2018 July to Dec - Hobbies, Interests, and nothing of Nodding


None… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: But anyway, GO CAGEY, GO! :grin:


You read that wrong. Not how many, but how. lololol


Oops! Now I realized what you mean. A senior moment from rushing to go through all the new posts and get the children’s video on. (I had to give up my laptop for a while… grandkids…:roll_eyes:
All of them lay multiple bricks as far as I know. Toss a handful up in the air with a slight spin, slap mortar on each one as it spins, catch them and plop them down in and row, then repeat. Isn’t that how they do it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When I was little, I helped dad lay bricks in a pattern down our driveway. We did a square–I think 6 bricks that needed turned to make the pattern, and make traction on a steep driveway. To keep motivated was hard. I made up a song that I sang under my breath. lol


Oh, I thought you were talking about laying a brick wall. In the case of doing a path or driveway, you don’t have to put a spin on them when you toss them into the air. :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But but but… whether wall or driveway, how would you keep motivated. Let’s say a wall will need 1,042 bricks, 204 half-bricks, all placed in 5 rows. I mean the first 100 is a breeze. But getting to 1,000. Then that last 42 is a killer, even with all the half-bricks placed.


Okay, back to website motivation.


That’s only 10 breezes.

For that you simply say, “58 done (imaginary), 42 to go. That’s less than half of 100.” Easy peasy! Just hope you don’t run out of mortar, sand and water… and your knees don’t give out. Oh, and you may have to tie a broomstick to your back to keep from falling over when you get done. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And if you need additional motivation, either tell yourself you are going to be the first one to try out the new driveway… or sell raffle tickets to see who’s going to be the first. But don’t forget to take a picture of the completed driveway before anyone soils those lovely new bricks. You would be using new brick, wouldn’t you? They’re having a sale on those in Punjab. :laughing:

Edit: And no, it didn’t take me an hour to come up with this. I had to run to the grocery store in the village and then down to my house before coming back here (son’s house). :wink:


Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses. LOL We know you’re sitting at your house, napping. :wink:

I’ll try some of your motivators. I have 2 P files left to do. Why does boring mean work goes slower?


Huh? I fell asleep on the sofa-couch in the playroom at 2:50 AM - and no, it wasn’t opened into a bed. The girls got up at 6:40 AM and of course they had to find me in their playroom and woke me up. (I’m still not sure why. :thinking:)

Yeah, right! By the time I got done putting the groceries - er… snacks - away, Grandma decided it was time to wake up the little one. And now my son just left to pick up the girls from the school bus stop. You should know “there’s no rest for the wicked.” :wink:

Edit: And very shortly my laptop will be commandeered by the little one to watch Dave & Ava while she has something to eat. :unamused:


Awww Grandpa to the rescue. Your stories always warm my heart! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


THEY’RE BACK! RUN! :laughing:


They’d outrun me! :smiley:


Done with Ps. Did Os, and Ns. 33 Ms to do next. huff I guess I could think of them as 33 mices. swat! slap!


:open_mouth: Some people keep mice for pets! :open_mouth: But then again, when cats see mice they :drooling_face:. :laughing:
Edit: They do drool, don’t they? Or do they just drool on the inside of their mouths so it doesn’t show. It’s probably “not proper etiquette” for cats to show their hunger for mice. Not proper at all I suppose. :smirk_cat:


Just sing the opposite of 1042 bottles of beer on the wall and replace with bricks :joy::rofl:

:musical_score: 1042 pieces of brick on the ground.1042 pieces of brick…pick one up, slap mortar on, 1041 bricks on the ground


Didn’t you ever hear what a hoarse cat sounds like? Not pleasant to the ears. :hear_no_evil:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Did you really say that Jim7?


Gulp! Yes, and I haven’t been scratched by @cageycat… and it’s been 2 days. :worried: :shushing_face:


Found it was easier to start with A, B, C, rather than M (the next letter I should have done).

So I’m done with A and B, and almost done with C names. Going smoothly. Hope all is well when I go to validate each page ( https://validator.w3.org/ ) and rename each one. Then, I’ll need to add page names to the index, and I’ll finish 1 more folder. yay

As always, I’m only an @ away from the forum here.


And how many folders are left? D through M? :sweat_smile: