laughed and said what he was doing at the moment was a lot bigger than what he was used to building. Turns out he had done work for both the US Navy and for NASA building micro-miniature machines and robots - by hand. He left me look at the naval ship model he was making. It was a missile frigate that was no bigger than the head of a hat pin. Think if the tiny white round ball on the end of the pin. That’s how small this ship was - and through the large magnifying glass he let me use, I could make out rivets on the metal plates! This guy was amazing! As we spoke I told him that I had to leave to get to the jeweler before they closed so the rosary could be fixed. He asked if he could see it - and had it repaired in less than two minutes! After thanking him I returned to my wife’s room and the nun was surprised to see me back so quickly. I had only been gone for about 10 minutes and should have been gone for over thirty - at least. I handed her the rosary and said, “Good as new thanks to a patient down the hall.” After I explained to her about him, she made it a point to visit him as soon as she was given the okay to get out of bed. I have to be honest about this guy. When he first told me that he worked for the Navy and for NASA, I thought this guy belonged in the loony ward. :laughing: But once I double-checked with one of his nurses, she verified what he had told me as the truth. This guy had hands that were rock steady. Me on the other hand (pun intended), I couldn’t paint a smile on a ping pong ball without shaking. Oh well… :slightly_frowning_face:


My website report…

Been slowly chipping away on converting each page. I was stuck for a while, because I couldn’t figure out how to ‘remember’ what folders / sub-folders I already did. Finally, I stuck d_ in front of a folder name… Then, when ready, I’ll just need to remove the d_ and fix any remaining broken links.

With the new method (d_), I finished about 6 directories and their sub-directories. Still need to tackle huge directories. And converting tables to CSS… and making pictures float with text flowing around them. Each are big jobs. And of course, correcting code errors. Over 6,600 pages total. Not even half-way done. Sigh…

This hosting company sure did a number on links. Their techs did not know their file structure, so they dumped all the websites under one Maiin directory. Now they need to sort all that out. Ugh.

Only thing that keeps me working on it is the thought of having a whole site operating with External CSS and a site that looks more uniform and nicer (had 8 or 9 webmasters before me who each “decorated” the pgs with different colors).

4:30am back to webmaking…


Wow! That was crazy! Then I got to thinking… was the hosting contract originally for hosting only one website - and that was their reason behind dumping everything into one? And without inquiring first? Just doesn’t make sense doing that - even if it was just one website with multiple pages. Holy moley!

Ooooh! Pretty! :rofl: Different color themes on different pages does not look good. And some of the color combinations some people use (their own choosing) are terrible. The one thing I dislike immensely is the latest trend of using light gray text on a teal background. Talk about eye strain! And yet many companies and organizations are doing just that, both on their websites and in their newsletters. Ugh! :anguished:


The problem is the hosting company has been around since the 1990s, but the techs working there now were not aware of a 9-directory system in one type of account, and different accounts in 4 to 6 separate directory systems. So they have to rebuild the file structure so we get our URLs back for each account type…and move the sites out of the one main pot (where they should not be). It’d be fine to make it all new, but with thousands of account holders and established links, and how long the sites have existed, they need to rebuild the file structures we had! grrr. Funny when the users have to inform the techs of what directories they had.

Worse is most users cut their teeth on learning html here. NOT a good group to make users learn new processes.

Ooooo, don’t get me started about “pretty colors” on this site!

I am concerned about what background to use with hundreds of pictures… I wish I could use a different bkg image… but it will be simpler to make it all match the other pages.

Did another 30 pgs this morning. YAY!


:thinking: If cats sleep about 16 hours a day, where do you find time to do this? :confused: :smiley:


I’m using one of my 9 lives, via a mob loan. If I survive, I can buy my life back with interest. THEN, I’ll get to sleep 20 hours a day. mew.

Edit: Gawd, gotta do another set of 25 pages. Tired.

Furiously pulling fur out in patches! :crying_cat_face:


HEY! I learned how to copy an existing External CSS file to a new folder, and change the 3 items that control backgrounds on a triple border site. Yessss! Did it all by myself! So there!

Now I can start on a HUGE folder with a zillion photos.

Then, I can copy it again to another folder and change the backgrounds there, too, and start working on another HUGE folder with tons of photos.

Hoping I’ll be done with these and their sub-folders in a couple weeks… if my hands stop the tremors. Eternal optimist.

Of 43 main folders (and all their subfolders), I have 13 completely done. Looks so much better.

Ears down, concentrating… tail twitching… :cat: POUNCE!


:rofl: Congratulations, Cagey! So there! :rofl:


Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy(The Joker)

Love the slides in this 1970s hit

Stuck in the Middle With You


Working backward on a big folder.

Finished S to Z so far! S had nearly 40 files. pant, pant! Conversion is going fairly well. Lots of ‘notes to self’, “never do ___ again”. Like using small font… no, no, what was I thinking! Squint. :mag:


I’m on the R’s now.


Elmer was absent from class when they learned the R’s in school - among other things. :grinning:


Starting on P… 40 files. Sigh! The files themselves are easy to do but OMG, 40 of 'em. Too much. Bleary eyed. Low motivation. Where’s a mouse to chase?


I saw a mouse run under a chunk of ice as it was sliding by. See his white trail on the ice leading up to the chunk? Sneaky Antarctic snow mice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


dang! I missed him!!!

:cat2:: ---- :mouse:


8 P’s left. 10 O’s. N’s are short. Then a slew for M’s. sigh Getting there!

The template is making it so easy to just copy parts of the old file and plug in the pieces onto the template. Nice. Problem is it’s so boring to do one after another with seemingly no end in sight. (Why I’m posting my progress among friends so you can root me on-- yay!)

I wonder how bricklayers manage to motivate themselves to place one more brick? :brick: :brick: :brick:


Wow, Cagey, I am in awe of your stamina on this prolonged project! All I can say is I’m glad it’s not me. Have a catnip tea and relax.


I did my 6 other sites in 2014 & 2015. But this site by itself has over 6,500 pages. Lots of photos. Lots of tables. It does need stamina, which is hard to keep up. Think I will have some catnip, straight, not diluted. hehehehe