2018 July to Dec - Hobbies, Interests, and nothing of Nodding


Files in 1 war - D through M

How many folders?? OMG don’t ask.

In THIS folder is every war and some units starting with the Rangers, then Fr & Indian War.

In the site, I have about 40 folders left, I think. (I have 13 that are all done-done.). Each folder has numerous SUB-folders. Some Subs have more Sub-folders.

Long Story Short (LSS), I have a major ton of work to do! Cry for me…


Dying_need_catnip_and_salmon. Lots of both. Oh my.


I hear you! Just on my new laptop I’m still in the process of installing paid for software (most with lifetime licenses). Then once that is done comes the lovely part of retrieving my work files from the hard drive of my old laptop, and then updating them with data that I had to write to text files of all things! For nearly all of this work, I can’t even begin until the middle of January (2019)! Just not enough hours in the day. Now if I could make do with just 1 hour sleep instead of 3-1/2, I may be able to get a jump start on this. But more than likely I’d end up using those couple of “extra” hours nodding. :laughing: But for you and your situation… :crying_cat_face:

My wife made a trip to Albany - to go to one store. She took a little longer than I expected - actually a lot longer! Turns out she started her Christmas shopping and decided to do some grocery shopping on top of her originally planned stop. :roll_eyes:


I’d leave most on the backup drive. The software will still run from there. :slight_smile:

I am now finished with A, B, C — yes!!!

D & E combined is 20. Easy, right?

Oh what a long haul. I have 11 subfolders besides this one, and all those have subfolders.


Starting G & H Need bribes!

:heart_eyes_cat: :fish:


Good golly neds! If it helps any, I have a new volunteer kitty baby. She had wandered around about 2 weeks ago and has decided she likes free food and dry sleeping spots, and my new cat, Bubby, as a house mate. I have named her Smidgen. figure about 4-5 months old.


Just a little something to keep you going…image


I think Angel may have a spare catnip sack and a couple of balls with bells in them. And a couple of spare catnip-impregnated mice for down time. :smile_cat:


Gosh dern, it took me 2 weeks to finish F and G. Ugh. Well, that was in between scavenging for all my shiny catnip balls and many mice species. Have a bunch of boxes marked “CageyCat toys”.

Anyone got a toy grabber for under the stove and fridge??

20 in H. only 2 in I. J has about 12. Let’s see how lazy I am this time!


Got the H’s done. Short on I and J but K has 30 – ugh!


Feel decadent with describing my webmaking if nobody else posts about their hobbies. :wink:


You should be getting close to being done by now… Right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wish! Sometime, I’ll show you the site.


Okay, deal. :smiley:


Got about 80+ pages TO DO from K to M. Ugh. That’s in 1 big folder.

Took a diversion from the main folder and did 11 small sub-folders. Got 6 main sub-folders, plus the 80 pgs in the one sub-folder.

THEN, I’ll pick another main folder and start those.

My goal is to do 20 pgs or more every day.

Jogging :cat2:


Still have the 80+ pages to do. Sigh. Did all the folders from 1794 to 1914, though. :smiley:

AND I managed to get a CSS table that worked on a bunch of pages! yippie!!

Ok everyone, back to work!! lolol


Only 5 left in Ks.

Then a few under L. Lots in Ms. 62 total – Ugh!


Soon you’ll be finished, then after a few days/nights you’ll wish you had some more to work on. :rofl: Really, I bet you won’t want to do anything like that for … a few weeks? :wink: Okay, maybe longer. You will need some free time to create some new 2019 categories for us lazy ones. :astonished: Oops! Did I say that? :laughing:


Why are Ls and Ms sooooo hard?

@Jim7 lolol after the Ls and Ms, I have at least another 24 main folders plus all the sub-folders in them. Maps; Photos; Churches; and Cemeteries will be bears to do.

After all the revisions are done, I’ll put each one through a checker called Validator to check the code. THEN I can upload and run a Link Checker and fix those.

Running :cat2:


Oh mmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy… only 34 Ms left to do in this folder! yay!!


:thinking: So that was 4 hours ago. You must be nearly completed with those by now. Right? :laughing: What a project you are doing! I look forward to seeing it when completed. Better get going on those folders… they’re not going to fix themselves. (Cracking the whip. :wink:)