2018 July to Dec - Hobbies, Interests, and nothing of Nodding


Hardy har har. Nope. I switched to fixing unlinked files, and checking for duplicate images and deleting those. There’s so much to do on a messy site that never had any unified appearance. As long as I work on ~something~, it is progress. Hope to do those Ms over this weekend.


Got 4 left under M. Then, 16 alpha pages, and 6 sub folders— and I’ll be done with a big folder. Yay!!!

Oooops… then, I got all those other folders & sub folders. Drat!


I can remember one time many years ago, after telling my son I had to go through my files and get rid of some of them to regain some free space. While I was at work, he decided to check out my photos folder (back then folders were called directories (looking for an emoji of an old man (Em?)) and deleted all the “duplicates”. He was in the “photo/icon view” and not in the details view. Because of this, he didn’t notice that at the end of each filename was “_edited” where I had corrected and/or enhanced the photos and added EXIF details and comments. He also never noticed the different file dates nor did he see that the file sizes were different. He just went with what he saw, keeping the first photo and deleting any “dups.” When I got home and he told me, my heart sank! Upon checking my photo folder, nearly half the photos were gone - almost 1,840! Do you know how long it took me to find and retrieve all of those? I never used the recycle bin that comes with Windows because if I want something deleted, I don’t want it hanging around using up disk space. Seems kind of screwy to me. To me, that always seemed like deleting a file was akin to take a paper you were working on at your desk and just putting it into a folder in your file cabinet. It’s not “gone” and now it’s taking up space in your file cabinet. Whenever I deleted something (myself), it was shredded - at a more secure operation than the US Gov’s write-over rate. I think theirs was “7x” and I always used “15x” on my files (had the option to go up to 35x, but that takes a while). What a pain that was getting those photos back! Why is it that something like this always happens before you do a backup? :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyone remember when you could take a 50MB HDD and compress it with 3rd party software and end up with several hundred MBs? And you could partition the hard drives at the same time? I’m talking about the late 80s and early 90s now. A 50 MB HDD wasn’t something to sneeze at back then. :laughing: And Microsoft was just introducing Windows back then to replace DOS. (Boy, I miss that. :thinking:)

Speaking of things I miss, I think I’ll be making a new 5-element long wire short-wave antenna and run it from my house out to the carriage house. I used to be able to pick all kinds of low-power radios stations, ships, etc. with that - on every band. My old antenna was directed toward South America, but I could still pick up the international short-wave stations from around the world off the sides. It just worked better in the north-south directions. My only problem was keeping the squirrels off the darned thing. They thought I put it up for them to run over the yard from the carriage house to the trees next to the corner of the house. Had that antenna bouncing up and down and swaying from side to side when they’d jump onto it. :roll_eyes:


Well, I’ve started validating that last set – starting from Z, I’m now up to the S’s. Validator catches even really small errors ( https://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_input ). So, I’m fixing anything that’s wrong, and making each “validate”. Feels good!

There are hundreds in this set. I’m not looking forward to linking every page… sigh. That’s one bad thing about converting websites, having to rip it all apart and redo everything.


With daylight savings time ending, that will give you an extra hour after you turn your clocks back. :wink: :roll_eyes: Okay, okay, I’ll :zipper_mouth_face:



I’ve validated N to Z, so all code is perfect. Working backward, so I’m on the Ms again.

I break up the monotony searching for snippets of bad code, especially from Microsoft Word or Excel pages. Cleared out the hidden temp files tonight-- 1750 files from all the searches I’ve done.

Back to work.


Just hope your website doesn’t work “backward!” Har, har, har! :rofl: :zipper_mouth_face: :roll_eyes: :innocent: Maybe I should change that last emoji to :smiling_imp:


Yeah, that last emoji fits you. har, har, har!

I so want to get done, but every time I make a big dent, I realize there are more BIG folders. Ugh. Plus, I restructured and renamed a lot. That means I broke links that I need to redo. Ugh Ugh. I have 1378 in broken links. And 2985 in unlinked files. It’s a process, but in the middle, it is like standing in the jungle and trying to find Albany, NY. It’ll look civilized in the end, but not yet.


Where’s NY? :rofl: Oh, you get there… in due time. Maybe by the time the snow flies. Wishful thinking, huh? :grinning:

I just realized - after walking out onto the porch for some fresh air - that I had a little project that has to deal with a down spout that takes the water from 3 roofs and channels it across the yard (in an underground pipe) into a catch basin in my yard. That drops down 14 feet into the old town storm drain. The pipe where it comes up from underground has dropped and it separated from the bottom of the downspout. I have to go out and wrap some flashing around the downspout and tuck in down into the underground pipe or I’ll have my side yard and one section of my driveway turning into a soggy, spongy mess. And it’s already 11:45 PM. Ugh! No rest for the wicked! :smiling_imp:


It already flew. (oh 20 character warning…)


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Oh boy! Only have A to G left to validate in the huge folder. Then, gotta validate all the pages in sub-folders.

THEN, I can resume converting other folders/pages. (ugh)


Daggone Cagey, you’re gonna wear your paws down to nothing with all that typing. I am currently doing identification on approximately 250 family photos starting from the 1870’s to current date, and then writing down all the names-to-faces, and entering them into albums. Taking me freaking forever-4 months so far. I am the only one left who knows who these people are.


hi @Beverly1

I started that with my sister’s photos. I inherited a trunk full when she died. She got pics developed with 3 duplicates for each. Plus, she has rolls of undeveloped film! (I just found 1 of my old rolls in a store film envelop last night, from … uh… 20 yrs ago?? LOL!) Uh oh.

Okay so… on my websites… I have 12 files left to fix then validate. These 12 link the hundreds of files in this folder.

Then, I start on the other sub-folders in this section.

Still so many other BIG folders to do with numerous sub-folders.

The next BIG folder I do (hopefully start soon) will be all photos. Ugh.

Then, the BIG cemeteries folder will have all table data— omg, I’d rather eat slime, I think, than fuss with css for tables.

Anyway, I’m proud of that lonnnnnng big folder. So nice to have them validate.

Did you know, when using css, just messing up a simple tag can throw off dozens of other tags? Like every tag needs closed, so <.center> needs a <./center> tag. So it would tell me I couldn’t use many paragraph tags ( yes I could use), just because I forgot to close a center tag. Arrrgh. But it’s not horrid now, like it would have felt to me a decade ago. Now, I can figure out what is wrong and fix it fairly easily! Whoo hoo! Progress.

Back to work…


So you’ll be done by the end of the year? :laughing: :roll_eyes:


Oh my, I wish. Maybe by Spring?

I plan to work over T-day, about a week if I can. Then a long stretch from mid to end of Dec. If my eyesight wasn’t so bad, I could get more done, faster.


Do we have to chip in and buy you a 52" screen then? But then you’d probably get dizzy looking at something so large. Better get out the magnifiers. :nerd_face:


Where would I put that? lolol

Hobby update: Had 2,000 broken links… now down to 1002. YAY. Baby steps.


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